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Monitoring must continue

July 24, 2013

A U.S. Department of Energy study concluding possibly hazardous chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” at gas and oil wells does not pollute groundwater is good news....

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Jul-26-13 8:06 AM

That might not seem like much, but a $10B investment could make 500,000 homes virtually energy independant, if it's done in the proper areas.

Sure they would still need to be on the grid but since their excess power usage would actually make their meter spin backwards so your average home would have little to no power bill each month, and some would actually have have negative usage such that they would have a credit with the power company.

So not only would we need people to build, install and maintain half a million of these residential windmills but also by these units being massed produced it would drive the unit price down such that even more units could be subsudized with the same funding level.

Sure the power companies wouldn't be happy, since it would mean more money from them, but in the long run it would be a great benifit to those who have the units installed at their homes as well as the tens of thousands of people that build, install and maintain them

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Jul-26-13 7:43 AM


It might surprise you but I support alternative energy, but I oppose the direction it's been heading.

But not the big projects this administration has wasted billions on.

Let's assume the Feds come in and help a company build the 193 or so windmills that would be required to replace our local power plant. What changes? Okay the air might be a little cleaner, but our power bills would likely go up, and the company that owns them would make a larger profit.

Yes people somewhere would need to manufacture those 190+ windmills but that would be over fairly quickly.

Now on the otherside, what would happen if the same money that would be used for that was used to create a 50% subsidy on installation of small scale residential windmills in suburban and rural areas.

Not long ago I priced out one of those home systems and as I recall it was about $40k so if we went with a $20k subsidy they could equip 50,000 homes for every billion invested.

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Jul-25-13 5:11 PM

the liberals make you ignorant and we have posters here supporting them and wanting to increase funds for education. Golly I cant believe it. Ditch the public school system . Unless you want a nation of costly ignorant fools. They were on tv in a famous trial lately. Multiply by millions and that is America, thanks to the libs. go green ! Yea !

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Jul-25-13 5:03 PM

hey unlearned posters, I am so ignorant of basic science, I have touched all your lives in the store, saved thousands in the field, fended off court cases by my knowledge of chemistry and great analytical chemists. It is like the TV show Bones . The labs are that good, but only as good as the people running them. along arrive the libs and summarily want to trash all the science and work of great chemists. the same chemists who feed the world. You call me ignorant and aluminum foil for this ? Who is the crazy person here ?the demoicrats are out and out ignorant or better stupid.

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Jul-25-13 4:59 PM

hey learned posters, all my previous posts are how the biggest companies in the world and the EPA do analytical work. Unless you want to be shown in error or land up in jail, thats how its done. Along arrives judeye, go green . judeye, what part of science do ya miss all the time. Do you drive a car, heat your house eat food. EVERYTHING is dependent on hydrocarbons. Did ya ever notice that .We are carbon based life . You keep saying green, green. You worry about non existant threats . CO2 never did trap heat. Water does.If you disagree you throw out 60 years of science. That is what you and the libs are claiming. I am so ignorant you even ate some of my brew in food. Not just me but all the food chemists. Did ya notice that. Do you know any science besides green, greeen, Judeye, you keep parroting .

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Jul-25-13 4:52 PM

judye does not know any science. Judeye, solar requires 10 acres per megawatt. Dunkirk plant is 580 mega watt . do the math if you can.thousands of acres. Sun is not 24/7. Did ya notice that . judeye, explain the wests fracking boom in the absence of all the environmental disasters you keep saying. judeye, a windmill is 3 megawatt. How many to equal dunkirk ans 580/3. The wind is not 24/7 did ya notice that even. Natural gas is a source for the chemical industries. Hydrogen, ethylene, all the plastics etc. Do you know that? what will we do without hydrocarbons judeye. I do not think a liberal should be the one saying if and when we can frack. Why ? liberals are so science ignorant as to be stupid. yes stupid.Tell us learned judeye !

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Jul-25-13 3:54 PM

In the words of slick Willie "I didn't know it was sex". How can you believe anyone would say that?

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Jul-25-13 9:03 AM

We know Pres Carter put solar panels on the WH...Reagan took them off.

FYI. Farm Aid is coming to NY in Sept!!

One of the reasons is to support increase in money for small farmers so they not feel like they have to sell out to fracking.

In the words of Willie "I'm against it (fracking). It's bad for the land, bad for the farmers, bad for the soil. It's just all round a bad idea."

