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Taking it personal

Man shares story on how he got scammed

August 19, 2013

For Fredonia resident Patrick Sissem, getting scammed is persona....

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Aug-20-13 7:22 AM

It is amazing that ppl still fall for this crap ! COMMON SENSE, if it seems to good to be true, well it probably is. I had a couch listed on CL got a text saying they'd give me 3x the amount I was asking for it, took the ph number to the Fredonia Police and let them deal with it. My nephew just Saturday received a check for $1900 for a set of rims he sold on CL ( $600 was the selling price ) Found out the check came from a company in TX,called the company it was drawn on, find out that last year one of their check book orders was delivered to the wrong address. The company advised my nephew to take the check to the bank, let them know that he talked to the company and that the check WAS stolen and for them to take legal action, followed by taking a copy of the check and any info on the fraudulent purchaser to the police. There is NO reason this should be making the front page because of someones stupidity.

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Aug-20-13 4:51 AM

His story has probably touched the heart of many elderly ppl..&&& I bet those ppl have already contacted the Observer on how they can help this poor man!! << MONEY HUNGRY MAN WHO ONLY SAW $$$ PRANCING AROUND IN HIS PEA BRAIN< And if so I'd love to see what he'd do with those donations..If he kept any $$ he'd just show how gullible he truly is.It is his stupid actions that caused him to get "ROYALLY SCREWED", & rightfully so..SO HE SHOULD JUST DEAL WITH IT & GO ABOUT HIS BUSINESS.If everybody wrote the Observer everytime they got screwed the paper would be full of those incidences all the time.Do you think pity & donations were his main objective in airing his story?? I DO! & THAT SHOULD BE A SCAM ITSELF..

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Aug-19-13 8:43 PM

If this story is true it is hard to believe that someone would fall for it as I am sure the bank would say they could not cash the check until it clears . This means this person removed other funds to blindly send to the buyer or this is a scam itself playing on the sympathy of readers of this story who would feel sorry for him and send money to help cover the losses! Before anyone gets their panties in a wad I am not saying this is the case but another possibility!

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Aug-19-13 6:24 PM

And if you think your right because commentors agree with you, you need to read the posters on that trayvon martain story you wrote because if you read the comments you got you ... kicked. HaHa

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Aug-19-13 6:19 PM

You know Paul the county home takes money from the taxpayer daily and wastes it and you don't even think of that as stealing. That mirror needs to get a lot bigger.

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Aug-19-13 5:20 PM

Christophe; we have taken that long look and are relieved that your reflection did not come back at us

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Aug-19-13 5:06 PM

My point is why vilify someone who made a mistake and shared that with others. I'm sorry I'm not pure and perfect like some of you.

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Aug-19-13 2:02 PM

One thing I know for certain, if I was scammed like this, the LAST thing I would do is go to the observer and tell everyone what a foolish sucker I am.

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Aug-19-13 1:34 PM

Seems like more than a few commenters agree with me, Joew. These scams have been so publicized for so long, it's amazing anyone that can read would fall for them. Since the letter writer obviously can read, than stupidity would seem to come into play. And, funny about your concern, I've seen you say or imply worse to many. And I'm curious as to when being a "Senior" led to being stupid and victimized. I know an awful lot of "Senior's" way to smart for scams like this, including my mother, who is in her 90's! Sounds almost like this is a personal issue with you? You fall for it too?

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Aug-19-13 12:56 PM

Yea so slam a person when the're down that shared a mistake he made with all of us. Real nice on your part christopher.

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Aug-19-13 12:23 PM

He got just what he deserved. Does he live in a cave or is he just stupid. How many times has this scam been published. Duh...............

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Aug-19-13 12:08 PM

Please, don't even infer that this "victim" was stupid. That isn't allowed on these pages, even when people do almost incredibly stupid things.

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Aug-19-13 11:25 AM

simple greed all the time a fool and his money are soon parted

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Aug-19-13 10:49 AM

This scam has been publicized all over the internet, TV and even local, regional and national newspapers for years.

How on earth can anyone still fall for this when it's virtually impossibly not to have heard and been warned on this scam via all forms of media?

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Aug-19-13 10:28 AM

Yes, Rumblefish and Joew, you should take a LONG look in that mirror.

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Aug-19-13 9:25 AM

Sorry, but no sympathy here. This guy has facebook? Well then he's probably heard of craigslist. Anyone familiar with online ads knows that you never ever ever accept a bid higher than what you're asking unless you post o/b/o, and certainly not a check that arrives for higher than the agreed sale price.

My wife thought she sold her car online once, just an old beater for 750, well the check came for 7500. So I called the guy, told him he'd have to write a new check. He said "oh that's ok it's good - just cash it and send me the mistake amount back. I 'must have accidentally added a zero'." Similar to PhilJulian, I said something to the affect of, "do you think I'm an idiot?" The only thing I regret in that situation is that I didn't go ahead and cash the check anyway.

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Aug-19-13 9:06 AM

This is an"old trick" used many times. Too bad more people are not aware of these kinds of scams. My wife (we are older pople) have "WON" different kids of a LOTTERY several times this past year. We must be on some kind of list. We have not fallen for these tricks on older persons.

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Aug-19-13 8:47 AM

I had the same experience when I tried to sell a truck on Craig's list. The caller was from out of town and said he would pay the asking price. He said he would send a check and have a courier pick up the vehicle. He called again the next day to say that he made a mistake and gave the courier $1000 too much. He said "could you send me the over-payment right away?I I replied "do I sound like I am stupid?" Having been in business for many years and serving in a purchasing capacity, I have been exposed to scammers many times. When I would turn them in to The Better Business Bureau they would simply say that there are too many scammers to catch them all.

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Aug-19-13 8:02 AM

Well said rumblefish on both counts!

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Aug-19-13 7:19 AM

We have always said that there is no such thing as a free lunch, as for slamming a persons intelligence well some of us should look in the mirror first

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Aug-19-13 6:51 AM

Is it asking too much of a newspaper to use proper grammar in a headline? The correct title should read:"Taking it personally."

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Aug-19-13 5:41 AM

2 things here: One, as PT Barnum supposedly said, "There's a sucker born every minute". The other is, "You just can't fix stupid".

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Aug-19-13 5:03 AM

He should of known something wasn't right especially when the guy said he'd pay him 600 for the trailer when he was only asking 500!!! Who & the heck has an extra 100 to toss at someone nowadays with the economy as it is? As for the man not being able to talk on a phone cuz he is hearing impaired would of caught my attention cuz there are phones for deaf/hearing impaired> TTY/ and there is relay services available world wide.A live person (operator) reads what deaf type to them on TTY & they relay it to person on other end of phone.Then person responds to operator/& that is typed into a TTY for deaf/hearing impaired to read.My brother is deaf since age 3.I FEEL FOR THE GUY BUT THERE WERE TOO MANY SIGNS HE SHOULD OF NOTICED BEFOREHAND.I HOPE HIS STORY HELPS OTHERS & I HOPE HE CAN ASSIST IN NABBING THE OTHER SCUM BAGS INVOLVED.

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