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Danger lurks in decision

July 9, 2013

Members of Congress of both parties are right to balk at President Barack Obama’s request for money to arm rebels fighting the Syrian regime....

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Jul-09-13 5:53 AM

The real push for this is coming from the right, especially by John "Loving any weapons program there is" McCain. President Obama's crime in this is his total inability to tell the right wing to pound salt.

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Jul-09-13 6:24 AM

Both sides in Syria despise the United States and its people. No matter who you give weapons and aid to, it will eventually be used against Americans. But hey, we did such a good job in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, and Egypt we might as well try another to see if we get it right.

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Jul-09-13 8:09 AM

Yes, McCain went to Syria came back with a full push to arm the rebels. Why Obama would go along with this I have NO clue especially as many of those rebels are Islamist militants.

As my granddaughter's teacher told them as they go on to middle school....MYOB and you will do fine.

We need to also MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS as well. No money. Keep out of it completely. MYOB USA.

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Jul-09-13 8:32 AM

Given the situation, and understanding the strategic political impacts of managing the message, my thinking is that we've been covertly funneling small arms to the rebels for a while. Obama merely came out publicly with his "idea plan" to do so to staunch the neocon's weezy cries for action.

Which also means that key congressional leaders on intel committees have probably known of these covert supplies shortly after they began.

Seldom do things in DC happen without a plan and with public disclosure well after the fact.

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Jul-09-13 8:36 AM

Steiner.....where are you. I believe the one with the brilliant idea is McCain, a Republican?? The US is going to h e l l in a hand basket and we should give money to fight these scumbag's war???

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Jul-09-13 9:11 AM

Paul, how does "Members of Congress of both parties are right to balk at President Barack Obama’s request for money to arm rebels" become McCains fault? Bush is now unavailable to blame so go for the next Republican? Sad. As to the question of money to the rebels? NO, NO, and NO!! Let other countries fight their own*****civil wars and keep America out of them.

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Jul-09-13 10:37 AM

It's pathetic how many go to such lengths to excuse Obama from any responsibility for his decisions and/or actions.

I honestly believe that if we were shown live video coverage of Obama beating a puppy to death in the rose garden the left would come out of the woodwork to try and blame, Bush, McCain or the GOP in general for the dogs death.

As for McCain, he doesn't get a pass either, but then again he isn't the President and doesn't set US foreign policy.

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Jul-09-13 10:47 AM

The more I watch Obama the more I realize that the office of the President of the United States is really just a suit that anyone who wins, fills. All the talk and comapaign pledges end up being just and pledges. I am severely disappointed in his campaign rhetoric versus his actual action. He campaigned on closing GITMO, being against secret surveillance begun by the Bush/Cheney admin, and questioning the damage that unmanned drones cause. Not only has he not done anything about the above, he has increased the secret survelliance and dropped more drone bombs by ten fold. I guess he wears the suit well. They all belong to the same club and there aint a one of them that has any real b a l l s.

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Jul-09-13 11:29 AM

Yup, can't feed all the children adn people in America, but let's spend hard-earned American tax dollars to fund fighting in Syria. Good job.

Let them beat each other's brains out. We can't police the world. Isolate, take care of our own, and prepare our defense. It is called "defense" right? Secure the borders and let the rest of the world go down the tubes and save the greatest nation on Earth from itself.

The entire Congress is to blame for this one. GOP, Dem, all of them. Can they get something right for a change?

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Jul-09-13 3:50 PM

I don't know what the right approach should be - if any - but didn't this newspaper take Obama to task not too long ago for NOT providing weapons?

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Jul-09-13 6:50 PM

Unbelievable I actually have to agree with dizzycron go figure!

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Jul-09-13 8:37 PM

Dcronig was right on the money. It's too bad you had to throw in that neocon comment.

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Jul-10-13 3:12 PM

Amazing that all of us from all sides of the spectrum agree on this. Going into Syria is a no-win situation. However, it was McCain who secretly went to Syria and the neo-cons who are pushing this agenda. Just to get more money to the military industry. But Obama should stand up to them.

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Jul-10-13 3:13 PM

SmallTownSmallMind, Congress won't let Obama close Gitmo. Can't blame him there.

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Jul-10-13 3:13 PM

SmallTownSmallMind, Congress won't let Obama close Gitmo. Can't blame him there.

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Jul-10-13 4:56 PM

Wake up folks. Obama promised to close GITMO on his first run. He never said a word about getting congressional approval. So in actuality he lied to the American people. We gave the Libyan rebels weapons you see what that got us an American ambassador and others killed. Now we are giving weapons to the Syrian rebels albeit small arms what are small arms going to do against tanks and heavy artillery? Nothing. we give Egypt $1.6 billion per year. What are we doing for the troops who lost arms and legs? Nothing. Add to this the suitcases full of money given to Karazi and you have one messed up government that has no leader. We are also giving Nidal his full military pay yet he is allowed to grow a beard in defiance of military regs. So really who are the dummies? We are. For allowing this to happen.

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Jul-10-13 5:57 PM

hadenough, Haven't you figured out yet that Marcia and a few others will always stand by Obama no matter what lies he tells. According to them Obama is not to be blamed for anything in the past 6 years. And no matter who does it he has to be given credit for anything good. (which hasn't happened in 6 years). If it is Bushes fault then it has to be McCain's because Obama is always blameless. Right Marcia? They just can't admit he has been useless.

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Jul-11-13 9:55 AM

yes, McCain and his undercover lover Lyndsey Graham both want to arm the rebels but that was fine. the difficult part is finding out which rebels in the future won't be aiming those arms at us. this "opinion" is just another if obama says so it must be wrong.

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