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Horrigan, Johnson on county projects

October 26, 2013

Editor’s Note: This is the third in a four-part series on Chautauqua County Executive candidates Ron Johnson and Vince Horriga....

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Oct-26-13 8:01 PM

Well, looks like Joew beat me to it! "Well done Joew, I couldn't have said it better myself!" Some advice: Think before you get on your computer and post a bunch of nonsense.

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Oct-26-13 6:57 PM

What you are really saying commentor is that you have no answer to combat rational thought and choose instead to call people out with statements like this-"They persuade by breaking you down and then getting you to do what they want". Low intelligence indeed! Statements like that are truly those of a ignorant person. Now I've had my say!

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Oct-26-13 6:19 PM

I've had my say. I can't fight your ignorance and low intelligence. Think what your want and certainly vote the way you wish. I'll be here if your man is elected when you start b itching about how the cty is run and taxes that are too high. I will remind you.

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Oct-26-13 4:47 PM

Yes commentor that is exactly what a leader is charged to do but that does not mean the person is a dictator or a con artist. It does mean that someone has the foresight,the knowledge,the insight to move a plan or a idea forward. That does not mean by any stretch that his way is the best way because others may provide input during the persuasion process to fine tune the path to success.

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Oct-26-13 3:30 PM

findyourfacts, you can go ahead and believe what I say is complete nonsense. it's my opinion and I don't really care if you approve or disapprove. you will not change my mind on Mr. Horrigan simply because i do not feel he can do the job better. you have every right to your opinion and I have no intention on arguing with you on what you feel is right. It's a matter of how you see it and how you see the "facts" presented by each candidate. so say what you have to say and so will I. If you don't like it you certainly don't have to read it but if you choose to just know that like you, i have my opinion as well. again it's politics and there's always going to be sides

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Oct-26-13 3:27 PM

" Horrigan said it is the role of the county executive to persuade all parties that the goal is in their common best interest." His words not mine. This translates to I know best and I will stay the course until I convince you to go my way. I think this is pretty clear as to his position.

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Oct-26-13 2:15 PM

Tigger: on the contrary; I can appreciate a difference of opinion so long as you back your opinion up with facts! Unfortunately, all you have done is accused Mr. Horrigan of being a "con artist". Yes, I do hope to change your opinion of Mr. Horrigan and his positive leadership. I have researched both candidates, watched the debate, read the news articles and you don't see me bashing either candidate. I believe in Freedom of Speech and I want to read your opinion, but I can not sit back while people like you write complete nonsense on this or on any other board. No, I wont stay off this board so long as you or anyone else continues to put up ridiculous comments.

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Oct-26-13 2:08 PM

joew i never said he doesn't have leadership skills. what i said was i disagree with using the "power of persuasion" to run the county and yes, i compared that use of power to what a con artist would use. If you choose to believe that all politicians tell the truth then so be it. I on the other hand am not that naive. But i do want to thank you for taking such an interest in what I have to say.

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Oct-26-13 1:54 PM

I take no issue with anyone disagreeing Tigger9m, I do take issue when someone has no clue what persuasive leadership is all about.Mr Horrigan is no longer in the military however you always retain those leadership skills that made you successful. "Breaking" people down deprives yourself of useful input in order to achieve the goal that is set. Think about that!

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Oct-26-13 12:46 PM

oh and by the way, you won't be able to use your "powers of persuasion" to convince me otherwise anymore than i could convince either of you that you are wrong

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Oct-26-13 12:45 PM

findyourfacts and joew just because i disagree with you doesn't mean i'm wrong. It's politics and there's always going to be a difference of opinion. if you can't handle that then stay off the boards lol

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Oct-26-13 12:23 PM

Wow. Sme of what Johnson said sounds a LOT like what Dunkirk tried to do when it's back was against the wall about 35 years ago. Look how well that worked. FFS.

