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Republican sweep

GOP gets county executive, clerk, supermajority of legislature

November 6, 2013

The supermajority of the Chautauqua County Legislature will be Republican as of Jan. 1, while four Democrat incumbents are on their way out....

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Nov-07-13 3:32 PM

Yes dark she is really doing that. What next sue Santa Clause for being an arms dealer and having non union elves.

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Nov-07-13 3:05 PM


Are you serious? I mean I know you must be but, D-A-M-N! If all politicians did that the GOP could own CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC and God knows how many small stations and newspaper by the end of the year.

Of course the DNC could own Fox, but all things considered the GOP would end up far ahead in the deal. lol!

Also thanks for reminding me about her, as I recall judeye and other left wingers here praised her efforts, but these same people object when republicans use filibusters, such as when they object to an Obama nomination.

I guess, filibusters are like special interest groups, they should only be allowed for causes the left supports?

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Nov-07-13 2:22 PM

"Wendy Davis, the Democratic Texas state senator who gained national applause for her 11-hour filibuster against an anti-abortion bill, is a sore loser. After losing a run for City Council in 1996, Davis filed a libel lawsuit against the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, claiming the newspaper’s defamation of her candidacy was the reason she lost the race. Davis claimed that editorials within the Fort Worth Star-Telegram damaged her mental health so much that it prohibited her adequately pursuing public office" This is how democrats handle losing. Really is typical of their mentality.

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Nov-07-13 1:11 PM

"The coockroach is dying" No norman you and the liberals seem alive and whining to me. You have learned your lessons well from the great one. Always blame someone else.

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Nov-07-13 9:32 AM

Taxpayer42.The correct word is "dead wood" not unqualified.Public or private there is always "dead wood" it just takes a little longer to weed these people out,but eventually they are eliminated. Good employees do not need a union?.I have seen many "good employees" terminated from the private sector for no reason.your statement is untrue. "the residents are still being cared for and people still have jobs"?.They might still have jobs,but study after study has shown that with lower paying jobs,quality of care is negatively affected.Any private buyer of the CCH will not rehire anymore then 50% of the current employees,the rest will come from hiring agencies and as you say "rejects".

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Nov-07-13 5:58 AM

the new leadership in chautauqua county will be held accountable. as for selling the county home, i'm for it. all the counties in wny that have county nursing homes have sold their homes.

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Nov-07-13 1:04 AM

Yes, it makes perfect sense successful business owners will hire less qualified employees ... I think the real fear is, unqualified people who have been protected by CSEA may not be anymore. Good employees rarely need the Union. It protects bad ones. The good, qualified staff at CCH will have jobs. Back when the state got out of the home business for developmentally disabled, the same fear tactics were used. They are now run by ASPIRE and others and guess what ...the residents are still being cared for and people still have jobs - and more homes have been built since then, employing more people.

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Nov-06-13 8:30 PM

BallsOutStocks,"the good employees are already taken, so yes, you'll only see rejects applying for jobs, especially entry level".

Im glad you said that.Because thats the kind of employees that will work at the CCH if it gets privatized.No private buyer will ever hire back all the current CCH employees,50% thats it.Otherwise the buyer will have to recognize the County CSEA union,and that will never happen.Rejects will be staffing the CCH,thats scary.

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Nov-06-13 3:06 PM

wow, I think I actually agreed with something judeye said, "I think it is also important for all of us to remember we really are on the SAME team." Well said. The only problem I see is that many of our politicians that are in charge only see with blinders on rather than with open eyes. That is driven in part by lobbyists and the like. Hopefully the folks that have been elected can move us in the right direction.

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Nov-06-13 2:38 PM

"I think it is also important for all of us to remember...."

Very well put judeye.

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Nov-06-13 2:12 PM

JUDEYE - It's not up to me to analyze the profit and loss statements of government functions. We pay experts good money to do that and I will take their word for it. Keep in mind that 16 of 25 legislators voted to sell the home. Do you really believe they would do that if the home was not operating at a substantial loss? I only wish you had the same concern for the fiscal health of the county that you show for the county home.

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Nov-06-13 1:45 PM

Thank You all the kind words

I know most disagree with me..and that is fine. To me what makes our Country so grand is the right we all have to express our opinions, without fear of retribution. This is a right denied to many in other Countries. I do not take this right lightly. I value it..and I thank those who have fought to preserve that right for all of us.

I think it is also important for all of us to remember we really are on the SAME team. No terrorist would ever ask you first who you voted for, or what your politics are. All they care about is you are an AMERICAN. We can differ all we want..and hopefully through such debates reach some kind of compromise on most issues. But we must remember we are on the same team..we all love our Country..and we all want the best. It is just the methods to get to the same goal that we differ on.

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Nov-06-13 1:35 PM

PhilJulian...would you please show me where the CC is losing money. ANY MONEY.

The report I read clearly showed it operates with a SURPLUS.

yes that is with the IGT fund...

So what? Do you have any idea how much state and federal money comes into our County for other agencies and departments..yet I do not hear anyone complaining on how bad it is..without that money. What school would break even with state aid?