I agree.

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Jul-25-13 8:00 AM

I read and research a lot of different subjects, be it practicle sciences, social sciences and political, and while your posts will occasional have a small nugget of facts but 90% of them are just constant insults and babbling.

Judeye and I agree on very little but I don't need to resort to constantly insulting and bashing her to try and get my points across.

You are one of those people whose behavior does more damage to the causes you claim to support any comments you could post could ever possibly make up for.

The fact that even those of us on the right side of the political spectrum consider you an obnoxious d0uche should really tell you something.


Actually there has been a large push in the US for alternative energy, in the form of wind power, but once again leftist, including the Kennedy clan, has done it's best to stop all such projects and at the very least have added millions to the cost of these projects in the form of legel fees.

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Jul-25-13 7:38 AM

Proud-no journalist said that fracking was safe,he/she was only reporting what DOE concluded.

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Jul-25-13 7:32 AM

judeye and darkstar know nothing. By ignoring my posts, he ignores a huge chunk of hard actual science. Darkstar, actually admits how ignorant he is. Judeye plum just does not get it. Green energy does not work, is not 24/7 and she wants it. Hey darkstar, you ate some of my chemical brew too ! nearly all the posters here, like darkstar, do not know what analytical science is. It is what the EPA is using to test water. Darkstar, please read some science. judeye and the unlearned libs have yet to explain the HUGE BOOM , caused by fracking in the west where water is scarce. they never comment on this. Perhaps darkstar gave us the answer. he just does not know anything. Judeye cant live without a subsidy. The oil industry did not receive them til well after the oil industry started. .darkstar ,since when are facts hatred ? When they disagree with a liberal. say something of actual substance, if you can. You sound like cronig.

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Jul-24-13 9:45 PM

The one thing can be said for New York is that the gas revolution is passing us by. We standby and watch other parts of the country moving forward with jobs, bloated government coffers and economic growth. As we in this state continue our slow death and decline. This is definitely the goal of the "left" in this state to continue to destroy what used to be a great state.

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Jul-24-13 7:29 PM

I love it when the uneducated try to talk about science. I have a friend who insists that everything we need to know is already known, there is no point in researching anything. If a "journalist" for the Observer says that fracking is safe, there you go, that's all you need to know.

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Jul-24-13 6:08 PM

With the same..EQUAL..subsidies to alternative energy IF we could get it..cost to consumers would be the same or less for consumers using green energy.

Why are w not investing in more alternative energy sources?

Think it might have anything to do with all the money flooding into a negative campaign against it, including bribes, I mean donations, to members of our Congress?

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Jul-24-13 3:09 PM

Wow, someone really got Steiner worked up, I've haven't seen this much aimless ranting from him in ages.

I mean I have no idea what he actually says, since long ago I decided to ignore his nasty hate filled gibberish, in the name of full disclosure I'm also starting to do this with Dcronlg's posts as well since he's second only to Steiner in the amount of bile he spews in these comment sections

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Jul-24-13 3:06 PM

hey cronig and robert. The frackers said they were using a derivative of xylene to frack. easily identifiable. Sand too. No problem there.Water, impossible to identify ! LOL ! If other, you separate it out and identify them . I have turned major claims back to either the customer or mfg, not my formula but a mischarge or poor application. Done this over and over, but I am behind the times. A good analytical chemist is worth his weight in gold. They must know organic chemistry and maintain the machines. I loved it when Casey anthony walked. No detectable chemical. The state sank on the spot. Dumb prosecutors.Those liberals cronig. Yeah. Great chemist and machines. Analytical machines are better than an activist or even some people i know.cronig tell us about liberals and govt employees ! dont forget the women !

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Jul-24-13 2:54 PM

Hey unlearned cronig. What part of a penny a gallon dont ya understand for a 25% increase in mileage ? You dont understand any foundational science. Do ya even know what that means ? Just name calling. I wont give out the secret because I am waiting for all the learned libs like cronig and robert to see if they can duplicate. Major industries want the secret, but I have refused so far.I am waiting for Obama and pelosi as they are for the poor as I have read here to offer it as a gift from the dumbocratic party. Plus, especially for the gals, I am waiting for a woman to duplicate the work, as liberated beings flush with help from the govt. I did it all on my own dime. Cronig, no govt employee helped, imagine that if ya can !