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Oct-26-13 12:21 PM

Commentor: Your constant rant about the military and how they "break you down" is old and worn out. I and many, many others in the county served in the military and are better for it. Your poor attempt to discredit Mr. Horrigan because he served is just sad. "Get a grip" and come up with some new material...

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Oct-26-13 10:13 AM

Just because Horrigan is military doesn't mean he will 'break you down' like a brutal interrogation tactic. His successful military background shows that he knows how to be a true leader.

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Oct-26-13 10:10 AM

Mr. Johnson should study for his test next time because Horrigan knows intimately what steps have been taken so far with regard to N Co Water and Chaut Lake sewer. Mr Edwards has been to countless meetings trying to get all municipalities together for providing water. Johnson on the other hand doesn't know the specifics of what has been done like Horrigan does. Horrigan will not, in the sense that's described below, use persuasion but rather be a friend to all parties and find a happy medium but at the same time listen to the experts for determining the best course of action to take with any infrastructure project.

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Oct-26-13 10:08 AM

Don't forget the colonel is military. They persuade by breaking you down and then getting you to do what they want. As I have said before Horrigan is part of the system. His thinking is established. It certainly is evident his way or the highway. Try someone new. Nothing to lose. Out with the old.

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Oct-26-13 10:03 AM

The plain truth is, it's politics. I don't care which one of these men becomes our next County Executive, it will continue to be a problem because local governments are not going to support any agenda proposed by the opposing political party. Dunkirk and Fredonia will resist anything brought by Mr. Horrigan and welcome anything brought by Mr. Johnson. That's the reality. Do away with the 2 party system entirely and maybe we can accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

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Oct-26-13 9:57 AM

I suggest you read a book about Persuasive Leadership Tigger9m because it has nothing to do with tunnel vision as you put it. There are several good books out there,pick one up.

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Oct-26-13 9:45 AM

Tigger; first, you are completely wrong to insinuate that Mr. Horrigan would run anything, especially the county government, as a "con artist". That's just ridiculous and shows you are not listening. I see it as Mr. Horrigan is trying to get all parties, everyone's, "buy-in". Leadership 101: if everyone is invested in a plan or program, said plan or program is destined to succeed. Yes Judeye and Riley, Mr Horrigan did have a lot more to say on the issues...because he knows what he is talking about! He has done his research, he has worked with these people and he has the answers to get things moving FORWARD! Seems you are starting to get it, then again, maybe not. I guess if you had your way (Riley & Judeye) we would do more planning, more talking, more "looking into" and more research. IT'S ALL DONE! LETS GETS MOVING FORWARD!

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Oct-26-13 9:27 AM

joew, to lead through persuasion is to have only tunnel vision. how is somebody going to be able to lead when they only see things their way? when they are unable to listen to others and try to work through the issues instead of persuading them to see it through their eyes only? just because it's a trait of leadership certainly doesn't mean its a good one.

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Oct-26-13 9:00 AM

Did you see this-"Johnson did not respond to Horrigan". What that means is he choose not to. I also suggest some of you look up Traits of leadership and how persuasion is one of those traits. Tigger9m you have a con artist on the national level and I can assure you Mr Horrigan is not going to take anyone down the same "primrose path"!

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Oct-26-13 8:34 AM

Mr.Edwards uses bullying tactics to "persuade" his opponent's. How does Vince intend to "persuade" those who don't agree with him? I would like to see more debate about the IDA and tax relief. I agree with judeye that this article doesn't appear very fair and balanced.

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Oct-26-13 8:29 AM

Did Mr. Horrigan really have that much more to say than Mr. Johnson? I noticed that he was given much more detail of his answer than Mr. Johnson.

I would like to hear more of the business model plan that Mr. Johnson would propose to address the coordination of the water needs in our County.

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Oct-26-13 8:09 AM

Horrigan plans to run this administration through the "power of persuasion"....seriously?! isn't that what a con artist uses to get you to do what they want...without you even noticing? I really can't believe he's running his campaign based on the "power of persuasion." just what we need in local gov't....a con artist...

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