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New buyer, new decision?

August 9, 2013

MAYVILLE — With a possible sale of the Chautauqua County Home back on the table, will any legislators change their votes? In January, nine legislators voted against selling the County Home to Willia......

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Aug-11-13 6:18 PM

The home is only worth what someone would be willing to pay for it. Just because you think its worth more then 16.5 million or just because its appraised at more doesn't mean the market will pay it.

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Aug-11-13 8:31 AM

"...people like you think we need more programs."???

There you go again making asinine assumptions.

Tell us what you "assume" the home is worth, then look up the appraised value.

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Aug-10-13 7:34 PM

Captain, your comment makes no sense at all. If the asking price on the home was .25 on the dollar there would be investors lining up to buy the place.

There are only a handful of buyers, ask yourself WHY! In this age of poor investments any investment purchase of 25 cents on the dollar would be gobbled up.

The county is just about begging for $16.5 million. Uneducated business people always think their business is worth more then it is, that is why most people in America couldn't run a business. 50% or more need a payment in one form or the other from the government just to get by, and people like you think we need more programs.

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Aug-10-13 7:25 PM

Judeye you forgot somethings. Like the 21 new or higher tax laws he has signed into law since taking office. Including;

156% increase in Federal excise tax on tobacco.

The Obamacare mandate excise tax.

The new 3.8% surtax on investment income.

The Obama hike in medicare payroll tax.

And Obama is going after a tax for your health insurance as reported on your W-2.

I have no love for taxes created by the Dems or Reps. The fact is they are all worthless. I am not like you who side in with one party or the other. Neither party is doing this country any good.

And as for taxes, my property taxes have not gone down at all since Obama or Bush was President.

It takes the average person about 180 days out of the year to pay their all their tax bills for the year. That figure has not gone down period.

You know there are taxes other then income taxes RIGHT?

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Aug-10-13 5:34 PM

You're right, bulldog, we don't see numerous investors lining up to put in a bid on the county home, but the marketing firm (Marcus & Millichap) out of Chicago, you know, the real estate investment firm that the county hired to seek a buyer, came back with Avi Rothner, a well-known Chicago businessman. I'd say that was NO coincidence.

Regardless of any unethical deals going on, there's no urgency to sell the home, let alone for $.25 on the $1.00. You don't need to be a self-made millionaire to understand that by doing so is sticking it to the taxpayers AND breaking it off!

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Aug-10-13 2:55 PM

Bulldog..yu do understand that tax rates are LOWER under President Obama don't you?


"In 1981, Reagan's first year, the top tax rate was 70 percent, hitting individuals earning $108,300 and couples earning $215,400. The top rate dropped immediately to 50 percent in 1982 and stayed there through 1986. In 1987, the top rate fell again to 38.5 percent, and in 1988, it fell to 28 percent, kicking in at $17,850 for married individuals and $29,750 for married couples. (The 1988 incomes would be equivalent to $33,229 and $55,382 today.)

So, for one year of the Reagan presidency, the top rate was lower than it is now under Obama. For the other seven years, it was higher."

President Obama..lower tax rate than Reagan!

Don't believe everything you have heard. Many have an agenda for spinning mistruths. Ratings quickly comes to mind

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Aug-10-13 11:12 AM

judeye and captain, since your so elite in the business world why don't you put up the 16.5 million dollars and then run it. Now that is funny!

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Aug-10-13 11:10 AM

Captain, are you joking with us? Tell me how many investors have you seen come to buy the County Home???? If its a great deal there should be businessmen lined up and down the county building waiting to put a bid in, DO YOU SEE THAT? no

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Aug-10-13 11:07 AM

Judeye, did you ever work YOUR own business become a millionaire and then have OTHERS come along and tell YOU that you need to pay more in taxes to support others who could never make it on their own??? Listen up here, if you can't make it BIG in America what would you be doing in a third world country????

What you consider to be a very demanding job means nothing to me, tell me What did you do that was so demanding?

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Aug-10-13 9:18 AM

I sense that Avi is still connected to this "newest" proposal, but even if he's not, I think the word may be slowly getting around to investors that there's a sweetheart deal still available in Chat Co, and they appear willing to accept $16.5M on a health care facility that has a true market value worth 4X the sale price. One more vote is all it'll take.

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Aug-10-13 8:37 AM

We hear that the employee pay and benifits are the reason the home loses money but the new owner is going to do the same? I am wondering about the sale price...I think it should be assessed by someone who isn't getting a % of the sale. Stop believing that the county will ever agree to waste taxpayers money to take the new owner to court if they don't follow the contract. New buyer's LLC just happens to be the address of the county home. He can resell with a new contract or turn over the operation to a new LLC who didn't sign that contract. Then he won't have to abide by the contract and the new contract will be missing the protections. Not sure this sale proposal is even legal since this buyer did not respond to the orginal RFP and a second one wasn't done. We are still relying on the team of M & M who said Avi Rothner was a good idea. Really?

