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School merger timeline discussed

September 24, 2013

WESTFIELD — Residents in the Brocton and Westfield communities will have their chance to vote in favor or against the proposed centralization of the two schools....

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Sep-25-13 5:03 PM

When you don't have facts like proconserv, then you always turn to calling the other person a liar. I also have a question for Proconserv. Is the $80,000 plus that was spent on the Business office a lie too? Couldn't we have used that $80,000 on a extra teacher or two and some classes?

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Sep-25-13 4:42 PM

Taxpayers and residents of Westfield. This is how your Board of Education and pro-merger group want to waste your money.

They deceive, refuse to even look into a $90,000 error and then call the resident a rumor mill and call my postings lies.

Lets see your facts proconserv?

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Sep-25-13 4:39 PM

What an embarrassment to the Board of Education members and pro-merger people that were thinking Mr. Winslow was just looking to start rumors.

Another major screw-up by the Board of Education for not looking into the illegal "safe zone" issue 9 months ago when it was first mentioned to the superintendent and school.

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Sep-25-13 4:35 PM

That fact alone of a resident having once again educate the Board of Education members and the superitendent of facts and costs which might very well effect Westfield if the merger is passed.

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Sep-25-13 4:34 PM

Proconserv, were you one of the BOE members who bite themselves when NY State released (on Friday) the fact that Brocton has to pay back at least $90,000.00 for their illegal "safe zone" which Mr. Winslow has been telling you about for the past 9 months but you have been blowing him off instead of looking into the matter?

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Sep-25-13 4:31 PM

Proconserv, why don't you put some of you facts down like I did? Where is the tax savings, who are the employees they are getting rid of and at what savings, how will closing the Westfield school effect property values.

Why don't you put some facts down instead of calling mine lies.

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Sep-25-13 4:16 PM

So Proconserv, are you just stupid or did you get paid to put together this terrible plan?

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Sep-25-13 2:33 PM

BillWestfieldNY...blah blah blah blah blah...turn the faucet off now. Merge and be done with step closer to a county-wide district with one admin office (one super, business mgr, and ONE principal at each brached school)

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Sep-25-13 12:06 PM

Unfortunately the consolidation of these two school districts, as planned, does not make financial sense.

If you take two schools and merge them, you should actually save money. This plan doesn't save money. Instead they are just looking for tax dollars (the grant money) to offset the new school district costs. That is still tax dollars that we all pay.

In the long run this merger may even cost more, not less.

How is this possible? How can you merge two school districts and not save at least 25% on costs?

Anyone who supports this project is an idiot.

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Sep-25-13 8:17 AM

To get the real facts on the Westfield-Brocton merger

go to facebook and type in

The Real Facts for the Westfield-Brocton Merger

Get the facts then vote!

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Sep-24-13 8:48 PM

...cancel it, just like the football season!

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Sep-24-13 7:45 PM

"Since Brocton did not have an approved child safety plan, eight payments of less than $90,000 on a staggered schedule will be taken, the department of education said."

So, when Brocton said they had a school safety zone, and were pulling in higher state aid as a result, were they just hoping no one would ever notice?

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Sep-24-13 6:15 PM

Better wait for Steiner to tell you how to vote, you wouldn't want to be called a liberal for voting contrary to his "learned" advice.

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Sep-24-13 4:19 PM

Part of this is cultural – in states like mine we’ve had consolidated districts “since forever” and people don’t get hung up on fiefdoms like in NYS.

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Sep-24-13 3:09 PM

Just look at the straw vote, no body is going 2 vote it down in wastefield.

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Sep-24-13 3:07 PM

Brocton taking advantage of Westfield-of course we are! Hahahahahahaha

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Sep-24-13 3:01 PM

While I agree that there should be some type of school consolidations I don't think that it is fair in regards to the Brocton-Westfield merger that Brocton gets a 30% tax break and Westfield only gets a 1% tax break. That just isn't fair! Who in their right mind would vote for that?

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Sep-24-13 1:58 PM

This is all such a waste of time. Just like the Fredonia/Brocton merger. Fredonia votes yes 1. because they were stupid. 2. Brocton voted no because they knew their school would eventually be closed. It was recommended for that merger too. Brocton will vote this down. I don't think Westfield will vote yes either. The time spent on studies is so wasted. The only time any schools are going to be merged is when it is forced by the state. Personally I wish they would hurry up and force all Chautauqua schools to merge.

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Sep-24-13 1:55 PM

"Your wrong on everything."

Well if you are a Westfield grad, maybe Brocton should reconsider. Hahahaha.

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Sep-24-13 12:58 PM

That high quality educational programs - is that the computers that the students have in Brocton. You know the computers that half don't work and Brocton doesn't have a computer person that can fix them. So what good are they because the kids can't do their homework?

The cost-savings - Will it be the $250,000 sweet heart contract the Brocton superintendent will be paid. You know the 3 year deal he received prior to the merger vote?

Cost-savings - you mean like the cost saving the CBO saved Westfield, wait that was a cost overrun. I mean it cost Westfield an additional $83,000.

Cost Savings - really, what about the transportation costs that have been left out of the study.

Your wrong on everything.

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Sep-24-13 12:51 PM


you say its a priority to investigate change. At Westfield we had a straw vote over 4 months ago. We have waited for new meetings and information. We have received none. -investigate, Mark Winslow was investigating the illegal safe zone that Brocton has, what did he face? No information and B S for 9 months. What do we now know? Brocton will be forced to pay back that illegal money and if merged Westfield will be forced to pay most of that $90,000 or more back for Brocton. Is that fair?

-you talk about high quality educational programs. What your doing is putting down the high quality education the Westfield teachers are already providing. We offer as many electives today as we did 15 years ago when we were told we would go broke. Why haven't we gone broke as we were told 15 years ago? Instead we have reserve fund surplus.

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Sep-24-13 12:23 PM

To NYSUPT, like BillWestfield asked,

Was and has the CBO been a savings to Westfield and other area schools?

No - then what makes you think the merger between westfield and brocton won't in the end cost much much more like the CBO did?

Is that the plan, too spend us out of NY State?

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Sep-24-13 12:08 PM

It is time to wake up and smell the roses. In my career most of my schools were bigger than the districts you are discussing. It may not be popular but it is time to move on and begin planning what is the most cost-effective and efficient way to educate children in Chautauqua County with high quality educational programs. A county wide school system should be a priority to investigate. You might be surprised at the cost savings, improved educational programs and effective local presence.Please practice now what you want for your children in the 21st century.

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Sep-24-13 12:05 PM

The merger has nothing to do with saving money. The BOE members could care less about money. Didn't the pass Westfield BOE president go belly-up on her credit card? She can't handle her own money what do you think she is going to do with the taxpayer funds? Spend, Spend, Spend

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Sep-24-13 11:50 AM

PR24601, what don't you understand.

The Westfield school board voted 4 years ago to join the CBO. The CBO was run by BOCES and involved NUMEROUS School districts.

The reason was to save money.

As the person in the article pointed out the CBO ENDED UP COSTING WESTFIELD TAXPAYERS MORE THEN $83,000 OVER A 3 YEAR PERIOD.

The CBO was a mini-model of what a merger is like.

What did the Westfield BOE do this year? They got the h e l l out of the CBO because it was costing 27,000 dollars more each year then what they could do it for themselves with the CBO Merger.

With the school merger you don't get a second chance if it is passed. Your cooked.

What don't you understand about the fact its not going to save a penny?

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