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Cat shooting upsets owner

June 22, 2013

Editor, OBSERVER: Who shot Bugsy? Bugsy was shot on June 9 near my home in the village of Forestville. He was an 8-pound indoor and outdoor cat. Somehow he managed to get home with a ....

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Jun-24-13 2:43 PM

Well seems to me that unless she shot her own cat she's not alone in being unfriendly, assuming what you claim is true.

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Jun-24-13 11:37 AM

Margie Workoff is about as far as "friendly" as it gets.

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Jun-24-13 10:34 AM

Geeeeeez, Lousie - I guess friendly Forestville has changed from what I remember it...

It's open season on pets?

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Jun-24-13 7:35 AM


And if the cat had been run over in the road, or if it were killed by another animal you might have had a point but instead your just spewing B$

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Jun-23-13 9:48 PM

I agree with escapee dog must pay for rabies and other shots and keep their dogs under control but cat owners are required to do none of this these cat run loose looking to mate and fight, spray in other peoples buildings and then complain when someone gets fed up and takes care of the problem!

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Jun-23-13 8:12 PM

Margie is not the victim; the cat is the victim of an irresponsible owner. If you let a cat roam the neighborhood you should expect the cat will find trouble, to assume otherwise is foolish. If the cat roams through the neighborhood, it’s going to cause trouble with almost every other pet that is outside in the neighborhood. If you let a cat play in the road, it’s going to eventually get run over. How about not blaming society for the irresponsible actions of the owner. If the owner of cat does not want her pet to get into trouble, why is she letting the cat run free?

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Jun-23-13 12:24 PM

Escapee-don't blame the victim. Killing an animal is the fault of the killer. Margie didn't expect everyone to "love" her cat but she also didn't expect someone to shoot him; she is responsible for letting him outside, not for his murder. Your logic is backwards.

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Jun-23-13 11:30 AM

Margie, you are to blame as much as anyone for the death of the cat. Pet owners who let their pets roam the neighborhood are the irresponsible persons in this case. As a pet owner myself, I love my dog, but I don’t expect everyone else to love my dog. Dogs and cats are not are not human. So if someone needs to be punished for this, I would propose Margie be sentenced to 5 years in jail and a $5000 fine.

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Jun-23-13 6:09 AM

This act was not only cowardly and criminal, it is a red flag for mental illness. The shooter needs to be identified. Was it an accident or the beginning of a new career? We need to know. Law enforcement should not take this lightly. So sorry for Bugsy who was probably just like a member of the family for so many years. Sad.

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Jun-22-13 7:49 AM

Dear Ms Workoff, I'm so sorry for your loss of Bugsy. I know I'd be broken hearted if someone did this to one of my cats.

I hope you've notified the police and that they make diligent efforts to find the person who murdered him. Although the penalties for animal abuse and murder aren't nearly enough, it is against the law to shoot someone's cat and could be punishable by up to 5 years in jail and $5000 fine.

If you're interested in starting a reward fund, I'd be willing to donate to see the perpetrator be caught and sentenced. I hate to think someone might get away with this.

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