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Taking charge with electricity

September 22, 2013

By MARIE TOMLINSON Yes! Let’s repower Dunkirk! Let’s empower ourselves! We can do this by developing independent energy generators. Let’s think in terms of the house-sized uni....

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Sep-22-13 7:40 AM

I had no idea Steiner was married!!

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Sep-22-13 8:38 AM

we see christophers grasp of science, a quip and thats it. But in Maries article, we see how women and science do not mix. thats why its called the boys club and men have nearly all the nobel prizes in science. Men made the world marie takes for granted every day. get rid of the grid she says so the homeowner can control their energy use. i thought we can do that now. wind and solar she says. Hey marie dont ya know that they are not 24/7 ? How could you miss that ? Answer : be an activist woman thats how. Marie harks back to static electricity and says wow, we can power a LED. Hey Marie, thats how it started, from statics and twitching frog legs. Marie wants to run science backwards. All activist women do. Marie, an electric burner is 1800 watts. A dryer, 5000 watts. At most you will have feeble lighting which still costs much more than compact flourescent bulbs.marie is proof women cannot do science and can only wreck life like Carrie nation and other women i have quoted.

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Sep-22-13 8:44 AM

hey marie, fuel cells might help, but they need natural gas and emit water vapor, a huge greenhouse gas. they were invented by men too, Marie.I have always had a field day with women and science. marie delivers more feel good feminine stuff. Marie, the grid system, invented by tesla made the industrial revolution possible. With very rare exception, his AC motor runs everything. Wind and solar are DC. You need inverters. DC motors arc and have brush problems. The dunkirk sewer plant needs 500 KW of power as i read in the observer. They can interrupt for short periods of time, but cannot wait for the wind to blow or the sun to shine.they will flood.women and science, a mistake for sure as was giving them the vote. they are wrecking society slowly but surely. they just dont know any better.

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Sep-22-13 9:38 AM

Steinerdzzz...I'd talk to a patent lawyer if I was you. Seems like the next-gen Steinertron plans have been co-opted and looking for venture capital....

...or maybe Christuufuu is spot-on: your missus is going behind your back.

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Sep-22-13 9:51 AM

I'm certainly not as brilliant as Steiner but Marie sounds like the President of the Sierra Club.

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Sep-22-13 9:52 AM

look, the unlearned liberals say nothing as usual. hey gals, i checked women nobel porize winners in science. you lag big time. Sure,you had curie and a handful of others. But the greatest things , earth changing, life changing were all done by men.There are 1000 gigawatts of generating capacity in the US.Now you gals have pretty much fought science since the get go. Even during the 60's, when electronics was rising by men, again,(Fairchild electronics) the gals were demonstrating for gal power in NYC . Ya missed that and more gals ! do ya need a govt program to help ? see judeye, christopher amd cronig. they specialize in govt programs,thinking the govt did everything.everytime i see a woman writing on science, it provides me with great amusement as the gals know little of what it takes to keep civilization running. keep on writing ! LWV where are you ?

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Sep-22-13 9:55 AM

Excellent points.

What is sad..and might prove the complete refusal by so many in our area to even CONSIDER alternatives. Why not look at ways we could generate energy other than just those that continue to harm our environment? Why are other countries moving fast towards solar, wind and other of energy? Why is a discussion on green energy dismissed by so many without FACTS to back up their views?

Stuck in the past? Seems like this way of thinking (on many issues not just alternative energy) keeps our community from moving forward to a better future.

And you wonder why the young people are leaving? and companies are not coming here?

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Sep-22-13 11:28 AM

You mean that if we had the solar panels,windmills(which are killing our raptor population at an alarming rate)that the Saturn,Nissan,and Toyota plants would have located here instead of where they did Judeye.

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Sep-22-13 7:00 PM

Let's see what would the city of Dunkirk look like if every house had a windmill on the roof? Last figures I saw solar panels on the roof will cost you $30-$60K you can buy a boiler from ECR that produces electricity while heating your home ( I do not know how much power it produces) that will cost you over $20K. Marie nothing is stopping you from starting this movement just lead by example and make the investments then disconnect from the grid. Let us know how it works after a couple years!

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Sep-22-13 8:03 PM

Someones been watching too many Gene Rodenberry movies! Is what Marie discusses feasable? Today, maybe to the wealthy, but when the average yearly american income is less than the cost of "getting off the grid" I suspect the bulk of the population will be on the grid for years to come.

