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Presentation on coal was to educate

October 6, 2013

A recent letter to the editor (Sept....

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Oct-06-13 7:06 AM

Ms. Amiran can try to sugar-coat the situation. But the truth is, the LWV invited a speaker from Sierra Club, which is actively pursuing the complete closure of the Dunkirk power plant. They are not looking for a "mixture of fossil fuels and renewables" for Dunkirk, as she claims in this letter.

Despite what propaganda was spewed at that presentation there is no tax revenue generated from so-called "renewable" energy. Industrial wind turbines are gigantic taxpayer-funded boondoggles. They require taxpayer subsidies to be built and they require long-term purchase agreements for the electricity they produce. Those purchase agreements require public entities like the New York Power Authority to buy the electricity at far above market prices, to then be sold at a loss, which again is subsidized by the taxpayers.

The wind turbines that were proposed for Lake Erie would have cost taxpayers billions of dollars while having a devastating impact on our economy and the l

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Oct-06-13 7:47 AM

This article proves conclusively that women and science dont mix, like oil and water ! imagine that ! That analogy is excellent. Boom in renewables. It has not happened for decades and cant. Renewables are not 24/7. gals, Dont ya know that ? And you are educating us ? Go back to the kitchen. natural gas is thought to be renewable now. To make a few carbon atom long molecules in the earth is no problem . Especially with my hydrocarbon grower preparation. Add to the bowels of the earth and watch the hydrocarbons grow. It is you gals seeing the world in 2 dimensions, nay one dimension, like Ida Tarbell, another confused woman , imagine that gals ! . So please stop trying to wreck life, you have done a great job since even before the vote.Thats what activist women do . wreck things. You gals have no knowledge of history science, philosophy and you say you see the world in more than 2 dimensions ? Are you plain nuts or what ? ever read history ? i think not gals.

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Oct-06-13 7:54 AM

Excellent points Dr.Amiran!

The fact is the letter to this paper regarding the presentation was written BEFORE the presentation even took place. The writer had made up his mind without learning all the facts or even considering there may be an alternative solution to fuel NRG.

Too often, we jump to conclusions and make up our minds, without considering or learning all the facts, from all sides of an issue.

Hardly what would be considered an "informed" decision.

This type of closed minded thinking blocks progress towards the future.

All ideas should be considered from all sides, weighing the pros and cons of each, in order to arrive at an informed decision, one that will not only solve our immediate problems, but help move us into the future. Including those ideas that at first glance may look unfeasible and we may disagree with. Learning more is NEVER a waste of time.

Thanks to all who helped arrange this VERY informative presentation on an alternative to

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Oct-06-13 7:55 AM

hey gals, more science for you one dimensional brains. The house of science is built by men. From the foundation all the way to the roof. You gals may have painted a few rooms and out up some trim, but it is all guys. nearly all the polymers we take for granted, made by men. electric, petrol, electronics, auto, all by guys. You gals have no idea, none whatsoever that natural gas is a feed stock, coal can be too.see fritz haber. How are you gonna replace oil with 138,000 btu / gallon with solar and wind ? Answer, only in the minds of deluded gals.renewables are more expemsive, unreliable and not 24/7. Just like activist gals !Average house burns 725 gallon of oil to heat a year. Your solar and wind gonna do that ? You are deluded if you think so gals. facts for you. one windmill os 3 MW. dunkirk power planty os 580MW/ So 580/3 is number of windmills and they wont work all the time Solar, 5-10 acres / MW. Thousands of acres needed to offset a thermal plant.where is the boom ?

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Oct-06-13 8:05 AM

The presentation was excellent , I know I was there. I wished that those who disagree without learning all of the facts would have attended to learn more, and to ask pertinent questions.

Of course we have to move, as a Country, towards more renewable energy sources and away from fossil fuels. It is how, when and where we start to make these changes which is at question.

NRG itself agrees that the future is in alternative, green energy sources, including solar and wind.

