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Obama, in Buffalo, proposes new system for rating colleges

August 22, 2013

BUFFALO — Calling higher education an "economic imperative," President Barack Obama is pushing for an ambitious new government rating system for colleges that would judge schools on affordability an......

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Aug-23-13 4:37 PM

Sure "proud" remember the President saying there were 57 states and just yesterday talking about Brian Higgins as the wonderful Mayor of Buffalo!The pinnacle of intelligence on display for the world to see!

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Aug-23-13 7:10 AM


It's not just salaries, look at Fredonia State, when was the last time they didn't have a multi million dollar construction project going on?

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Aug-22-13 11:17 PM

proud, i'm a republican. although i'm not one, i come from a long line of teachers. most my relatives are republicans and don't hate educated people. they do hate educated people who talk they are idiots.

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Aug-22-13 7:53 PM

Proud, GOP/Tea Party uneducated? Why don't you check out the left of center Pew Research Center. They did numerous, difficult studies for them, and determined that Republicans are more informed on political matters than Democrats. Even the Huffington post reported that and you know that had to hurt.

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Aug-22-13 7:48 PM

Steiner is right in that college tuition has risen faster than anything else in America. Reason is that colleges always get their money right up front. Student loans are paid directly to the college by the lender instead of to the borrower who then pays their bill. Knowing they always get their money first and foremost, they can raise tuition without fear of loss. A students will struggle to pay their loans but schools will always be paid before the clock even starts ticking.

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Aug-22-13 7:27 PM

The GOP/Tea Party hates educated people. They tend to vote intelligently (i.e. Democrat) and they are a threat to the GOP/TP's very existence. Is it any wonder they make every effort to keep people ignorant and uneducated? Is anyone surprised that the TP'ers display their ignorance like a badge of honor (remember the TP'er with the sign saying "Obama is a moran"?)? ****!!!

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Aug-22-13 6:52 PM

Whatever he proposes and/or suggests makes no difference....It's Congress that will have the final answer! Always wonder why tuition has been high anyway...oh I forgot salaries. High tuition based on high $ per credit hour and hundreds of fees. Colleges should be like other businesses....try cutting the overhead. It's expensive because they make it that way. In other words one has to even wonder why it costs so much in the first place

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Aug-22-13 5:35 PM

lets see, who runs the educational establishment ? the libs thats who. Yes christopher, the libs do. Who has allowed tuition to rise several times fatser than inflation ? the libs. we are to let the libs run this in the face of such greed. we gotta be stupid like a liberal to do this.hey darkstar, the libs oppose vouchers as it is choice other than an abortion. Only choices like abortions are allowed. the libs think like Mussolini. See WSJ, p c7, 8/17-18/13. Great article on the duce, the libs role model. its not their fault would say christopher.

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Aug-22-13 5:26 PM

Good one PR although you have probably crossed that "red line".

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Aug-22-13 4:52 PM

I liked much of what he had to say. How can we justify putting graduates out into the world in debt $30,000 or more? We have an old system in higher education and it needs to be reformed. Community colleges are part of the answer and four year schools need to do a better job of controlling costs.

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Aug-22-13 4:23 PM

Is this guy just going to shut up already?

What did he ACTUALLY accomplish as President? He spent 2 years campaigning to become President, he spent 2 years on a victory tour. He spent 2 more years campaigning for '12. Now he's already started what looks to be a 3 year farewell tour. So long sucka, we barely even knew ya.

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Aug-22-13 3:31 PM

"It's time to stop subsidizing schools that are not producing good results and reward schools that deliver American students of our future,"

So if that the way he feels why does he oppose voucher programs for elementary, middle and high school?

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Aug-22-13 3:27 PM

Looks like Obama is running out of things to talk about. A few days ago it was dogs now its colleges. And coming to Buffalo he must be running out of cities that want him to speak.

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Aug-22-13 12:20 PM

Off the cuff, two problems with his proposal: (1) MORE tax dollars down the drain; (2) As states cut funding for colleges/universities, they REDUCE financial assistance to make up the difference off full-pay and out-of-state tuition. And ya think the avg. pay/graduate might be higher at Harvard than Podunk State?

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