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Sep-22-13 9:55 PM

Mrs. Steiner may be on to something - after all, their steinmirage already increases gas mileage 25% AND curse some forms of cancer!

Who to say this scientic household can't do the same for electricity!

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Sep-23-13 7:35 AM

hey judeye, whats wrong with you ? Stuck in the past ? Wanting facts and science? i have posted numerous facts and science all ignored by you. Facts for you judeye, My electric range will use 7000 watts if all burners on. My electric dryer is 5000 watts. My oven same. For unlearned judeye and the gals. You would need 30 deep cycle marine batteries like in the hardware to even get close to this. The wind and sun are not 24/7. Fact judeye ignored by you continuously.people are not leaving here because of stuck in past. they leave to go where the jobs are. Out west and south via an energy boom due to fracking. You miss that all the time. judeye and the gals are the most scientific ignorant people i have ever seen. The average oil use for heating in US is 750 gallons. Tell us learned judeye how alternative energy is even going to make even a portion of that usage. Nope , the gals that write in here are either ignorant, mentally ill or stupid. Plain and simple facts judeye. read history.

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Sep-23-13 7:45 AM

more for judeye and the gals. the gals that bought us prohibition and now a war on carbon via the EPA. tesla wrote an article called increasing human energy. Judeye never heard of it . Probably because they never read it in europe so judeye can imitate.Tesla started small and then went big, into millions of horsepower. His magnifying transmitter secret, to the grave with tesla, if cracked again would provide all our energy needs. fact judeye Fact. judeye dear, you keep looking for other people to think for you. The guys like tesla and myself will do all the science. this way you can imitate and call it gals cannot think big, only shrinking the load, like they did on titanic. hey judeye, i have said i increased gas mileage 25% for a penny a gallon. you ignored that too. another fact. Anyone with machine knowledge and ancient writings could do it. I guess you gals are not that smart after all are you ?

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Sep-23-13 7:53 AM

more facts for the learning challenged judeye . We had an off the grid system. FDR , in a rare monent of thinking made the REA. This was to electrify the rural areas so as to get rid of renewable energy, windmills. the most they could do was light a few bulbs and maybe some small motors . Facts judeye. Now the unlearned gals want to turn the clock back to the 30's. hey gals, ever turn a crank to pump water ? It is very hard to do. If you have a deep well, 150 feet, it would be impossible. Yo need a tesla motor down there to do the work. facts for judeye.Heat the house off the grid? no way, even with wood as the forests will disappear. You need a grid of oil, gas or propane to do this.On PBS in the SW of US was home after home with solar panels on them. On cloudy days, they got 25 watts, yes 25 watts/house. The house was on the grid to remain cool. Air conditioning, invented by an Angola native makes the south and west livable. Facts for judeye. understand judeye ? gals ?

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Sep-23-13 7:59 AM

like i said before , the only thing that can make reliable large power is a fuel cell powered by natural gas. Any other green attempt will be a failure. Facts for judeye ! what marie described is known as statics, long ago abandoned as it will not power up anything. A large sewer plant is 3 million watts. Facts for judeye. everything judeye and the gals propose was abandoned centuries ago, as it did not and cannot work.I have seen motors as big as an automobile. these are not going to run on renewables as the wind will not blow all the time. Take these motors out and we are in the stone age. Facts for judeye.judeye, is this enough facts for you ? not even right wing facts, from PBS ,history and personal experience. Judeye are these enough facts for you ? Do you understand them ? I doubt it .

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Sep-23-13 8:05 AM

more facts for judeye,we need a guy like tesla back in the world. You see judeye, he was independently wealthy, one of those rich folk you seem to hate. He became rich from inventions . Of course , the libs say he did not build that. Along came judyes favorite guy, woodrow wilson and gave us the income tax and slowly but surely drained the money away.the public school did the rest with christophers unions and made us all stupid. we can thank judeye and the libs for the present mess. Unlearned and ignorant, like ida tarbell they continue to make war on progress. Marie is a modern day ida tarbell, ignorant of what is needed and determined to stop science and life. Fact gals, facts.judeye, are these enough facts for you ? do you need more ?

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Sep-23-13 9:12 AM

Oh yes, and we can operate the steel plant on a giant windmill! It's nice to dream but the fact is that we have a major company willing to invest $500 million in a plant that will secure our city's future and local jobs for years to come. Technology is great but so is common sense.

