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CRIME: Make youth penalties harsh

August 30, 2013

Vicious teenagers have been in the news from both Duncan, Okla., and Spokane, Wash. In Oklahoma, three boys, ages 15, 16 and 17, allegedly shot an Australian college student to death “for fun....

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Sep-03-13 3:07 PM

The Disturber seems to be implying that youths convicted of assault should be in jail for life. Or is it their opinion that they should be executed? Please elaborate.

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Sep-02-13 10:33 AM

Joew, Marion Barry is sumthin' else, and he's like the Energizer bunny. In just the past two years - IRS trouble for $100k in unpaid taxes, put his girl friend on DC payroll, caught taking "personal donations" from companies doing business with DC and on whose contracts he votes, etc. - - - and he keeps winning his ward's votes.

Oh, for taking money from city contractors, the council just "censored" him because almost all of them freakin' do it. One council member is being looked at by the FBI for "brokering" a sweetheart deal; another is now in jail for stealing $350,000 in community grant money; the mayor's "shadow campaign" of hundreds of thousands of dollars is still being looked at.

DC has one of the most corrupt city governments around, yet it cries out for looser federal restrictions and statehood.

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Sep-02-13 8:24 AM

And of course we all remember Marion Barry right DKexpat?

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Sep-02-13 7:48 AM

marcia, maybe you and judeye could use your communication skills, caring , sharing etc to help these youth criminals. never mind several generations of welfare did not do anything. Of course there are no fathers as the family unit is kaput in the cities. Do you think you could help marcia ? 35% of the males in the cities are dead or in the criminal justice system. Hardly role models. The women run society. A recipe for disaster if ever there was one.

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Sep-02-13 7:44 AM

hey bulldog, you got it right. On PBS and in WSJ( Wall Street Journal ) articles, it was said who most of the slaves actually were. People of color they are called now. they were the undesirables, political enemies, misfits etc.They were gathered up and sold to the slave tradersto get rid of them. yep, like Cuba unloaded their misfits and Carter accepted them. we are the recipients of social misfits. Explains a lot dont it. this is history folks, not right wing stuff.

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Sep-02-13 7:40 AM

marcia and the libs are funny to read. they think, by govt fiat they can establish an utopia ! just raise the minimum wage. Marcia, you gotta be related to judeye , lindsay and cronig. The minimum wage was meant to keep people of color out of the job force by restricting job openings. This has worked just great. Unemployment is 50% in the cities. And you want a higher minimum ? Are you insane ? Do you ever read any history ? Do you know anything ? Read Dks comment, he has got it right. we would have more industry if not for the hysterical people like judeye and lindsay worrying about the end of the planet, climate change etc. the libs have messed up everything , trying to help. they are stupid, there is no other way to describe them.

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Sep-01-13 9:54 PM

The District of Columbia's city council - four members have resigned, been arrested or indicted in the past year - recently passed a "living wage bill" raising the minimum wage to $12.50/hr for -wait for it - non-union "big box" stores.

Meaning, basically, Walmart, which - finally - decided to build in DC. Three stores under construction with three more in the works - and now all six are on hold.

They're waiting to see if the mayor signs it or not. Oh, he, too, is under FBI investigation for illegal campaign funds - two of his backers have already confessed and are going to jail.

You can't make this stuff up....

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Sep-01-13 7:34 PM

"we incarcerate way too many kids (especially those of color) for smaller crimes" Why does it matter what "color" they are. If the commit the crime then they need to do the time for it. Stiffer penalties are what we need. No more blaming the parents, the schools but make them accept the blame for what they do. It's called taking RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS.

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Sep-01-13 6:35 PM

"(especially those of color)" What color are they red, yellow, brown, purple maybe? Just wondering.

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Sep-01-13 12:22 PM

Lets start with the excuses and end with the fact too many people of color are violent.

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Sep-01-13 10:32 AM

Young people should be incarcerated for the heinous crimes. But as a nation, we incarcerate way too many kids (especially those of color) for smaller crimes, like drug possession. It costs taxpayers way too much, and it appears that in many states with private prisons, they have to guarantee a certain number of inmates, which may inform their decisions to incarcerate instead of community service and counseling. Look at the success of the drug court and the veteran's court. These are more affordable and should be practiced more.

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Sep-01-13 10:28 AM

It's not the kids at McDonald's that are asking for the starting wage their parent's worked for years for. The minimum wage of our youth would be over $10 an hour now. People are taking home less than we did when we worked those jobs. Before the recession, I remember hearing of college grads wanting to make what we worked decades for, but I think that has changed with the lack of jobs.

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Sep-01-13 10:13 AM

Judeye, you have some good points concerning the youth of today but I want to ask how the youth of 50 years ago who had even less didn’t do what juveniles are doing today? There are more programs today to help young people than ever in history. Forty years ago, DHS had over 1,100 students and only two guidance counselors. Teachers’ aids were unheard of and we only had the occasional student teacher from the college. Today, a school with less than 500 students has three guidance counselors and a social worker along with who knows how many teachers aids. That’s the same all over the country. Ample opportunity is available for any young person who wants to take it but they have to be willing to work for it. Sad thing is too many want it given them. But hey, why work your way up at MacDonald’s? Demand a starting salary your parents had to work years for to achieve

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Sep-01-13 9:52 AM

You know according to women the worst thing short of death(although part of their mental being is destroyed)is rape! Now I ask what should happen to the dozen juveniles who gang raped the 2 women in Delaware yesterday. I guess take away the Lil Wayne,JZ,and other vile "music" that glorify's that sort of behavior right?

