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Is anything going right?

September 25, 2013

The debt ceiling, a government shutdown, Obamacare, more shootings, where does it end? This past week we have once again found ourselves watching another mass shooting in what one could reasonably......

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Sep-25-13 6:41 AM

There would be no reason for companies like UPS and Home Depot to cut anywhere; the ACA doesn't require changes in current insurance systems; it DOES offer competition and fairer prices for the uninsured and under-insured. So I have to doubt the claim that workers in big companies will lose benefits--unless those companies are using people's knee-jerk animosity toward the ACA to make cuts they were looking for an excuse to make anyway.

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Sep-25-13 8:01 AM

I have to ask the writer this question. Why does the Government have to raise the debt ceiling to pay its bills? Why not just reduce spending? If you get into debt do you go to your employer and ask for more money? Well after reading the article you probably do but a reasonable person will cut back in order to keep out of debt. Obama has not submitted a budget he just keeps asking congress to keep raising the debt ceiling. The true Hallmark of a leader.

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Sep-25-13 8:15 AM

hey truthteller, then you must not believe the letter from big labor to leading democrats saying labor wants obamacare is the law says vicki, so were forced sterilizations, all they way to the 70' gal authors are amazing ! Obamacare is predicated on one big thing. Young adults have to purchase healthcare to subsidize the senior citizens who gobble it up in huge money quantities.if this does not happen, obamacare will fold. the libs will blame the repubs. Shootings ! we need more gun laws and gun free zones. Christophers great, learned govt employees missed ft hood, boston bomber, dc shooting and who knows what else.thats why we have to support them. They need it as they are learning disabled and democratic. Obama was played by the russians as all liberals love a good dictator.FDR and stalin, carter and iran and now this. it will cost billions to dispose of the chemicals safely, i hope we get stuck with the bill . we can cut social security to pay for it !

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Sep-25-13 8:22 AM

Hadenough, if the govt were to cut spending, the economy would collapse according to a liberal. They believe the govt invented everything, electricity, radio, petro chem, auto, electronics you name it.they probably even make the crops grow and the sun shine. my mind works because of a liberal. A govt employee did it all in the eyes of the liberals. Of course the libs are in govt big time with their public employee unions. thats why we can never, ever, never cut spending. How would all these unlearned govt people get a job ? You know , their staggering accomplishments i listed below. vicki would say, its the law and get over it. that explains the mess we have. the govt is in love with itself. the gals in govt are in love with their man, the govt. Its a throwback to the heady , hippie days of the 60s. peace , love and govt. drugs too, but clinton did not inhale.

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Sep-25-13 8:36 AM

"The time is now to get things right, not bigger or better, stronger or taller, let's just get things right for America and all Americans."


Excellent article. Although I disagree with some of the points, the overall picture that we are ALL Americans who love our Country..and MUST work together is excellent! Something I sure wished more Americans would come to embrace.

Our very Country was based on compromises after compromise...Just look it up. That is what makes us so great, we can have differences of opinion, debate, and then make compromises with the good of the Country above all else. Or at least that is the way it is suppose to work.

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Sep-25-13 8:49 AM

judeye, our country based on compromise ? are you sure about that ? We had a revolution, a war. That was followed by the 1812 war which was followed by the civil war. Those democrats sure did compromise on that, eh judeye ? that was followed by the klan and jim crow. This is what you call compromise judeye ? remember the race riots in the 60's and other riots in the 70's. You have a strange definition of compromise. You must be follwing th european model of compromise. two world wars and millions dead. yep they did that in europe so judeye says we do it here. Am i wrong here judeye ? Oh, judeye, i forgot the democrat caning and beating a fellow congressman just befor the civil war. Those democrats and compromise ! dont forget the public employee unions recalling elected officials for not voting the eway the unions wanted or the school voucher fight.thats judeyse view of historyu, it seems skewed, but they have a consensus.

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Sep-25-13 8:53 AM

Amendment XIV section 4 "The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, SHALL NOT BE QUESTIONED"

Wonder if member of our Congress have bothered to actually read and understand our Constitution?

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Sep-25-13 8:54 AM

Ever read ANY of our history? apparently not....

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Sep-25-13 8:55 AM

judeye, i forgot silent cal coolidges comment in the 20's about prohibition repeal. He would not support it . Why?here are his own words. What ? risk another war with the women, the WCTU on this ? no way he says. Compromise again judeye.prohibition the law said the gals, like vicki, the violence escalated, no compromise there, the tommy gun appears, full auto, i love it and the govt became corrupt. thanks gals ,ooops , you did it again. the law of the land. You gave us vietnam via kennedy and LBJ, the law of the land, get over it, 55,000 dead. excellent.

