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State courts: Another pop at soda limits

August 9, 2013

After New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg last month lost another court challenge to his attempt to limit the size of soft drinks that can be sold in some locations, he vowed to appeal to a higher......

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Aug-10-13 8:29 AM

facts for the wonderfully ignorant cronig and christopher.the blood is 45% solids with large particles, red blood cells in it and a small amount of fat and sugar. . No chemist would make a water base adhesive like that. It would settle out but quick.The fats alone, with no soaps to keep them in suspension would be the first to settle. . the chyme in the intestine with its inadequate mixing cannot and does not allow for much absorption via the villi. . Most of what we eat passes right out of us. It becomes art for the cronig types. so, if one is clever, one can increase the carrying capacity of the blood, so the stuff does not plaque out in the arteries. One can actually remove plaque without an operation if one is clever. Chemists are clever. Liberals are stupid.they pass laws to make others stupid.

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Aug-10-13 8:21 AM

hey cronig , would any white caucasian retire in Buffalo ? i am not retired. you keep saying that . Are you stupid ? As a chemist i have seen chemical cures and other remedies available only in chemical people work with chemicals. Dumb people join unions and work for the govt. Cronig believes in diversity as long as it is agreeing with the democrats. Chrisopher just cant think any more.they both want to make everyone as ignorant as themsleves. Thats what democats do. Ignorance and mental illness is normal for them.Lets hear more flowery language cronig, but dont actually say anything.

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Aug-10-13 8:14 AM

cronig and christopher are just plain ignorant. there is no other way to say it. hey christopher, blacks and hispanics commit most of the crime in the country !Fact christopher, you missed it again. Union thinking eh ? and they expect free things from the govt and they get them. buffalo for example, 1/3 population in erie county 2/3rd budget for social things. Cronig misses that. Do you actually know anything ? cronig and his usual flowery language. golly, he is amazing.Want free health care. I opposed obamacare from the start . I am a chemist. My steinertrons make excellent remedies. Heart trouble via clogged arteries ? Unclog them your self.Increase the carrying capacity of the blood. A chemist would know what I am saying, but not the dumbacrats. The libs have choice only for abortions, not smoking, schools or soft drinks.Cronig and his name calling, flowery language, nothing of substance just rhetoric.

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Aug-10-13 7:34 AM

Dcron writes: "Health care comes at a cost -- if you are unwilling to curb bad habits, we'll do it for you."

Dcron appears to be the great advocate for more govt control! Based on this bizarre logic, Dcron believes govt oppression is a good thing, and that having private health insurance (w/o any financial cost to govt) means nothing, hence, govt SHOULD impose penalties upon us to "curb" our bad habits, our diets, leisure sports, high-risk occupations, the number of kids we are "allowed" to have, or any other selective actions that MAY lead to a medical claim.

Oh wait, such govt control should only apply to ppl without personal insurance, is that it Dcron?

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Aug-10-13 12:15 AM

Ha! NY wants people to buy MORE cigarettes, more gas, more alcohol, etc. that's their "free money" from the so-called "sin taxes". Funny that term is nowhere near connected to those toll booths that were supposed to be torn down decades ago, but still remain in place giving the Thruway Authority more (laugh!) "work" to do.

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Aug-09-13 2:51 PM

Having a supposed Liberal like Dcronk agree with Bloomberg's aims is a frigging riot!! Bloomberg is a right-wing Fascist masquerading as a Liberal, and so are his supporters. And Steiner, numbers are numbers. 85% of those adversely effected by "Stop and Frisk" ARE Black and Hispanic". God, I love the comments on here, lol!

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Aug-09-13 9:37 AM

Steinerdzzz...its quite safe to say that as a pasty, retired baby boomer white guy living in a rural county, you'll never ever be a recipient of any type, any sort of racism -- but you will be a poster child for spittle-flecked ranting world-left-you-behind village idiocy.

And the only targeted profiling you will ever experience is from AARP in their membership drive...

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Aug-09-13 9:31 AM

Individual liberties are indeed the issue. Go ahead, drink all the sodas you want to, smoke all the cigarettes, eat all the fast food your heart desires -- its your right to do so. But at the same time, you should NOT have the right to expect, to believe you are entitled to have free, government-funded medical care to pay for all your lifestyle sickness and diseases, or for ANY government assistance whatsoever, because you are too sick or too disabled because of your obesity to work.

But that's exactly what folks, esp GOP/RWers/TPers -- including Steinerdzzz -- expect, demand and believe they are entitled to.

Bloomberg is trying to say, "ENOUGH! Health care comes at a cost -- if you are unwilling to curb bad habits, we'll do it for you." Sin taxes, portion control, etc.

Individual liberties have huge responsibilities, but those are "conveniently" overlooked.

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Aug-09-13 7:46 AM

christopher is wrong as usual, seeing racism at every act of govt. Racism at the root of anti soft drink limit movement. Christopher, you are indeed laughable. Stop and frisk, targets the groups who do mosy of the violent crime and crime has gone down.These are facts Paul,. You do know what a fact is right christopher ? the groups targetted are liberal so christopher says wait a minute.We see the stunning lack of mindpower by the libs like christopher. Limit soft drinks ?Yes they say . But never , never an abortion as women have rights over their bodies. Other people dont have rights to a soft drink ?judeye where are you ? To christopher and the libs, we need your staggering insight here.

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Aug-09-13 7:07 AM

I'm frankly amazed that Bloomberg's drink size rulings are getting more attention than his defense of NYC's "Stop and Frisk" laws. It's more than a bit laughable that limiting drink sizes causes more talk of Constitutional rights than the obvious violations of the 4th Amendment by the NYPD on a daily basis. Oops! I forgot!! The "Stop and Frisks" mainly effect Blacks and Hispanics, while the drink size issue also effects White people!

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Aug-09-13 6:58 AM

No surprise that Bloomberg is willing to waste more taxpayer dollars on this insanity. This is what libelas do. They defy the will of the people by seeking out activist judges willing to legislate from the bench. The higher you go in state and federal courts the more likely you will find a detached liberal judge, with no accountability to the people, that will find in favor of this ridiculous idea.

It doesn't matter to that its unpopular and unconstitutional. Liberals know what's best for us. So they think.

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