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Jul-24-13 2:47 PM

to all unlearned liberals, judeye, robert and cronig. Here is how to do actual science. Gather samples from the well water. Find a good analytical lab and see what chemicals are in them. Use green energy too LOL. well water is constantly moving so you might have to do this a number of times. Find a rich liberal to foot the bill. Look up analytical services and find a lab. I bet the well water has been tested for no more than hardness. Guess what oh great unlearned cronig. I had analytical footprints of all my products over time . Any complaints , samples sent and results compared. You have nothing but rhetoric. I at least know you ate my stuff. I feel great over that. the learned , so learned he is ignorant.

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Jul-24-13 2:42 PM

hey cronig feel better now. You are so unlearned, like robert , you have eaten my stuff without even knowing it. Little behind the times ? Thats how I know my energized gasoline works , 25% increase in mileage for a penny a gallon , cronig, is that cheap enough for you ? tested in analytical labs and by actual driving. Hey cronig, when are the great unlearned liberals like you gonna duplicate that ? In my career so far I bet I have used at least one million dollars worth of analytical services and ya call me unlearned. You sound dumber and dumber every post cronig. How is detroit doing ?Answer me this robert and cronig, do you even know what an analytical lab is or does ? Or are they all corrupt and bribed for the answer one wants. Give me an answer cronig and robert.

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Jul-24-13 2:33 PM

robert, you are as ignorant as cronig. All chemicals I have put in food are govt approved for food ! Yep , your beloved govt approved them. Example , in chewing gum there are pine tree chemicals , for the chew , synthetic rubber for the great bubbles and other chemicals to tie them all together. Cake mixes too, all processed food has chemicals. So if I am unlearned how is it you dont know that? Dumb liberals. Any good analytical chemist can with the right equipment detect and identify them.Guess ya never watched tv with all those crime scene labs. Some equipment is in the million dollar range. A good chemist with equipment and time can unravel any brew that is out there. I guess you unlearned posters never talked to a chemist. Just a wacky liberal . cronig answer that oh unlearned one. robert too !

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Jul-24-13 2:26 PM

cronig, wsj again. Opec concerned greatly as is russia over US gas and oil boom. Green energy is a dud. Cronig you and the other anti frackers, full of doom must explain how west texas and other places with much less water in precip and great lakes than us is having a boom with unemployment < 4%.cronig say something other than names and that i am behind when I know for a fact you have eaten at least in trace or more quantities the chemicals i work with. You really must be non aware of what in the world you place in your mouth. Only the stupid stuff which comes out of it in posts.

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Jul-24-13 2:20 PM

cronig and others, you know nothing of what you buy to eat or eat in restaurants.You are out and out ignorant, as all liberals are. In the WSJ, the frackers disclosed what they were using to frack as the chemicals. Hey cronig in WSJ, european mfging moving out of europe because of green energy costs and failures.Hey unlearned posters, it is an easy matter for any analytical lab to determine what the chemical brew is. All it takes is money, which the libs have and the lab. My work has been validated across many labs and energy does not work 24/7 cronig. What part of that dont ya understand ? You are clueless. Do any of you know what an analytical lab is ? Allyou do is say librul, steinerdssz, etc. The mark of limited minds. Investment in oil less than green? are you crazy ? Not in US as fracking has made a boom in the west. cronig and other posters, say something factual ,not names.

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Jul-24-13 11:08 AM

"...More studies are needed as this one only looked at one part of the drilling process..."

Let's take a book from the man made global warming fanatics here and say..... There's no time for more study, we need to act immediately so drill baby drill. lol!

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Jul-24-13 10:39 AM

Investment is different than the current reality. We have been investing in alternative energies for decades. One day it will be there and cheap... until then, Marcellus Shale is a great resource to provide cheap and more environmentally friendly energies. Hey western NYers, don't trip over your own and somewhat made-up fears in preventing this energy boom.

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Jul-24-13 10:18 AM

PR -- are you the alter ego of Steinerdzzz? A 3rd-grader-developed algorithm comparing your "libruls-libruls-libruls" with Steinerdzzz's "libruls-libruls-libruls" wold show a match (I guess I also figured out one of Steinerdzzz's agreers)

When renewal energy investment (1/4 of a trillion $s) is greater than fossil fuel investment throughout the planet and is trending to do so for decades to come...well, it is a solid confirmation that the world has truly passed you by.

You're beliefs are out-of-touch, out-of-step and being left behind.

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