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Logging a threat to ‘natural treasure’

July 20, 2013

This letter is in response to “Further discussions due on plan” (June 16), which was written in response to a letter concerning proposed logging operations at the College Lodge....

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Jul-22-13 11:56 PM

It is somewhat ironic that the left will not think twice about aborting a fetus, but at the same time go balls to the wall batshiat crazy against cutting down a couple trees. Abort a fetus? Eh, no bug deal. Cut down a tree? O. M. G. ARE YOU EFFING CRAZY!?!?!?!

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Jul-21-13 9:42 AM

hey libs, there is nothing more fun and back to nature than heading out into the woods with my chain saw. the gas and oil smells. Hydrocarbons that drive our civilization, libs and the sight of the tree crashing to the ground . Some of them actually are in denial and want to jump back upright ! I have seen trees jump 7 foot into the air . they are probably screaming no i dont want to die. kill a baby instead ! Yet they will regrow if the deer are kept away. It is like shaving. Every day I do it and the hair keeps growing back. Not so says the liberals. Even Janet Reno said she liked chain saws. The libs never comment on the fact that the original trees were burnt for the ashes, a cash crop. Look it up liberals. Facts, not whimpering.

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Jul-21-13 8:48 AM

hey cronig chimes in. Cronig did ya ever read your posts ? It is you who does all the name calling, church lady gaggle, steinerdzzz, librul etc.its ok for cronig but noone else. Classic. try and say something factual, cannot ? Why not,mind gone ? saving the planet cronig,. Pretend the trees were babies to abort. Cut them down. trees grow back cronig. They really do or dont ya believe that either .The liberals , their own name cronig are thorouhghly confused by this environmental baloney. The planet will not die and co2 is not a problem.

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Jul-20-13 1:29 PM

And, not all varieties of beech tree are native to the U.S. They're also native to Europe and Asia, so it may be a question of the specific variety of beech tree in question. In any event, oh noes! Someone wants to take a few trees out of the lodge and the area benefits (profits) as a result. Consider it maintenance and get over your bunched-up panties. Things change, quit panicking over nothing.

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Jul-20-13 1:22 PM

Chautauqua County isn't even mentioned on the DEC website as a place to view the little brown bats mentioned in the article, but five other locations are, the closest being Broome County, which is over 4 hours east of here...

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Jul-20-13 12:22 PM

Townsend brings serious, relevant factual counterpoints to the discussion and puts the argument on its head: just what is the underlying driver to logging on 200 acres of pristine land? Someone just can't stand leaving something alone? What -- there aren't enough tens of thousands of acreage to log in this county?

Clearly, when supporters of logging are faced with inarguable facts against their case, they resort to name-calling, conversation deflection, obscuration of facts, misleading rant declarations, librul-librul-librul...

Good job, Townsend.

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Jul-20-13 8:30 AM

Jonathans cognitive skills are gone. Logging bad and for a quick buck ? Hey liberal, where do ya think lumber originates from. A windmill ?The early settlers simply cut the trees for the ashes.Fact jon. The ancient trees were burnt. Did ya know that ? Saving birds ? The libs windmills kill them by the 10000s. I have friends who had 250 plus year old trees cut for timber. They were concerned that the libs would outlaw it soon, to save the planet. I have cut trees that were 350 years old. It is fun cutting huge trees down. I know that the growing process is slow in old trees and the forest will regenerate. The forest does, remarkably fast. So jonathan what you are saying is save a tree, bird etc but kill a baby. Thats what liberals do. get the loggers in there . we can burn the tops too ! If we cant frack, cut then. They will grow back.

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Jul-20-13 6:32 AM

Facts confuse (R).

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