David Crane President and Chief Executive Officer NRG "We want to position NRG as the leader of the new energy economy, generating and distributing innovative clean-power solutions for the benefit of our environment and that of our children and future generations.

NRG is creating value by expanding our portfolio of renewable energy assets, which include wind and solar, and we are retrofitting our existing fossil-fuel plants to operate more cleanly and efficiently."

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Oct-06-13 8:06 AM

judeye gets it wrong too ! Gals there already is a boom in energy. It is the fracking boom out west. Out west where water is scarce, they hydraulic frack. Guess you gals missed that.judeye always says dont frack with our water, save OPEC ! The US is already the largest energy producer in the world, thanks to fracking. Our educated gals,, enlightened as they claim to be seemed to have missed that ! gals, you goofed again and again, history is replete with your goofs. But gals, you must goof up again and again to show that women , with rare exception, even a blind man finds things, dont do science or business on the guys scale. Show that history is correct, women were excluded from politics for a reason, they goof up life. proof ? Just read what the gals print in the paper. Gals, your historical lack of any gal philosopher just sinks ya. ya dont know how to think as the philosophers, like hegel , aristotle, marx and lenin raised up empires. You gals can only wreck them.

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Oct-06-13 8:15 AM

More for judeye and the gals. Hey gals, you miss again and again, feminine intuition i suspect, the great debates between einstein and Bohr. Dr Amiram, you dont seem to know that the world we live in, this 3d world is derived from a heisenberg world. heisenberg uncertainty or debroglie ewaves. All guys, gals. So Dr Amiran, your education is sight only, and a movie screen is only 2D. Thats your level of smarts, doc 2d. So what to do. Build a steinertron and get 25% more mileage per gallon at a penny a gallon of cost. this is true science dr, not your childish, womanly pranks. Especially for DK, i am close to obtaining the true tesla wave as he said Hertz waves were an illusion. the learned dr amiran misses that. gals you are making steiner proud of you. the ancient writings were correct , since the time of the 1st zoroaster, 5000 BC, women were excluded. Now we know why. the good dr tells us in her own actions.

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Oct-06-13 8:24 AM

More for the gals. The salem witch trial started with, guess who ? hysterical, fit laden gals ! yes ! This tendency continues to this day. prohibition and then the scorned Ida tarbell. She just had to mess up STD oil, but it quadrupled in value anyways gals. Dr Amiran did ya catch that ? so fast forward to present day and the gals at the EPA are going nuts, fits over the non heat absorbing properties of CO2. they forget, in their 2d thinking that water is emitted form burning and absorbs heat in far greater qunatities than co2 ever did or will. Those gals educating us again.dr amiran, do ya feel a little uneducated, you should, but i am proud of you. Conversion disorder, fits in one way or another just keeps in living in gals ! wonderful aint it ? it is not by accident you lag in science, your de broglie waves are different polarity than guys. facts gals, facts.

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Oct-06-13 9:29 AM

judeye, you say over and over. you need science and facts, real science and real facts. i have given you many facts of science. All from the boys club of science, nay the skyscraper now. Do yo gals need more govt grants, laws, etc to be fully liberated? Liberation to you gals is govt intervention. But thats not worked gals ! And why not ? i told ya so! your tendency to conversion disorder in varying degrees and your opposite polarity de Boglie waves. so judeye and the LWV,especially that learned dr Amiran , you let Steiner know via a post how much more science, real science you need. Steiner will be happy to oblige.I learned from the masters, all guys by the way.

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Oct-06-13 11:07 AM

Nothing more entertaining on a Sunday Morning than the Steiner/Judeye Show. Both bags of hot air. Never change their story. Same old same old.

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Oct-06-13 4:18 PM

For once I have to say "GO GET EM STEINER"

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Oct-07-13 2:39 PM

Thank you Dr. Amiran. You wrote the commentary that I was thinking.

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