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NRG’s future a regional debate

Publisher's Notebook

November 15, 2013

Besides attracting a contingent of activists to the state Public Service Commission hearing on Thursday in Albany, the NRG project continues to receive its share of praise and opposition....

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Nov-18-13 8:07 PM

There's so much more to this. Reliability isn't the problem and National Grid doesn't have a solution to the REAL problem, that problem is Congestion on the Niagara-Packard line from the Niagara Falls Hydro Plant, this congestion is potentially costing the NYS power authority hundreds of millions in the near term because they need to cut output to relieve it. This wasn't a problem when the whole Dunkirk plant was operating. The only solution right now is power from Zone A(Dunkirk)Pushing east to relieve this congestion and allow the hydro power to move east as its supposed to. Do you think NYS is going to continue to cut output and lose money from one of its investments that has its output is earmarked for economic incentives? I'll say it one more time.....NRG is building a new power plant in Dunkirk NY.

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Nov-15-13 5:54 PM

The 100 million is only to bring in power from outside the area. In reality the grid needs to be upgraded nation wide at a cost of hundreds of billions!

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Nov-15-13 5:50 PM

Earthjustice has an agenda to keep its readers they will always find in favor of the huggers!

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Nov-15-13 3:35 PM

while there is plenty of concern in this area over the future of NRG, a big concern we have is the ever increasing charges on our monthly bill for supply/transporting of utilities to the consumer, as of late 61% of the bill is that, we can't imagine what the cost would be if National Grid loses on this issue, think about it transposition of utilities is not regulated now, increases could be astronomical

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Nov-15-13 7:57 AM

More for the unlearned judeye and enviro wackos. the earth has not warmed as much , if at all as the greenheads say it would due to co2 in the air. even steven hawking, a noted physicist agrees with this statement. It cant as co2 does not trap heart. Water vapor from fire does but not co2. So even the most die hard enviro wacko has to stretch the alleged fact to the breaking point to sustain their false cause. people like judeye, who have no science or industry experience, just parrot,the end is near. And they call bush stupid libs, you believe a lie, like obama and his heakthcare pledge. Stupidity reigns supreme among the libs ! Chemists like me see it every day. PS, you did buy my stuff in the store judeye. All from gas and oil wells. I love hydrocarbons ! They are more useful than activist women !

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Nov-15-13 7:52 AM

here is a little chemistry lesson for the ignorant people like judeye and the gals at the LWV. Anyone who examines the chemistry behind explosives, thats nitrates for the unlearned like judeye will see that it is most definately not the carbon making the wind. It is the nitrogen and oxygen. Here we have the key to wind in the atmosphere judeye, but you are too ignorant to believe it. Find a way to influence the energy balance in the atmosphere related to nitrogen and oxygen and you can make wind. They knew this at least in part, the nitrate part in the late 1800's. People like judeye and cuomo know nothing at all.There is no way that co2 at 350ppm is going to heat the air or make wind. It is simply overwhelmed by the water vapor in the air and nitrogen too. Simple facts, but dumb liberals judst cant grasp them. thats why i call them dumbacrats.

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Nov-15-13 7:46 AM

judeye believes in the extension cord theory of electricity. All you need is a wire, no generator. Mr editor, , democrats like cuomo and the liberal posters here are just plain stupid when it applies to energy or science. Now judeye believes in the myth of global warming due to co2 emissions. after numerous numerous posts on this she still believes a myth. CO2 does not trap heat, water vapor does. judeye is totally science ignorant. She is against carbon, school choice etc and thinks she is smart. She is ignorant. special for ignorant judeye, when you burn hydrocarbons, you get co2 and water. water is a huge heat absorber, even as clouds. Hot water tanks account for 18% of US energy consumption. Co2 does not, will not ever trap heat. the analytical chemists know this, even if you dumb liberals do not.judeye, learn science, you give gals a bad name, but i love it.

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Nov-15-13 7:16 AM

Earthjustice puts the cost for the conversion of the two plants at a much higher amount. "The cost of repowering the two plants could cost as much as $1.5 billion—a cost that would fall to ratepayers. Upgrading transmission lines would accomplish the same goal for under $100 million."

With all the talk of how our high taxes keep businesses out of our area, has anyone considered how our utility rates if raised could do the same?

I wished we could engage in an honest open discussion on what is truly best for our terms of economics, environment, and long term goals.

I fear that too many just close their minds to other options, such as investments in manufacturing components needed for alternative energy, such as solar panels. Whether we accept it or not, green energy is on the rise (thankfully) as more people realize the need to protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprints.

Who in economic development is looking into this possibility?

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