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Committee to study dissolving Forestville

July 24, 2013

FORESTVILLE — Trustee Ron Lineman wants to study the dissolution of the village of Forestville. Moreover, he is willing “to put his money where his mouth i....

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Jul-25-13 9:44 AM

RetiredTeacher- Village residents already pay that much for garbage collection. Now we're going to be charged over $800 per year to pay a debt caused by the PREVIOUS administration lack of fiscal responsibility. You can hardly blame all the problems in Forestville on the current board.

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Jul-25-13 9:36 AM

Maybe under the current "leadership" dissolution of the village is the right choice. However, Phil, if you actually think the county would contract to collect garbage, you are deluded. I can't even imagine the Town of Hanover would do it since they don't currently for town residents, so village residents can expect their annual garbage hauling charges to be in the neighborhood of $200 a year, especially since they will be forced to hire it done or do it themselves.

But, let's take the logical next step and dissolve the incredibly inefficient Forestville school system at the same time. A merger with Silver Creek would create a better economy of scale for bidding purposes and would give Forestville students the opportunity to have more than the bare minimum education the state allows. a definite win for their futures, and our children and grandchildren deserve a better chance at a successful adulthood than Forestville currently offers them.

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Jul-25-13 9:13 AM

Here is some food for thought. Fredonia residents must hire their own contractors for trash removal. Imagine if the county were to put the service out for bid. Who do you think willget the best price - the county or the Fredonia homeowner? I use Fredonia as an example but my point is that county government would be in a much better position to secure favorable contracts due to volume.

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Jul-24-13 7:24 PM

Matt - Yes, if there's no one left to straighten out the mess then dissolving is the thing to do, regardless of the cost.

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Jul-24-13 11:13 AM

The entire county should really disolve all "Village Governments" and let them retain their name but be run by the towns. We need to consolidate so that we can maintain services.

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Jul-24-13 10:13 AM

roughneck is correct, if people only knew the truth. The village has poor leadership and the ones that want to lead, really can't. They have no right making decisions for the 700 some residents. Dissolving the village board and letting the Town of Hanover take over is a no brainer. Even if it doesn't save money, just for the simple fact knowing that people who will be making decisions will have a clue of what's going on.

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Jul-24-13 9:23 AM

The Trustee's of Forestville were intrusted to act in the best interest of the Village. They have not. Ron Lineman (Captain)has used his position to vent his rage and frustration agaisnt his own neighbors, the bridge behind his house and Bill Bentzoni. The Borad of Trustee's of the Village of Forestville is not a venue for personal adgendas of maniacal Board Members such as Ron Lineman. Ron Lineman is full of unsound rage and fury. Thus far the Board has hired a Clerk who has not be able to bill and collect taxes and water, appointed Ron Lineman and Dave Bishoff, who could not get elected on their own. It's hard to believe Village residents can stomach the idea of paying town salaries and town benefits to collect Village taxes and water and maintain the 5.7 million dollar Village water infrastructure.

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Jul-24-13 9:23 AM

The village assets and services they provide should take minutes to figure out.

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Jul-24-13 8:27 AM

Grow up and face reality. You are going broke. If you lived in Fredonia you would be paying for garbage pick up. It is what it is. Put on you big boy/girl pants and do what needs to be done without the crybaby stuff.

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Jul-24-13 7:29 AM

Comparing Perrysburg to Forestville is like comparing a grape to a watermelon.

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Jul-24-13 6:49 AM

Just to get this out front - I've been saying for a long time, two things about consolidation - there should be meaningful savings in the tax bill with no cuts in services. Once you start cutting services, it becomes much easier to reduce taxes, but then we are no longer apples to apples. For instance, if a community provides garbage pickup and then discontinues it through consolidation, the tax bill should go down, but the expense doesn't go away Instead the cost shifts to the homeowner by way of a bill from a private hauler.

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Jul-24-13 4:50 AM

Figures for previous post came from NYS. Comptroller's Trend report available to the public for any govt. entity in the state and the figure was over 1 million dollars.

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Jul-24-13 4:44 AM

I commend Forestville for continuing to pursue dissolution of the village now that you have started on the path and ignore the comments of those who haven't walked the walk because they don't know what they are saying. No you don't get rid of debt but there is no way to do that. Bankruptcy does not do that either. What it does is allow creditors to claim all assets. According to the DOS Office of Local Govt. through which the process must go, if a village dissolves, the town they are a part of cannot refuse to accept the village! There are incentives available to the town getting the village at this point. The considerations become more than just brush or garbage. There is a point at which one more layer of govt. becomes the straw that broke the camel's back in the form of rising wages duplication of services, rising costs of benefits. An entity can't continue to overspend it's income year after year and not expect financial ruin. Last recorded over spend of income in S.C.was over 1mi

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