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Trayvon not problem, shooter was

August 12, 2013

It would seem obvious, wouldn’t it, that Trayvon Martin is dead because he was a black boy in the wrong part of town? I think most reasonable people know that all blacks are periodically subjected......

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Aug-15-13 6:18 PM

Wake up. This is the 21st century. Black people are still complaining. How much did they complain when three black boys beat a white boy on a school bus? Nothing. How many black folks were arrested fro the 1020's to 2000. Not as many as the Italians. Why is the NAACP calling for a secret service investigation on the clown who dressed up like Obama? Where was the outrage when Ragan, Carter, Nixon, and all the other white presidents were mocked? You heard not a word. Being black in this country is a ticket to lawsuits, free money, food stamps. One more thing. What race occupies the most prison cells in the USA?

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Aug-15-13 9:23 AM

for judeyes challenged mind,, masses of poor people do have power. example, in Korean war, chinese leaders said noone will miss a few hundred thousand dead chinese in korean . truman so concerned over all those poor people he threatened to nuke them . yes, judeye an historical fact. Ike repeated the same message. It is possible for great masses of poor people to bring down a system solely by their numbers. Look at the riots in the cities. Watts and detroit never recovered from the riots they had by the so called poor people. try and get a clue from history judeye, you are one clueless poster.

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Aug-15-13 9:11 AM

judeye it was not the poor people alone who collapsed the economy. It was do gooder people like you, "put people first" that demanded banks give loans to those very poor people. judeye, people like you, do gooders have done far more damage to the social fabric than any rich group could or did. Sterilizations, prohibition, public schools, public employee unions. You name it a do gooder like you was there. The democatic party would have to be declared illegal, like the nazis were after ww2, as it should have been after the civil war or even the klan and jim crow, for this to stop. yet you steadfastly support them. You gotta be mentally challenged. there is no other explanation. give us more "facts " judeye, learning challenged facts.

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Aug-15-13 9:05 AM

judeye and robert , the two greatest fact challenged people in the posts. hey unlearned judeye, the banks were pressured by regulators to make loans to people who could not possibly repay them. fact judeye, you miss that always. Are you learning disabled or what ? Judeye, stop and frisk helped the blacks more than any other group. Murders of blacks went way down.Inner city crime is almost always dead black people. On TV in chicago, they were waking a 6 month old black baby killed in a shoot out. Crime, which you seem to love keeps elderly people stuck in their homes also. i saw on TV black people saying they want and need stop and frisk as the criminals rule the streets without it.Judeye, do you know anything, read anything ?

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Aug-15-13 6:53 AM

This is why we have such a problem in our Country. People disagree with silly things like FACTS.

You do not WANT to know what caused the economic collapse, when the crooks with their greed, stole from us. This is why USA did not react in the same way as Iceland. look it up to see what I mean..

It was all those poor people who took out loans that they really could not afford (never mind that the lender is to screen for credit)..that almost brought down the entire world's economy. Wow..wonder if they ever realized they had so much power!!

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Aug-14-13 10:16 PM

"Former Illinois lawmaker Jesse Jackson Jr. was sentenced Wednesday to 30 months in prison after pleading guilty to spending $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items. He will also face 36 months of probation, 500 hours of community service and continued mental health care. His wife, Sandra Jackson, was sentenced to one year after pleading guilty to tax fraud. The couple's prison sentences will be staggered, and the judge left it up to the Jacksons' discretion to determine who will be first to serve his or her sentence. She will also have to pay $22,000 in restitution and will face a year of supervised probation upon her release" A well deserved vacation for them.

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Aug-14-13 10:09 PM

Just because leftwing racist race baiters like you Roberta live and breath every word R.madcow and Mr. ed say about your master doesn't mean that everyone does the same with what is on FOX. I have never listened to Hannity and rush only on occasion. Unlike people like you I am capable of thinking independently without having a clown do my thinking for me. Which is something you on the left have never learned to do. Trayvon was a hood and Zimmerman protected himself. All there is to it.

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Aug-14-13 8:32 PM

constructive? your comments come almost verbatim from the Hannity talking head and you want me to be constructive?? get a life

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Aug-14-13 3:11 PM

And Roberta the race baiter who is the self proclaimed expert (like most leftwing lunatics) speaks again on something it knows nothing about. When are you going to try and add anything constructive about the original topic?

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Aug-14-13 2:09 PM

Phil you are aware of what Quotation marks are for correct? Every news item that i have read states that there was a problem with communication and interpretation. Its funny that you know exactly what the clerk said.

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Aug-14-13 1:05 PM

Consider yesterday's national news. Oprah Winfrey was in a foreign country shopping for a new purse. She spotted one on the top shelf of a market and asked the clerk to see it. The clerk was already holding a similar item in her hand and said "oh, you don't want that one - it's too expensive and the one I am holding is very similar." The price of the purse on the top shelf was a staggering $38,000.00. Now, Oprah comes back to the U.S. media and her experience is reported as discrimination because it was assumed that no black woman could afford such an expensive purse. Keep in mind the store clerk never referred to Oprah as a black woman. The point is that discrimination is used on a regular basis to portray actrivity that may have nothing to do with discrimination and even Oprah apologized for the incident.

