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Ralcorp seeks $2.4 million assessment reduction

August 14, 2013

A major business in the village of Fredonia is seeking a reduction of nearly $2.4 million in its assessment....

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Aug-14-13 9:50 PM

CHRISTOPHER - "luxury of working a well paying job with decent benefits?" You were not there to see my Dad come home, completely wiped out after spending eight hours in front of a blazing hot furnace. When he started the job in the 1930's there was no job security and working conditions were horrible. Yes, unions served a purpose in those days. In today's world unions simply force higher costs onto companies that can't afford it. Take a good look at Detroit Christopher. That's what a union can do for a city and it's people.

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Aug-14-13 8:22 PM

chuck392 you are wrong people and businesses are complaining about taxes being too high the only recourse they have to lower them is to get their assessments lowered. Progressive labor costs are the number one cost for any business if you do not believe this visit and automobile plant and see all the robotics replacing human job holders. These robots are not cheap!

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Aug-14-13 5:25 PM

Unlike government, corporations need to make money to stay open. They can’t just raise taxes and hand out pay increases. These companies are investing new money all the time in order to stay competitive. Every time they need to invest to stay in business, you have at least three options: 1) Get out of that product line. 2) Build a new facility somewhere for that new process line. 3) Install the line in an existing facility. The NY state and local manufacturing business environment is stacked against private business, especially manufacturing. Remember, the Dunkirk mayor is on record supporting stronger unions for all. With western NY taxes and regulations the way they exist today, and the direction that they are headed, would you be investing new money locally? If you would, I know a cookie factory that is for sale.

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Aug-14-13 4:54 PM

It's a good thing Phil's father had the luxury of working a well paying Union job with decent benefits for his entire life. If people like Phil were running things then, they'd have fired him. Funny how things change. I wonder if Phil sees the irony in that.

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Aug-14-13 1:03 PM

Another paper cut. The bleeding may get greater.

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Aug-14-13 12:50 PM

PROGRESSIVE 44 - I respect your opinion but I strongly disagree. The cost of labor is a major factor in almost every manufacturing operation and that's why automation has become so popular. Property taxes are also a major consideration and if you doubt me just consider where all the growth has been in recent years. Let me help you - the growth has been in the low tax, right to work states. So, who is suffering? It's the high tax, heavily unionized states like New York California and Michigan. We definitely have a problem with too much government for the size of our population and it hurts our employers the most.

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Aug-14-13 10:28 AM

Cheaper labor and lower taxes are merely gravy topping the more fundamental issues.

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Aug-14-13 10:26 AM

Phil, companies don't readily relocate due to high taxes and regulations. Those are "red herring" issues pushed by pro-business libertarians. Red Wing - Carriage House - Ralcorp remained profitable for decades through the present with a highly productive, dedicated crop of local managers, foremen, and yes a unionized workforce. They succeeded despite antiquated physical facilities. As is readily apparent as we look around, it costs far more to rehab old buildings than to build new ones. Consider the flexibility of new structures with state of the art electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, warehousing systems, etc. I believe it was awesome, that the company continued profitability as long as it did with those old buildings. And, when a company decides to build brand new facilities, it then has the luxury of considering new locations.... with shorter shipping routes for suppliers and customers. Cheaper labor and lower taxes are merely gravy topping the more fundame

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Aug-14-13 9:27 AM

In the final aalysis it's not the assessments that are the problem - it's the cost of government. That's why we are losing population, losing employers and in a downward spiral that can only end in a crash landing unless something is done soon. Ralcorp is joining a long list of major employers who have sought assessment reductions to stay competitive. Niagara Mohawk, Cliffstar, AL Tech Steel and WalMart are among the companies that have asked for relief from a tax burden that impacts their ability to compete and survive. So, we need to ask a fundamental question. Do we want their jobs or should we simply let them move to another area where their jobs will be appreciated? Should we reform and restructure government now or should we wait until it's too late?

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Aug-14-13 9:23 AM

Tell them to go fly a kite. They are leaving anyway. It's just a matter of time. If they can have low taxes it will just be a better selling point for them.

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Aug-14-13 9:07 AM

Here we go lots of money for a corportation coming out of our pockets. When will we stop letting these people hold us hostage. They pay less, make more profit, and we pay more to make up for it while we reduce our communities services.

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Aug-14-13 9:04 AM

What are the benifits of doing business in Chautauqua County knowing they are one of the highest taxed counties in the entire country? Can you blame them for tring to get a revaluation?

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Aug-14-13 8:49 AM

this is job hostage situation in the making reduce the assessment or they will move, just watch and see

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Aug-14-13 7:02 AM

Most people/corporations feel that they are assessed too high, but would they sell for the present assessed valuation. Most wouldn't.

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