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Looming decision

Brocton-Westfield school merger vote set for Wednesday

October 6, 2013

There have been newsletters, discussions and meetings on the matter, and now the statutory merger vote for Brocton Central School and Westfield Academy and Central School is three days away....

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Oct-06-13 7:19 AM

Lots of errors in the article.

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Oct-06-13 7:21 AM

If the merger passes the Westfield school will be shut down. This is a decision that will be left up to the new Board, and because of pressure to cut expenses Westfield school will be closed. Hope all you pro-merger people like Westfield without a school. Vote No

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Oct-06-13 7:45 AM

For the real facts on the merger get on FACEBOOK and go to:

The Real Facts for the Westfield-Brocton merger

Get the truth before you vote.

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Oct-06-13 7:49 AM

People in Westfield need to read the commentary in the Observer today titled,

"Wait til next year"

That will tell you all you need to know about how the Westfield Board of Education and administration act.

They are not truthful about the football team, they allow a teacher like Bob North to tell student not to talk about the accident, they mislead you and on and on.

And these are the pro-merger people that are telling you to vote for a merger because its going to be better for Westfield?

Think Westfield residents, Think. Vote NO.

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Oct-06-13 8:19 AM

Westfield will be taken to the cleaners, the tiny community gets their way. Brocton will get the school building, a tax decrease, their debt payed by Westfield, Westfield gets no school building, and very little tax decrease! Nothing to gain for Westfield!

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Oct-06-13 8:33 AM

NYS aid for area schools is always a crap shoot, the 2% cap has been in place for a few yrs now, declining student enrollments is common, unemployment remains high, and health costs have soared. On top of it all, this county & state remain one of the heaviest taxed in the country, and it has caused families to become disgusted, fed up and move.

Those who remain, however, are left with public employees who want their "fair share" and BOEs who keep approving costly major repairs and/or expansion projects. They still grant pay raises (albeit not as generous as past yrs), teachers still complain about having too many kids in a class, and now FHS wants to build a multi-million $$$ sports complex!?!?

BOE decisions have helped create the very problems they face today, and now they want the public to approve mergers so they can continue bleeding the taxpayers. I say no.

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Oct-06-13 9:14 AM

When did the observer become a paid advertisement? I thought newspapers were supposed to lay out facts and let the readers decide?

Pretty sad for a newspaper to do such a thing.

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Oct-06-13 9:26 AM

This article would be a real shame if anyone actually read this toilet paper.

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Oct-06-13 10:07 AM

25 million is the prize in the cracker jack box. This merger will solve nothing long term or probably even short term except give them more money to spend wastefully. This is just a life raft in a sea of debt and despair. They will grab at this and put off their problems, maybe, to a future time.

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Oct-06-13 10:12 AM

The first clue that they don't really want to solve anything is that when the so called "experts" tell them part of the solution is to close one school. As soon as those words are uttered it's game over. As for the study done and the committees the biggest joke. They should start with once upon a time...... They just take the truth and change it every way they can. My prediction is still that it will be voted down.

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Oct-06-13 11:06 AM

One of these two villages can afford to go without a school and ride the bus to the other one. Plain and simple. If there is enough room to spare in a single building, then so be it. Holy whining, Batman.

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Oct-06-13 11:19 AM

If one school ISN'T closed, then it's really just a "technical" merge with no REAL savings, therefore, NO ONE can convince me that NYS will still honor the millions of $$$ in incentives UNLESS a certain level of savings, dictated by NYS, is pre-approved and formally submitted.

If the plan is to keep both schools open, and the merger is approved, I suspect the "new" BOE will then inform us that their hands are tied, and that NYS demands one school must close. Don't be fooled, once the merge is passed, it's too late, even if "promises" are broken.

I don't dispute that both districts (and the the kids) will "initially" benefit from a merge due to "the carrot" that NYS is offering, but after those funds are gone, we are still left with a system that essentially creates many of its own problems, and will continue to do so unless major labor cost reforms are adopted.

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