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No easy answer in Syria dilemma

September 11, 2013

Should the United States get involved in Syria’s civil war? Are you as conflicted about this as I am? Congressman Tom Reed held multiple meetings with residents last week; I attended the one in......

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Sep-11-13 6:44 AM

Stay out, easy answer. get out of the Middle East entirely, Afghanistan included, and as fast as possible. WE do no good there, we just make things worse. We replaced a dictatorship in Iraq with basically a civil war. Worse yet, we keep repeating our mistakes.

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Sep-11-13 7:48 AM

christopher does not get it. America, like it or not must stay in the mideast, at least in the gulf to keep the oil flowing. we would have more turmoil than now if we withdrew. Now no democrat ever lied , like Bush jr supposedly did to the american people. Women and children being killed ! We should strike syria to honor Alexander the Great, the first great western general. That is what some islamic leaders called bush the younger too. So let the mideasterners know that the west is alive and kicking. Bomb syria. of course the learned posters who write here have no idea what i am talking about. This conflict goes back to the days of aristotle and alexander. Oh wait, the libs hate the west. I agree with obama on this one.

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Sep-11-13 9:10 AM

"If we don't do something, then who will save future victims of the chemical attacks?"

We must do something against the use of chemical weapons. We cannot, as humanitarians and citizens of this world, ignore it. It would be immoral to do so, in my opinion.

Right now it appears like we just might be able to stop their use, using diplomacy..NON violent methods.

For the first time Syria has admitted they have chemical weapons. For the first time, Syria has agreed to sign the treaty to ban the use of chemical weapons. For the first time Syria is willing to let the weapons be destroyed..under the supervision of the UN.

I hope all of us supports this non violent, diplomacy to stop the horrors.

(read some history of the use of such weapons in WWI...then watch the videos coming out of Syria..and google sarin..if you need any more information as to why we MUST stop their use..for ALL OF US)

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Sep-11-13 10:08 AM

how many remember the cuban missile crisis ? there was an out, remove the missiles from turkey. Along arrives putin, siezing on kerrys comment about surrendering the chemical weapons. An out for syria, military action possibly averted.putin is clever.

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Sep-11-13 10:15 AM

now we know why fritz habers wife suicided. Read judeyes comments. haber was the father of modern chemical warfare.The obvious solution would be neutron bombs, they decay fast and dont destroy much property. but they kill people. Thats what you want , aint it ? judeye and her morals.

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Sep-11-13 1:32 PM

You are right, Vicki, there is no easy answer in Syria, and many questions. But we can't let the lies and incompetence of the previous administration cloud our judgement. I was struck by something my son said to me. He asked how could we, as a nation, ignore what this man has done to his own people, whatever the cost? Aren't lives worth more than just money? I agree that this should be led by the United Nations, and by his bold moves the President has forced other nations to step up to the plate. let's hope they will stay involved if the diplomacy (which he has been persuing for over a year) doesn't work.

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Sep-11-13 2:07 PM

Marcia you sure know how to twist the truth,tell me of the "lies" you speak of from the previous administration? You mean the Sarin attacks on the Kurds never happened? Seems that just what your Son asked is exactly what happened during the previous administration.

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Sep-11-13 3:13 PM

That's right Marcia...blame Bush yet again like a good little parrot. Why hasn't ANY administration done anything about the people in North Korea Marcia? Thousands to over a million people (depending on who's estimate you believe) in concentration camps yet you and Judeye don't seem to give a rat's flatulence about those people! But let's once again stick out noses into the bee hive of the middle east? You are more than willing to get us into a possible world war for this? Is your son ready to die for these people? Because keep thumping the war drum and you (and he) may just get your wish. Then who, no, make that how, will you blame the Republicans for that?! You hate the fact Bush went into Iraq half cocked and yet you are ready to run right into this morass with nothing but Obama's word? Madam, you are worshipping a false prophet...please stop with the blind loyalty to this anti-American president.

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Sep-11-13 3:45 PM

"He asked how could we, as a nation, ignore what this man has done to his own people" Can you post some proof that it was him? Could it be our other enemy that assad is fighting? Both sides are capable of doing this. Yet people want us to help al Qaeda. I say stay out of it, let the Arab League handle it. You on the left cry about Bushes wars and yet call for Obama to go where we don't belong.

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Sep-11-13 3:55 PM

@ Marcia This administration says ""The common-sense test says he is responsible for this. He should be held to account," McDonough said of the Syrian leader who for two years has resisted calls from inside and outside his country to step down." Please show us proof that assad is guilty.

