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Riding high with business

July 11, 2013

Is there something in the water in Sheridan? In less than six months, five businesses set up shop in the tow....

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Jul-13-13 8:03 AM

That what you say Paul is one of the primary reasons why GM did not locate the Saturn plant here,would be nice to have that plant here now!

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Jul-13-13 12:08 AM

Anyone remember when they tore those toll booths down on I-90? oops! They never did, thanks Mario!!!!

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Jul-12-13 7:42 PM

Sorry, but Mario was never an "official" presidential candidate. He never announced any intention to run, nor did he ever participate in any primaries. His critics can make fun of him, but most can't hold a candle to him.

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Jul-12-13 12:29 PM


Sorry it was his chief of staff, which was acting as his campaign manager, although he wasn't officially a candidate at the time, if I recall correctly.

The statement itself was aired several times on the national news early in the silly season (run ups to the primaries) before Clinton won his first nomination.

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Jul-12-13 11:15 AM

"Mario's own Presidential campaign manager (said)..."

Yeah, right.

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Jul-12-13 8:57 AM


Exactly, Cuomo Jr is simply finishing off the few business Cuomo Sr didn't destroy and/or drive out of the state.

Mario's own Presidential campaign manager, when asked why anyone should elect him President after his policies had destoryed NYS responded "The problem is that business had the option of just leaving the state, but with Cuomo as President they wouldn't be allowed the option to leave the country."

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Jul-11-13 11:29 PM

Net loss of less than 1%. Yeah, that's hard to beat when you've chased away most businesses beforehand (Kodak, IBM, anything manufacturing that unions can sink their claws into, even carriage house plants, etc.). How many states GREW during that time?....

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Jul-11-13 8:51 PM

I will say it again we are losing jobs and taxpayers those are more important than population numbers!

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Jul-11-13 7:22 PM

Well, first I'd have to address businesses and jobs lost well before 2007. That seriously distorts NYS's situation. Then for example, let 's discuss how misleading certain numbers can be. For example, I could prove statistically that most urban black neighborhoods are higher in crime than their Caucasian counterparts. Does that mean blacks are more likely to be criminals? It would seem so without a lot more numbers crunching and other statistics on other possible factors, like economics. Most urban black neighborhoods are also very poor. In fact, most poor neighborhoods of any ethnic variety are higher in crime. So, is it skin color or is it income, or lack of, I should say? Numbers that seem pretty black and white just aren't far too many times. I could crunch numbers to show population growth in NYS as well. But then I'd have to point out much of that is from immigrants who mainly reside in NYC. Older people with money are leaving in droves, as are many of the educated young.

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Jul-11-13 1:52 PM

Christuufuu -- as I researched and shared on an earlier posting -- for all the taxes and expenses you mention, NYS has net loss of less than 1% of businesses from 2007 - 2010, the height of the great recession. So, the data doesn't substantiate your belief. Furthermore, this county has tax burdens which are equal to, if not less in some cases, than the rest of NYS. So, although we're losing businesses, so should all other counties as well but the data says, that's not the case.

This begs the question: if not taxes and regulations, then why else are jobs/businesses leaving this county?

The fact that you STOP at taxes/regulations, although data tells you should need to dig deeper than what you've allowed yourself to be convinced, you don't -- so you're selling yourself short as you're evidently smarter than many others in your clique.

Its a shame.

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Jul-11-13 12:00 PM

Yes, DC, there is, and there's also lots of taxes to contend with other than property and Income. There's transportation (NY has some of the highest tolls and gasoline taxes). There are Unemployment and Workman's Compensation rates (NY once again is one of the absolute highest)There are taxes partly responsible for adding to the costs of Electricity, no small expense for an average business,(Once again, NY has some of the highest costs for electricity in the country, topping even California by 70%)School spending is among the highest in the country, and yes that is a property tax. There are a multitude of reasons not to start a business in NY, and the Governor is ignoring, deliberately so in my opinion, all of the above listed expenses leading to businesses locating elsewhere.

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Jul-11-13 10:15 AM

Bravo, Christuufuu, bravo -- there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS much more to business investment decisions than lower tax rates (as if it were only THAT simple to fund, operate and manage a business....).

Glad you called out yet another example in an Earth-to-Moon long queue of the clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER board's pane-of-glass-in-depth economic analyses.

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Jul-11-13 9:46 AM

Not to burst anyone's bubble, but any business locating in Town of Sheridan would be susceptible to each and every tax that everyone pays in the entire county, the only difference being the Town tax itself. I'd say there's a lot more going on than Sheridan's tax rate.

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