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Water district ‘a big step’

August 25, 2013

By DANIEL F. SCHRANTZ As chairman of the Chadwick Bay Regional Development Corp., I would like to state how important I feel a regional water system is to our area....

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Aug-27-13 8:41 AM

Ah, I see, it's ok to immediately double a politicians pay after taking office because of the work they do. Well Mr. "Openmind" how about opening your mind to the fact that if Ms.Tampio was a Democrat and the same thing happened, I'd bet you'd be singing a different tune. Fredonia should stay as far away from this as they can for as long as they can.

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Aug-27-13 6:56 AM

Take a good look at what happened to the residents of the Town of Evans when they out themselves under The Erie County Water Authority. We have been taught, since we were young, to conserve water. Yet, Erie County Water Authority has a 9,000 gallon minimum for billing purposes. So if you use 4,000 gallons you are still billed for 9,000 gallons. Some Evans residents have seen their water bills double..even triple. That would be like filling your gas tank with 15 gallons but paying for 30 gallons. Is this smart?

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Aug-26-13 4:47 PM

OpenMind, Are you saying that it will cost Fredonia 12.9 Million to upgrade their system all by themselves? Where did you get that figure?

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Aug-26-13 2:44 PM

Joe, I have seen the current report of costs to implement the system. The Fredonia portion for transmission and pump station is calculated at $3.8 million versus the cost of improvements needed if they stand alone at $12.9 million based on the 2008 County Needs Assessment. It might be helpful to you if you attended the Chadwick Bay meetings and ask your specific questions to the engineers. I believe their next meeting is September 12 at 5:30pm at the Sheridan VFW.

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Aug-26-13 12:40 PM

You still haven't mentioned the cost of all of this. I don't care what you say, there is no way people on this so called commission, are going to work for free. Like I said before. Why should Fredonia spend money on this, when they could be putting the money into our own system. For about seven years Fredonia contributed money to the chadwick bay group. I believe around 60 or 70 thousand dollars. I have to ask, what did Fredonia get out of it. NOTHING!! Also how about the cost of pumping stations, a storage tank and the cost laying a bigger supply line from Dunkirk to Fredonia. Please openmind, answer that.

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Aug-26-13 12:01 PM

As for Mrs. Tampio - while Supervisor the board raised her salary in an attempt to fairly compensate her for the time she spent managing the Town. I believe she documented her time and worked an average of 30 hours per week. That equates to an hourly rate of about $11 per hour - pretty cheap for someone who was managing a $4 million plus budget and over 20 employees while making and administering grant applications and water projects. You might want to note that the current Supervisor does not spend nearly as much time working for the town but his salary has not been reduced - it is still $17,500.

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Aug-26-13 11:54 AM

WOW! - I have never seen so many misconceptions in my life. As stated in their grant applications, the Chadwick Bay regional water system will be modelled after the Niagara County Water system. That system is governed by the mayor or supervisor of each of the participating municipalities - and they receive no pay for their position on the board. It is a system totally different from ECWA. Where do you get the idea that the ultimate goal is to purchase water from ECWA? That's just scare tactics plain and simple. From the current plan, there is no intention to ultimately purchase water from ECWA for the Chadwick Bay water system. The only mention of ECWA is as a potential back-up water source in the event of a water emergency. The water district is designed to serve all those who currently get municipal water and those who want to get municipal water because their wells run dry or the water quality is poor OR a new business needs water!

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Aug-26-13 9:48 AM

These Politicians are still skirting the biggest issue! The long term goal is to get water from Erie County, now how did that work out for Silver Creek, highest water rates around! I am glad Fredonia has not signed on!

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Aug-26-13 6:53 AM

They should have mentioned "Gun Control" in this article, more people would have responded!

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Aug-25-13 3:03 PM

While I sympathize with people who do not have a good water supply, unless they live within the village, or city, limits (which, in most cases, already have a public water supply) then they have other options to correct their water problem without government being their "mommy" and making everything better for them at the expense of all other taxpayers. If the people who wanted it were the only ones paying for it I would say have at it, but we are ALL paying. Also, the arguement that it will attract more business is bogus. There are plenty of places in this county where public water is available and businesses are not flocking there. Know why? It's the HIGH TAXES that are the problem, not water! One final thought. When we voted in the Town of Pomfret, those who did not it were not FORCED to hook up. If your idea, with a regional water system, to increase customer base, is to FORCE people to hook up, BE PREPARED FOR THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!

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Aug-25-13 12:48 PM

I agree bad idea. It will probably put local people out of work to pay big salaries and benefits for the politicos running it. Stay strong Fredonia. Don't be bullied by the greedy who have ulterior motives.

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Aug-25-13 11:26 AM

What you said, Christuufuu.

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Aug-25-13 8:37 AM

I agree, anytime you have multiple government entities involved, it becomes a big bureaucracy. I don't blame Fredonia for being cautious. They should be, on the condition of staying self-sufficient. At the end of the day Fredonia is the largest Village in the county. Fredonia already has a good water system established. DOES it need some work, sure it does. But compared too building huge pumping stations and a another storage tank. It's still cheaper for Fredonia to fix our already established gravity fed system. It would cost millions to build a pumping station and another storage tank. In my opinion, Fredonia should stand strong and invest in our water system. Think about it, than Fredonia could be the hub for the water district.

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Aug-25-13 8:23 AM

Simple chore: look up the salary and benefits for the Hanover Town Supervisor before and immediately after Ms. Tampio won that election. I rest my case.

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Aug-25-13 7:24 AM

I think you should look at the political history of some of the people involved with creating a new layer of government, a water authority. Ms. Tampio's history on pay and benefits and hiring while she "served" as Hanover Town Supervisor. Then take a good long look at the Erie County Water Authority, a job program for retired politicians or other political hacks needing a car and some steady cash flow. Authorities, once created, become semi-autonomous organizations with little is any legal oversight from anyone. You don't vote for these people, they're appointed by whomever is in power at the time. What qualifications are necessary for that? Well, take a look at the Thruway or once again the Erie County Water Authority. The "qualifications" are based on campaign contributions or party loyalty, PERIOD. Be afraid, people, be very afraid. Take a long look at the history and performance of those pushing this.

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