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Sep-23-13 11:38 AM

Exactly the problem...

see how many disagreed with me...when all I said is to have an open mind and get information on a variety of possible alternatives BEFORE making up our minds.

Forgot that too many really do not care much for science...and especially if it involves FACTS. Better to rely on whatever opinionated talking head media that you read, watch or listen to.

Do not ask questions...Do not be open for another view....

and you still wonder why people leave this area?

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Sep-23-13 12:32 PM

Judeye, why don't you jump right in, lead by example and spend your money to show us how its done? There are leaders, followers and dreamers. Which one are you?

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Sep-23-13 6:11 PM

Judeye I'll repeat this and eagerly await your response. You mean that if we had the solar panels,windmills(which are killing our raptor population at an alarming rate)that the Saturn,Nissan,and Toyota plants would have located here instead of where they did Judeye.

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Sep-23-13 10:48 PM

If that was possible I think it would have been done by now. It seems the Thruway way looking at wind power to light this end of the system. They gave up the idea. If a money gulper like the thruway can't make a go it can't be done now. Europe has been using a few different systems for years but no individual homes or business on a large scale. Maybe in 50 or 100 years.

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Sep-24-13 8:09 AM

Judeye, are you out and out that ignorant ?What the hades is wrong with you ? i have listed numerous facts, all ignored by you. You say facts, i want facts. i post them you ignore them. What part of my posts dont ya understand ? they were taken right out of science textbooks.Writen by the guys who did the work. electrostatics was dismissed a long time ago .it has little power. Thats why you gals only make 77 cents on a dollar vs men. you must have electric motors. You must be ignorant beyond imagination about how they work and what makes them work. How did ya get to be so dumb ? I have been next to 3 million watt diesel backup generator that power up a sewer plant. The ground shudders on the first few putts. here arrives the gals saying use statics.. golly you girls are dumb.

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Sep-24-13 8:16 AM

judeye has the biggest closed mind in the posts. She ignores or just plain does not understand what makes our worlds work. i quoted tesla, the father of the industrial revolution. She wants facts. these are facts. i quoted Tv programs saying 25 watts, yes only 25 watts from large solar arrays on cloudy days. thats one large compact flourescent bulb. what will it take to make you and the LWV understand any science, anything about chemistry, anything at all ? I have been in industry. I quoted facts and what i saw. judeye says give me facts. Judeye these are facts. Modern life cannot be sustained without gigawatts of 24/7 electricity. No renewable can do it.What poart of this dont ya understand judeye, these are the facts. Interrupting power in a chemical plant will lead to explosions. fact dear judeye, how are these not facts ?textbooks and factories are not facts per judeye !

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Sep-24-13 8:24 AM

hey judey, i love science and have done it for 40 years. I made some of the stuff you buy in the store. I have worked in chemical plants and hobnobbed with the biggest companies in the world. I thought local and acted global My products sell round the globe. Judeye, you are a simpleton with at best a 4th grade education.tell me how this is not science. I would have blown myself up as i have worked with explosive materials. judeye says i know no science. Judey , i have mentioned how you could improve gas mileage via steinertrons. You ignored that . This is first proof other than homeopathic preps that the world can be engineered. thats what einstein and bohr argued about incessantly. that is science judeye, unless you think it not. To make bombs in the early stages used lots of juice. thats why the used TVA power. judeye says i want facts and science .judeye, refute all this and you will be smarter than all the great nobel prize winners before you. any wonder why gals lag in science?

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Sep-24-13 8:30 AM

judeye,almost every motor in industry is alternating current. Do ya know what that is ? Science judeye. Teslas dream of revolutionizing the world came true at niagara falls over a hundred years ago. fact judeye, fact after fact for judeye, she cannot grasp them. the dunkirk plant is 580 milliom watts. A windmill is 3 million watts . So equivalent windmill, not 24/7 is 200 windmills in round numbers. 5 to ten acres per megawatt for solar. figure it out. Thousands of acres to equal one plant. How can you be so ignorant judeye, nay so stupid ? judeye, tell me how this is wrong, how i am nott doing science. judeye and the gals at the LWV. What a bunch of error prone people not seen since prohibition.Judeye, we all will await your response and it beter not be i want facts and science. this is facts and science.

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