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Highs and lows: Some of the best, worst of the week

November 2, 2013

Here are some of the best — and worst — of the week: BEST HELPING BREAST CANCER FIGHT — Bokwey Burnley of Dunkirk recently spoke at a fashion show in Ellicottville called “Pretty in Pink” in which......

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Nov-02-13 8:14 AM

Lets see, the gals on tv are going pink, some are going green, etc for life. The nurture instinct i guess. i do not see any of them going science . yep gals, you get caught up in all the trappings for show. But you have no real substance,no real science. I am amazed thet you persist in your errors. science guys like myself dont do this. they learn and move on. You gals seem stuck and the only reason i can figure is, you dont understand science. Just weeping, together moments, romance, etc. great for families and the like, but not science, not science at all. Help me out posters, am I correct or not ? I believe I am. such a tragedy, gals doing all this nonsense.

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Nov-02-13 8:27 AM

hey gals, science hint for you. the cell is not the unit of life. I can hear the howl from the biologists now. probably even dk is getting a mock ready. the 2 slit experiment proves this beyond all doubt. Once you figure this out. You can make neat, cheap remedies yourself to fight cancer ! Its true gals, its true. But first you must save the planet !

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Nov-02-13 10:12 AM

Steinerdzzz...I triple dog dare you to open your yap and do your misogynistic ranting to ANY female Marine. They eagerly went to go fight in Iraq -- you, you coward, stayed in your trailer. Only when your pulverized face and hands heal, after the encounter with the female Marine, will you be able to think as defective as you do.

You're a coward who loves to taunt women, clearly showing that your mommy ran out on you, with good reason apparently, and girls, then and now, laugh in your face. Your solitary life in your trailer must be sooo fun...

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Nov-03-13 7:26 AM

hewy cronig, i dont think defective. the libs do. i was trained by the great masters in the world. all guys. These guys were trained by the great minds who won ww2 with chemistry etc. pulverize my face ? you sound like the movie where the US jet is shot down in Bosnia because it had pictures of many dead civilians. Guess what happened to their faces cronig ? the faces were bashed in cronig style. yep cronig, you have great company , dictators. ignorant like you cronig !smashing people faces in cuz you just cant think can you cronig.

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Nov-04-13 8:49 AM

edspecially for cronig and christpoher. Paul complained that rising natural gas costs drive up everything. No fooling. the libs like the LWV and posters here believe that green energy can provide an alternative. they cannot. ALL my life saving work is drawn from gas and oil wells. tree chemicals. too. the fabulous chemistry of nature made the basics and guy chemists expanded it. So cronig , wipe the spittle of your screen and post somethig factual. Green energy will NOT put food on the table, make chemicals or even fertilizer.or even heat your house. Hydrogen, badly needed in industry is from natural gas. We would be starving now and cold without petrol. Learn something true libs.

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