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Sep-25-13 8:58 AM

and judeye is the history expert, science expert,etc. i say again,. ever wonder why the gals lag in science and business. They think they know so much , but know so little and they dont even know that. or their own limitations, depression conversion disorder , etc. Amazing , all this is known and like cher says, the beat goes on. Judeye plays the drums on this all the time. So did lois lerner and she just resigned.

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Sep-25-13 9:07 AM

Any one hear any reason why the first swat team turned away at the DC Navy Yard ? i can only think of one reason,. The govt, beloved to the libs here wants people shot to further gun control.these guys want to shoot perps. I have watched and read much stuff on them. They are not your normal every day cop. They have armor and great weapons. They wil rush in. Why were they turned away ? My answer . so more people could get killed.

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Sep-25-13 9:33 AM

Steinerdzzz...the plain, simple and relentlessly obvious fact that, despite your lunatic ranting, misogynist gibberish and nonsense, compromise at the core of our beliefs as we all are compromising our valuable time and attention to allow you your right to your your opinions...

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Sep-25-13 11:12 AM

Vicki is just spitting in the wind. As long as Democrats are in power nothing will change. Have you noticed Bill budding up with Obama? Could it be Hillary is preparing for a run....NO. She will just be a continuation of Obumer.

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Sep-25-13 12:17 PM

Defund ACA, repeal it, rewrite it to be one payer(and not the atrocity it is) and put it to a vote with the American people. Let the ones who have to pay for it decide.

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Sep-25-13 2:21 PM

Without the tens and tens of billions that Fannie Mae and Freddie mac have repaid, the feds would have already run out of money.

What a way to run a railroad...

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Sep-25-13 3:04 PM

"truthteller"? Really? Fairer prices? Why is my insurance going up 15% and the deductible is going from 3750 to 6350? This "act" is a G.D. finacial disaster waiting to happen....

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Sep-25-13 4:23 PM

MikeDavis, do you get your insurance through your employer? Then you should ask them why they the prices are going up. Prices have gone up dramatically for the last 10 years, was all that caused by Obamacare? It is the greedy insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Obamacare was established to provide for those who were uninsured, they have nothing to do with company provided insurance. Companies like Trader Joe's have stopped providing insurance because they know their employees can get a better plan for cheaper on the exchanges. insurance

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Sep-25-13 4:25 PM

American, stop and hold your breath. We agree on something (are you jealous joew?) We should have single payer health coverage. It was taken out of Obamacare because republicans would never vote for it, hoping that would garner votes, which it didn't. They should have left it in. Instead of getting rid of it, they should make changes to improve it.

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Sep-25-13 4:26 PM

The unions do not want to get rid of Obamacare. Please quit repeating lies. They want to make some changes to the bill. BIG difference.

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Sep-25-13 4:34 PM

Mike, you're a victim of your insurance company gouging you. These companies are playing games because the ACA is SCARING them. They are raising prices NOW to get everything they can out of people before the exchanges come. If you don't like what your co. is doing, go to the Exchange next month. The exchanges in states where they've been implemented have helped people, not hurt them. You'll see...

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Sep-25-13 4:37 PM

By the way, conservatives, your own Heritage Foundation in conjunction with the Republicans came up with exchanges and most of the current ACA 20 years ago. I think it's hysterical that what you voted for in the elections 20 years ago you are now in a furor over because "Obummer" (very childish) did it. This is why America is declining--because there are too many conservatives who can't reason.

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Sep-25-13 6:03 PM

Okay, once more for the cheap seats..I buy my own healthcare insurance...I get my insurance through the state. It IS the exchange and the prices and dedectibles are going up for ONE reason....OBAMACARE.

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Sep-25-13 6:06 PM

And to many idiots calling the drivel they are spewing the truth, right, "teller"? Why isn't your moniker lyingspeaker? That's all you do is repeat the garbage Obama wants you to...and the boy is a comsummate liar.

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Sep-25-13 7:31 PM

We need to ban liberalism, that's all there is to it. We failed at suppressing their vote to the point where they suppressed ours, so the only solution is to legislate them out of existence.

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Sep-25-13 8:27 PM

I feel bad for this writer, she has so much spinning in her head and no one to talk to. Crazy... Bat guano crazy.

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