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Offer on the table

$16.5 million cash for the Chautauqua County Home

August 8, 2013

MAYVILLE — A cash offer of $16.5 million has been made on the Chautauqua County Home....

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Aug-09-13 8:25 AM

It is obvious that many of the people who are making comments here regarding the sale of the HOME have not even bothered to read the comprehensive report by the Center for Governmental Research.

That report, specifically on the sale of this home, states that it operates at a SURPLUS. Yes..surplus. I know that included the IGT funds. But do you really think if we no longer got that money somehow our taxes would go down?

Take the time to read the report.

How many of you have called your legislator re the $500,000 that it cost to drill that well? Or is it ok with you that they wasted our money on that?

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Aug-09-13 6:49 AM

225522 raised a good point, so I'll repeat it: How can a private owner keep the same number of employees (at the same rate of pay), provide the same level of care WITHOUT needing the annual taxpayer subsidies (allegedly worth approx $2.4M per/yr), and still turn a worthwhile profit? The true value of CCH (4X the sale price) isn't even a footnote. Ignorance is blinding you from seeing that this is clearly an ill-advised sale.

Keeping CCH publicly-owned gives us a voice on the level of care that OUR family members receive, and yes, that voice costs us money. Unfortunately, many of you don't care what happens to the CCH or the patients who live there. Your ONLY concern is that CCH stops costing YOU money!

If the opinions on this blog reflect how the majority in the area truly feel, then it's a testament to the type of people living in NCC, and I hope you all get what you're asking for.

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Aug-08-13 7:56 PM

judeye I have no problem paying to support those who have worked all their lives but because of you bleeding heart libs all my money is being spent to care for all the lazy slug who never work and never intend to! Make up your mind who gets priority I can't afford both!

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Aug-08-13 7:50 PM

Great now we have to listen to all the whining again it's started already!

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Aug-08-13 7:07 PM

The point is...that government should NOT be in the business of making money.

How much money will we make on that research that Rep Reed just sponsored a bill to conduct? How much money do we make on war (ha ha..oh yes it is VERY LUCRATIVE..just not for you and me).

How did we become so concerned with how much money we can make..rather than caring for those who are unable to care for themselves?

Please answer me..what better use of our tax dollars than to care for our most vulnerable citizens. Many of them have worked their entire lives...contributing to our community. Now they need us..and we turn our back...for $$$$?????

Please go to the CGR and read the report on what happens to residents of county homes if the home is sold to a for profit company. Then come back and explain to me how money is more important than caring for our neighbors, friends, and family.

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Aug-08-13 4:38 PM

Sonny, take a Valium're awfully worked up over this. Far too worked up to ever listen to logic or reason. But really, trashing everyone who is involved not only makes you look bad, it makes us all look bad. Why would ANY business want to move in here with this kind of trash talking on the local newspaper website. Have a little respect.

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Aug-08-13 3:42 PM

why is it people like Sonny B need correction all the time. should it not be "we" will be strapped, unless Sonny does not have a home of his own, better still maybe he belongs in one, if this would have been left up to the voting taxpayer it would have been a done deal already

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Aug-08-13 3:22 PM

Ron, your conspiracy theories are so far off the wall that I can't believe that your own delusional mind can believe them.

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Aug-08-13 2:28 PM

Read my lips...Mr.Platschek has never set foot in the County Home!!...Yet he wants to buy it??...Something is not right here...The County Home is worth a*****of a lot more then $16 million!!..Wake up!!..

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Aug-08-13 2:18 PM

Listen up you sheep..The Home is doing better since the ideas that were sat on for 7 years were finally implemented...There are still a few more ways to improve the Home,one of them is that White Elephant gas well that sits there rusting!!!..$450,000 of taxpayer money meant to help the Home..Still no answers to that,just evasive BS!!...Edwards has an agenda for 7 years,the first words out of his mouth were,Im getting rid of the County Home,this is after he duped the elderly voters to vote for him,assuring them the Home will never be sold...His Karma will come someday...He is a liar,a sheister and a fraud...January can not come soon enough,thanks to him and his cronies this County is just about hit the bottom..The final nail will be NRG closing...

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Aug-08-13 2:06 PM

FredoniaFred...Prove that he is a good owner...His Homes are all 2 stars..He had a lawsuit of $400,000 in 2004 against him,and his wife Goldie was cited for contempt of court..Look it up..He is a sheister just like Rothner...They are buds..

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Aug-08-13 2:01 PM

Rothner and Platschek are buddies..Rothner gave him the money to buy the Home..Platschek has never set foot in the County Home..How can you buy something of great importance without ever seeing it..Rothner has seen it,and Rothner is involved in this shady transaction..

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Aug-08-13 1:59 PM

Hey rumblefish...Wait till NRG closes down..Then you will see how cash strapped you are..Oh yeah..Carriage House in Fredonia is slowly fazing out,all that will be left is the Peanut Butter and the tow motor drivers..

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Aug-08-13 1:58 PM

The homes this person owns in Erie County are rated only 2 stars by the website..Not too impressive..Also Mr.Platschek and his wife,Goldie,were involved in a $400,000 against them in 2004..

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Aug-08-13 12:52 PM

Here we go with the well again. Why don't you jump in it. How can they make money. Run it the way a business should be run. Not have the mentality that you can just stiff the taxpayers. Dump Mr. Manager and get rid of the union. Oh and Judeye....just for you....they will probably turn on the well.

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Aug-08-13 12:19 PM

"so they will not have the time to realize what is going on or to try to stop it...push your agenda through."

But Judeye, you are all for the Safe Act which WAS pushed through the very same way. Pot meet kettle.

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Aug-08-13 11:52 AM

judeye, we have this question for you if you had a chance to get out from under an enterprise that was costing you more than it's worth, what course of action would you take, the answer is as simple as Business 101

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Aug-08-13 10:57 AM

Those who want to sell...

please tell me where the $500,000 we spent on a gas well..that is unproductive and not even connected? local of the last deciding votes NOT TO SELL..just happens to be out of town on vacation when this comes up.

Tell me what is a better use of our tax dollars if not to care for our most vulnerable citizens in their time of need?

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Aug-08-13 10:14 AM

HUUUMMM. How can a private company make money with ,what appears to be, the same employees at the same rate of pay? If so why sell? Just get their operating manuals!!

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Aug-08-13 9:31 AM


The legislation already has voted NOT TO SELL. When some did not like that, they tried to get the law changed that requires a super majority in order to sell county property. When that vote failed some of us thought that democracy finally prevailed.

Not to our County Executive it seems. How could he get a bid for the County home when it is NOT FOR SALE? Hmm...

If you cannot get what you want..keep on trying...then when in the middle of summer..hope that many are on vacation or otherwise busy so they will not have the time to realize what is going on or to try to stop it...push your agenda through.

I am so disgusted with our local politics right now. How dare this offer come up..How dare our County Executive act like no vote has been taken.

By the way..before we even consider selling...let them tell us why they spent over $500,000 (if anyone wants to see the contracts just let me know) to drill a gas well that is unproductive and unconnected.

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Aug-08-13 9:04 AM

This sounds like a good offer from an excellent owner. Sell the home and stop the losses.

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