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Sep-11-13 4:44 PM

I have to agree with Christopher. Get out of the middle east entirely and let Israel defend themselves. The Prime Minuister of Israel said today "we need to punish Syria for using chemical weapons" Fighting is Israel's answer to everything and they behave like a bull in a china shop. Maybe that's why Israel has so much trouble keeping the peace and they are hated and mistrusted by all their neighbors. I personally don't care but let's stop spilling American blood and American money on a cause that has no value and should be none of our concern.

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Sep-11-13 6:26 PM

Steiner..and so is Kerry!!!


as for the missile crisis..was that not when they told us to duck under our desks in case of a bomb? Still unbelievable.....I just watched an old video showing us exactly how to do as if a desk or a hallway would help..

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Sep-11-13 6:33 PM

American.."A leading international human rights group said Tuesday that evidence strongly suggests Syrian government forces fired rockets with warheads containing a nerve agent — most likely sarin — into a Damascus suburb in August, killing hundreds of people.

The report by Human Rights Watch " CBS

I wished we could post links. If I could I would link to two different account..from Syria..that make it clear who used the chemicals.

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Sep-11-13 6:44 PM

The sarin attack occurred prior to Bush 1's war in Iraq. How many times are you going to attack a country for the same offense? Should we have attacked Japan in 1950 for Pearl Harbor because it is the same thing? The lies were about WMD's. The UN inspector's said there were none and they were correct.

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Sep-11-13 6:46 PM

MikeDavis, where exactly did I say I was for going into war with Syria? I never said that.

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Sep-11-13 7:34 PM

Marcia they were not lies for the umpteenth time. Why do you persist with your he lied BS! Saddam had tons of the WMDS! As you very well know the UN inspectors were not allowed into certain areas. What about all the convoys going to Syria,what do you think they were transporting?

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Sep-11-13 7:45 PM

Judeye getting under your desk was to protect you from falling debris,not from a direct or very close burst. The same with getting very close to a wall in a hallway. The same thing they tell you to do should you be caught in a tornado.

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Sep-11-13 8:18 PM

"that evidence strongly suggests" Can you please point to facts that show who is guilty? "suggests" is not proof or facts.

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Sep-11-13 8:19 PM

Phil, what is it you've got against Israel? You blame them for everything in the Middle East and yet they've attacked no one and only want to be left alone. Missiles are shot into Israel daily and yet they don't respond. Reading what you've written about them these past few years, I get the feeling you wish Nazi Germany had more time.

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Sep-11-13 8:21 PM

Marcia, no need to attack Japan in 1950 for Pearl Harbor as we've still have occupation troops there; same with Germany.

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Sep-11-13 8:24 PM

" The White House asserted Sunday that a "common-sense test" dictates the Syrian government is responsible for a chemical weapons attack that President Barack Obama says demands a U.S. military response. But Obama's top aide says the administration lacks "irrefutable, beyond-a-reasonable-doubt evidence" Show me the proof. Aside from that we should not go there, we should not get involved and anyone who thinks we should attack them is a war monger!!

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Sep-11-13 9:56 PM

STANGV8 - I can only bring you the truth as I see it. What you do with the truth is up to you.

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Sep-11-13 11:33 PM

joew, you are pretty much the only person in America who believes they were right. foreignpolicyjournal-dot-com/2012/09/08/the-lies-that-led-to-the-iraq-war-and-the-persistent-myth-of-intelligence-failure/


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Sep-12-13 1:44 AM

Also from the foreign policy journal " What is the real agenda? Why is the Obama Regime so desperate to commit a war crime despite the warnings delivered to the White House Fool two days ago by the most important countries in the world at the G20 Summit? What powerful interest is pushing the White House Fool to act outside of law, outside the will of the American people, outside the warnings of the world community? The Obama Regime has admitted, as UK Prime Minister David Cameron had to admit, that no one has any conclusive evidence that the Assad government in Syria used chemical weapons. Nevertheless, Obama has sent the despicable John Kerry out to convince the public and Congress on the basis of videos that Assad used chemical weapons “against his own people.” You might be onto something Marcia.

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Sep-12-13 1:45 AM

ht tp://w ww.foreignpolicyjournal.c om/2013/09/09/why-are-obama-and-kerry-so-desperate-to-start-a-new-war/ as always just remove the spaces.

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