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Aug-14-13 10:11 AM

If only that was possible bulldog. The liberals would never agree with making people work for their keep. I always offer a hand up, but I very rarely offer a hand out.

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Aug-14-13 9:40 AM

I think one can honestly say these comments point to the fact there should be no free handouts for anyone, none for big business and no food stamps or welfare. You either work for what you get or you have nothing. And no business is too big or person too small to fail.

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Aug-14-13 9:36 AM

Paul sure did open up a can of worms with this article!

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Aug-14-13 8:46 AM

judeye disguises everything under some one syllable word. examples, greed, racism, hatred, etc. The housing crisis was caused by libs pandering to the low income voters and allegedly helping the little guy. Simple things always elude them. they become rabid if challenged and the rest, like the crisis is history. Libs feel they always must do something. this feeling is akin the urge to use the rest room when one has GI distress. the rest of us get showered in their distress and are mocked if we complain.Hey judeye, Bill Cosby said that whites must be laughing at the black folk after brown vs board of education. I am hysterical after seeing the results in the black community and they vote democratic like you. judeye, the KKK thanks you. You did what they tried on a smaller scale. Paul and his unions finished the rest. Congratulations.

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Aug-14-13 8:36 AM

from guns after newtown, the gun lobby speaks of 4 million gun owners demonized by the school shootings. Funny the libs dont demonize islam for their destruction on America. Why is that libs? Now even a cop official says a way must be found to keep guns out of hands of criminals, no amount of gun control will work if that does not happen. The libs miss that obvious statement.Also it mentioned how Prohibition, allegedly made to stop violence against women exploded violence with that great gun, the tommy gun. Nice job activists.the activist gals at the WCTU goofed again. Judeye and the libs like christopher , ever wrong just keep on missing obvious facts. I call it transparency, the transparent empty mind of a liberal.

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Aug-14-13 8:33 AM

DKexpat The housing meltdown wasn't about politics - it was pure and simple greed.


Greed from all political parties. Pure and simple GREED.

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Aug-14-13 8:28 AM

dk even misses it about the loans. How were all the bad loans made in the first place ? See my previous post. i read from the libs here that Reagan as gov of california signed gun control into law . Why ? Answer on PBS , guns after newtown. The black militant groups in CA were walking around in the cities, heavily armed with rifles, you name it. the original intent of gun control was to keep blacks from owning guns, fact libs. So after seeing hordes of militant black groups walking heavily armed, gun control signed by reagan. This is what has happened before in American history. Now judeye missed all my education posts , segregation posts etc. Facts elude her. Blaming bush does not. So judeye, if it happened under bush, the crisis, then the great depression, happening under the libs and FDR sink your party. Keynesian economics does not work, but you ignore that too. The libs tried it again under obama and yet more failure. Ya libs are learning challenged. judeye gets it wrong again.

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Aug-14-13 8:18 AM

lets start at the beginning, the obvious statement christopher made about the race of trayvon. It would seem obvious to all that blacks commit most of the crime. We are sidetracked with the housing crisis.The libs miss the obvious Hey , blacks commit most of the crime. judeye, you gotta go back to the clinton era, putting people first. were assured by the libs of the era that all those bad loans made, loans with no hope of repayment were actually sound. Bank regulators pressured banks to make risky loans. Judeye gets it wrong again. Noone asks how 30 million loans got around all the safety protocols already in place ? Answer ? the clintons made it happen. Looking out for the little guy. The libs dance around this all the time, suffering from bush derangement syndrome. judeye and the libs get it wrong again and again.

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Aug-13-13 9:18 PM

The housing meltdown wasn't about politics - it was pure and simple greed. Look at Goldman Sachs being fined hundreds of millions for selling toxic securities they KNEW would fail. Look at Band of America and Chase and other paying back BILLIONS to Fannie/Freddie for selling them junk loans.

Read "Too Big to Fail" or All the Devils are Here" or "The Big Short" - - not politics, rather the companies that really "own" America shafting taxpayers and the general public once again..

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Aug-13-13 7:50 PM

In another "related" topic,Concealed Carry magazine is giving away as the grand prize a Harley Davidson and 10 handguns as prizes for a new subscription.

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Aug-13-13 6:43 PM

Your not very happy or satisfied with your life are you judeye?

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Aug-13-13 6:05 PM

and for all those who disagreed with me..when I posted several resources on the economic crisis really do not want the truth...

it is too painful and would force you into action..

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Aug-13-13 6:04 PM

ha ha..

not arrest records...arrest warrants...but you knew that

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Aug-13-13 6:03 PM


and we know who was president when this happened...and yes I know who became president and should have..but did not...issue arrest records.

They are ALL in on it

Is it not time we people get it..and unite together to fight it?

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