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MLK’s dream inspires a new march, and a president

August 29, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Standing on hallowed ground of the civil rights movement, President Ba-rack Obama challenged new generations Wednesday to seize the cause of racial equality and honor the “glorious......

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Aug-30-13 9:42 AM

Dr. King played an important role in American history but what has the country accomplished? Out of wedlock births in the black community stand at 73% Divorce rates are exceeding 60%. Black student drop out rates have gone through the roof and black on black crime is rampant. Major civil rights legislation in 1964 and 1968 along with affirmative action and the Great Society objectives have apparently done nothing to advance the race. These are the problems facing the black community. It's not the white man's fault and discrimination is not the issue or the problem. Advancement in the quality of life all starts with a stable family environment and a committment to education. That's what other ethnic groups did in the past and that's what the black community must do now.

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Aug-30-13 8:30 AM

I was at the March on August 24.

Many of the speeches were on taking personal responsibility, working with your children, getting an eduction, training, and respect. An equal playing field...equal opportunities for all. As one of the speakers says We The People..not we the white people, or we the straight people, or we the male people or we the conservative people, clearly says WE THE PEOPLE.

I stood there along side of 250,000+++ people, and not ONE incident of violence, disrespect or insults.

At one point we, all 250,000+++ of us lower our heads, held hands, and PRAYED.

By the way, many GOP leaders were invited. NOT one showed. (Bush of course had a very good reason..but what about all the others?) Yep, Fox is making it up that they were not asked.

I returned home inspired and thankful that I had the opportunity to participate in a celebration of our past..and a call to work for a better future...for all.

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Aug-30-13 7:54 AM

Wow, not surprising, but still amazing how many supposedly (emphasis on "SUPPOSEDLY")intelligent people can so blatantly express their deep seated racisim in a public forum with no fear of looking like the ignorant Bubba's they are.

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Aug-29-13 6:54 PM

Marcia-not to be negative but how do you explain the continuing rise in out of wedlock childbirth,the rise in black on black murders,the rise in poverty,and the rise in school dropout rates? The situation for the black community has gotten worse despite the expenditure of close to one TRILLION dollars.Sadly the Sharptons,the Jacksons,and even our President are letting down the black community. You want to get this heartbreaking issue turned around,invite the Ben Carsons,the Alan Wests,the Herman Cains to the White House,not a bunch of vile rappers!

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Aug-29-13 5:31 PM

The naysayers always have to be negative. If you bothered to listen to the speeches, or even read the article, many talked about how much better things are for minorities in our country than they were 50 years ago. They talked about their children not even understanding what their grandparents had to deal with. The whole day was a positive message and yet you can only be negative.

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Aug-29-13 4:29 PM

"a & c" I meant "a & r"

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Aug-29-13 4:28 PM

Accountability and responsibility are requirements for everyone--including the rich and corporations, etc. But when corporations won't agree to ANY taxes and take the jobs out of the country, and our political branches sanction and allow it--where's their collective "accountability and responsibility?" Where was the South's accountability and responsibility when its leaders (Davis, Stevens) and their partisans ADMITTED and bragged about their "divine right" to protect and uphold slavery? Where is the "a & c" for the decades of Klan membership, for the intimidation and lynchings and legal protections? How about for post-Reconstruction "black laws" that allowed employers in the South to take black children and "apprentice" them for a year? You really think, PR, none of these morally bankrupt actions for hundreds of years have nothing to do with poverty and imprisonment!? Are you sure!?

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Aug-29-13 4:11 PM

Because some came along, like Malcolm X, Black Panthers, and told them all it was whitey's fault. Which to a large extent, at the time, it was. King's murder destroyed the responsibility message.

You can't change the past, but you make make yourself a future. Rather than cast blame, look inward, take responsibility, and make success happen.

Democrats and liberals will always tell you it's someone else's fault. The GOP, the rich, the corporations, the whites, the Christians, etc. They don't understand accountability and responsibility. King was murdered about 50 years ago - like Steiner said - what happened?

How about fathers stick around. How about older brothers act like role models. Take advantage of free education, programs for minorities. It's not that you can't - it's that you won't.

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Aug-29-13 8:56 AM

One look atthe condition of the blacks in the cities, the crime, poor education, shootings etc and one would think something went wrong somewhere .

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