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Aug-10-13 7:52 AM

bulldog10..I worked in a very demanding job my entire life. My husband worked a very demanding job, and he also strongly opposes the sale of the HOME.

Stating that people who oppose the sale either never worked, or it was not a demanding job, is ludicrous.

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Aug-09-13 4:35 PM

Claiming to know what other ppl do or have done for a living, based solely on their opposition to selling the home is downright asinine! I hope such ignorant comments can only mean one thing, and that's bulldog10 is Dick Makuch.

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Aug-09-13 4:17 PM

People disagree with trying to get a bigger share back of what we send to Washington? Unbelievable.

Do you think that our income taxes will go down if we no longer get the IGT? Have you ever looked up how much states get back from what they send it? Have you noticed which states get the largest shares...many get back MORE than they send in.

I just do not get it why any of you care that we get that money from the feds. I say..get all we can. NY only gets about 72 cents back for every dollar we send in. You think that is too much?

Bottom like the HOME are part of the good that comes from government and paying taxes. Caring for those who no longer can care for themselves, to me, is a moral issue. One that I am more than happy to support.

Please tell me which service that we pay for that you think is more important?

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Aug-09-13 3:36 PM

If Brooks Hospital operated with govt subsidies to help provide needed services, would these same ppl demand it be sold to any questionable buyer? Should we abolish the 911 dispatch system b/c it's taxpayer-funded? How 'bout downsizing our police & fire depts? Is it time to stop collecting rubbish, stop picking up leaves, and stop plowing snow off our sts b/c some ppl don't want to pay for it? Look at the astronomical cost of public ED!

As a taxpayer, I too, want public services to be run in a cost-efficient manner. However, until an acceptable buyer with an impeccable history in operating nursing homes is found, one who is willing to offer a much higher price that more closely reflects the home's true mkt value (NOT 75% less), then I'd much rather see the CCH remain county-owned.

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Aug-09-13 2:09 PM

How would SonnyB know if Mr. Platscheck was at the CCH unless his wife worked the front desk.

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Aug-09-13 1:58 PM

Actually bulldog, the last ratings that came out rated the CCH at 1 star. The CSEA employees said at that time that star ratings were not reliable.

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Aug-09-13 12:35 PM

Commentor, most of those that don't want the home sold either never worked a real job or never ran their own business. Most were on the government payroll or worked in a position where not much was demanded of them. They could never run their own business or do a real job of making money.

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Aug-09-13 12:32 PM

If you don't want the home sold MAN UP and just say that! Don't continue to come up with these lame excuses like how is he(the new buyer) suppose to run a home and make money at it. Its his 16.5 million dollars and he can make the decisions he wants, he is a businessman. You losers will never and couldn't run your own business and you don't want anyone else to either. You would rather have the government slip you a paycheck or a welfare check. Well the real taxpayers are sick of your excuses.

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Aug-09-13 12:31 PM

Actually everyone in favor of NOT selling the home can relax because the legislators will NEVER vote to sell.

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Aug-09-13 12:22 PM

SonnyB, you didn't have an issue last year when the county home was rated 2 out of five stars and at the bottom of the list when it came to ranking all NY State homes. Why you so worried about 2 stars NOW?

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Aug-09-13 12:20 PM

Talk about not doing your job. It is the job of the legislators to go to Buffalo inspect the homes. Talk to the residents and if they are good homes then sell the County Home. It is NOT their business how the new owner will run his business. That would be working for the people of Chautauqua County!!!! As for DeJoe's statement of the County making 10 million from the home just how stupid is he. How is that remotely possible. The County is making millions but the taxpayer is getting stiffed. If that is the case for sure they better sell!!!!

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Aug-09-13 12:16 PM

politicians will say anything to stay in the favor, the voter, we use Chuckie S for an example, but if people especially the over strapped taxpayer uses common sense and not emotion then the sale of a public albatros is a no brainer..

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Aug-09-13 11:00 AM

The nearly non-existent public outcry for trying to "dump" CCH at such an obscenely low price is worrisome enough, but to believe the prospective buyer will retain all employees at the same rate of pay & benefits, AND not sacrifice the level of patient care, AND produce a modest return is beyond ignorant!

Over a reasonable 5-yr business plan that doesn't provide $3M in govt subsidies, the new owner would have to identify $6.3M in annual savings JUST TO BREAK EVEN on the initial investment. Leg. Hoyer was absolutely right in demanding that the CCLeg be given details of such exceptional expectations.

I applaud those in the CCLeg who are looking out for the best interests of the patients, employees and taxpayers, even if they are the minority.

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Aug-09-13 10:35 AM

Mr.Platschek and his wife,Goldie,were involved in a $400,000 judgement against them in 2004,his wife Goldie was threatened with contempt of court for withholding evidence...They only paid $40,000,and were withholding records...This was a Supreme Court case...Not very honest people in my opinion...

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