We are being manipulated once again..and even when it is pointed out..people refuse to see it.

No wonder we are going backward around here rather than forward.

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Nov-06-13 1:27 PM

"is this the end of democratic bumbledom ? The thing spoken of by Ike in the 50's ?" Steiner, Ike would roll over in his grave over what the so-called Republican Party has become.

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Nov-06-13 12:20 PM


Listen to what DarkStar said. In one paragraph you can say something brilliant and then utterly stupid. Some here may deserve personal attacks because they stoop to that level but Judeye, as far as I know, has never personally attacked anyone. She’ll disagree with you, stand her ground, and call you out if she believes you’re wrong but she never attacks your character or intelligence. She may be wrong on a lot of her beliefs but I believe she’s a good person deserving of respect

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Nov-06-13 12:06 PM

@darkstar, the good employees are already taken, so yes, you'll only see rejects applying for jobs, especially entry level.

it would take the discovery of gold in this area to attract new "good" residents.

if you abandon your house, do you just let the bank repo it, or does that damage your credit? it is better to sell it at a loss, and move away, keeping your credit intact. i see that as the only movement forward. forward march!

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Nov-06-13 11:55 AM

This area has nothing to offer to the young ones. It's a frozen grape filled wasteland. It takes a long time to drive from point A to point B, and the gas prices aren't pretty. I voted the way I did for me, to help lower my taxes, because I know the kids are going to move away, and college tuition isn't cheap. Maybe the turn out here is how the rest of America will vote on the next presidential election

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Nov-06-13 11:07 AM

Overall county-wide, except for a couple, there is a good slate of good people leading us for the next 2 years. With the 13 Republicans and 4 Democrats who are solid representatives, I'm looking forward to some good progress. They have a lot of work to do, but I think, for the most part, we got the party-line hard heads out and good people in.

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Nov-06-13 10:56 AM

Commentor, I've said it before and I don't think it's crazy talk - Chautauqua County would be best served to secede to PA. So many benefits to doing that that directly impact this area.

.Fracking .Stricter welfare .Flat state income tax that is probably about 1/2 NYS for most of us .No clothing tax .Gun-friendly (I don't own or hunt)

Face it, our time in NYS is doomed to be what we've got, which is constant disgust for government, or get worse. Nothing here is going to improve.

Secession 2020. Get on board.

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Nov-06-13 10:51 AM are exactly right. We will NEVER get a Geico or Yahoo until this area gets rid of the welfare freeloaders. There are no qualified people in this area to do jobs of that quality. The freeloaders of this area are here because it is favorable to welfare living. The only big projects Dunkirk wants to do is more low income housing. Until welfare is something no one wants to be on things will only get worse. If another Democrat is President after Obumer it's a guarantee. As for working two jobs and doing without....that work ethic is long gone. The philosophy today is gimme gimme I am entitled!!!!!

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Nov-06-13 10:50 AM


Well, in the name of full disclosure, I rarely read his posts, although sometimes I will scan them but usually stop reading when his personal attack start. So since those are often in the very first sentence I read very few of his posts.


In the various positions I've held with my employer over the last dozen plus years I've hired well over a hundred people, mostly for entry level positions but also for operator, supervisor and even management positions. And of course for each person I've hired I've must average interviewing anywhere from 5 to 10 people.

It's amazing how poor the work ethic is in our area, and it's not one person either, it's person after person. I've had people applying for enter level positions ask things like "If the work here hard? I don't want to have to work hard", "do I have to be here on time" and "am I expected to work every day I'm scheduled or do you have an attendance policy?" W-T-F

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Nov-06-13 10:34 AM


This was not worse then any national election. Sure Fox supports the GOP candidates but few other mainstream media do, and instead constant bow to DNC candidates and demonize the GOP.

You talk about it being a single issue election, but I think the issue was far larger then the CCH and instead was fiscal responsibility in County government.



While it would be great if we got more high paying jobs, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to add lower paying jobs at the same time.

We need to be realistic here, does anyone expect a company to pay unskilled and inexperienced workers $25+ an hour?

For someone with no marketable skills, little if any experience, and little or no work history a chance to build up experience and a work history.

In addition, even in NYS, there is no law against working more then one job to increase your income, but that would also requires motivation, pride, and a good work ethic.

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Nov-06-13 10:26 AM

But DarkStar, haven't you heard? Einsteinertron always provides fact and figures to support his opinion. (Roll eyes now).

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Nov-06-13 10:11 AM

"judeye, you are ignorant..."


That was completely uncalled for, I disagree with judeye on most things but there is no need to attack her for having a different opinion. It's ironic that the individuals who constant ignorance and attacks have made him a joke to most readers here has the nerve to call someone else ignorant.

Maybe if you spent less time attacking the messenger and more time refuting their message you wouldn't be considered a joke, as you are currently.

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Nov-06-13 10:08 AM

Where are all of the nasty posts from the famous Ron H. AKA SonnyB, Otziman, MachineHead, BufordPusser

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