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Sep-01-13 9:45 AM

Judeye you asked this question-"As for these kids...why did they have access to weapons? Who was working with them? Why did they not have a curfew"? Don't know, maybe they don't have a father in the home to oversee them?

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Sep-01-13 9:25 AM

judeye and robert, your minds are gone, gone with the wind. robert, medical mistakes kill 200,000 people a year.How many hospitals ? 5000 or so. your thinking would ban doctors. There are more suicides than murders via guns.gun violence down past 20 years. Look at who is doing the murdering, it is democrats.They receive plenty of aid dks en loco parentis statement is true. judeye you live in a land of confusion, living wage, green energy, etc, all delusuions. Its the conversion disorder i keep saying that women suffer at a rate several times that of men. so 300,000,000 guns and so few deaths ? I am still correct.libs, are you so ignorant on purpose or what ? Simple things like reading books sinks everyone of your positions. end of world, govt fixes all things, calamity at every turn. What is it with you libs ? learning disabled?

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Sep-01-13 8:45 AM

Do you think we could get a better participation rate than the Welfare to Work program Judeye?

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Sep-01-13 8:28 AM

Oh I agree that some "kids" really need to be locked up. I have been at the state prison for kids here, the one that takes the most violent criminals. Oh yes there is a need for a prison like that for SOME kids for sure.

However, as I stated, the majority of kids, even those who got into trouble, can be redirected to a life without crime when we invest in training, education and give them encouragement and support.

Strictly on an economic level, for every child we keep out of prison, we taxpayers save about $50,000 a year! If for no other reason than money, diversion from prisons is worth looking into for SOME kids and SOME criminals.

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Aug-31-13 9:59 PM

Sorry, judeye, but we've tried "utopian in loco parentis" for years and years. Some kids are already beyond help. Instead of patting them on the head and saying "You're just a kid," I'm fine with keeping 14-year-old murderers and rapists in jail.

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Aug-31-13 4:01 PM

"There are 300 million guns in the country. we should be dropping like flies. we aint" seriously you idiot??!! 250,000 deaths in 10 years "aint droppin like flies???"

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Aug-31-13 1:30 PM

Probably some transplanted democrat from SC gave it to him.

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Aug-31-13 12:37 PM

Maybe Robot we should ask why the kid with the gun was out running around and violating the law. Maybe no caring parents who teach right from wrong? Of course not,it was the NRA telling him to tell the gun to jump right out and start shooting!

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Aug-31-13 12:01 PM

Take a step back. Kids used to have the opportunity to grow up quicker. We hung out, unsupervised and did stupid stuff… and, we got caught. We learned at a young age that if we throw a rock at someone, they’re probably going to come after us, and getting punched in the face hurts! We were young enough that if we stole a candy bar, and got caught the store owner would scare the crap out of us. Today’s children are so micro managed that they don’t have an unstructured minute of their day. Organized sports start before kindergarten! When we do loosen the leash on the kids, in the early teen years, they go out in the world clueless. They don’t want a candy bar anymore, they want a color TV. Learning consequences early for petty things seems to be missing. Heck, even in HS kids skip class and don’t get detention until a week later. Just an opinion. Who knows, maybe life was always like this but the media didn’t exist to broadcast it.

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Aug-31-13 8:35 AM

DKexpat..oh but you can fix it. Read any report with recommendations for juvenile crimes.

One way is through training, education and jobs.

I worked with the so called "troubled youth" in this area for years. Yes, I had a few who I think chose a life of crime and most likely will continue that into their adulthood. However, the vast majority of the youth wanted a better future. They just did not know how to go about securing one for themselves. No one had ever told them they COULD do it.

We need to put more energy, time and resources into our youth. Give them the opportunities, point them in the right direction, show them how it can be done, and encourage them to be all they can works.

As for these kids...why did they have access to weapons? Who was working with them? Why did they not have a curfew?

Locking people up is not always the answer. Unless of course you have investments in the private for profit prisons that are growing fast across our

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Aug-31-13 8:04 AM

the only post that makes sense is Dk's. roberts a lunatic, blaming the constitution and guns. Even on PBS it said gun control does not prevent criminals from getting guns. robert thinks it does. So robert, get a grip on reality, its tough when you are a liberal. There are 300 million guns in the country. we should be dropping like flies. we aint. Look at Dks numbers. he has where the gun violence is .Gun free zones another lib creation attract killers like fly paper. robert, how do you miss the obvious ? We should be killed so robert can claim victory for liberal feelings ? only in the mind of a liberal.Crime goes down whwere concealed carry is legal. Fact robert , fact.

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