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Tax rate the same, spending up in 2014 budget

November 20, 2013

It’s official, city of Dunkirk taxpayers will pay the same property tax rate in 2014 as they did in 2013. Common Council unanimously approved Mayor Anthony J....

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Nov-22-13 8:21 AM

Everything that you mention is the Mayor's responsibility. If you have issues, address them to him...he's the one in charge of personnel.

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Nov-20-13 6:13 PM

Dunkirk has always been the city that gives and keeps on giving. An example is the pay of Dolces appointees. An attorney in the city of 12,000 people gets $75,000 plus benefits. The janitor. You know the guy that sweeps floors and empties trash works on the day shift. When a prisoner is transferred to county he is called in on overtime to clean the cell. Getting at least time and a half for the call out. These are onlt two examples of wasteful spending and not caring. Garbage men getting paid to sit at home when they finish their routes. Getting paid for 40 hours and actually working, what 30 or less. It doesn't matter a Democrat or Republican Dunkirk is the city that lays the golden egg.

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Nov-20-13 5:31 PM

Another paper cut. The wound is growing.

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Nov-20-13 2:34 PM


And that number doesn't even include all the spending via grants and other government handouts.

And of course it is even more disgusting if you add school spending to the list.

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Nov-20-13 2:34 PM

Supporters of elected reps often slam the critics, accusing them of doing nothing but complain, yet they praise the reps for at least trying to help their communities.

This article illustrates the kind of "help" we've been getting for far too long. Their hearts might be in the right place, but their actions tell a different tale.

Reminds me of the old adage: "with friends like these, who needs enemies?"

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Nov-20-13 12:36 PM

This is a budget headed for disaster. Relying on anticipated money and not even giving a thought to NRG closing and it will close. Circling the drain faster and faster.

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Nov-20-13 10:05 AM

this latest development is the result of a council who believes that because of a 2 year pass, they can do what they want with out reprisal, as always taxpayers of this city have two choices live with it or leave

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Nov-20-13 9:42 AM

Does anyone out there feel like they are being cheated? Why does it take a budget more than double the spending in Fredonia with a population that is similar? Let me give you the answer. The size and cost of Dunkirk's government is disproportionate to the size of our popyulation and the size of our tax base. As a result, we will continue to lose population and we will continue to lose employers as we close more churches, schhools and hospitals. Is it true that a former DLDC official is being promoted to City Recreation Director, with a substantial raise in pay and without taking a civil service exam? Is it also true that he would become a union employee with all of it's job protections, in spite of the fact that he was involved in the HUD scandal and may be subject to reprimand or penalties? It's beginning to look like we have a "good old boy" establishment in city hall and maybe a recall election would be in order.

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Nov-20-13 9:40 AM

"Larger than expected revenues from sales tax will help make up the difference."

This is completely irresponsible! Relying on "anticipated revenue" to fund increased spending traditionally leads to deficits if/when such "expectations" fail.

The mayor & council should be trying to find ways to cut spending, but instead, council votes to spend MORE than what the mayor originally asked for? AJ didn't offer cost savings in his budget either, but at least he can't be blamed for this one, it's all on the council.

If their actions weren't so discouraging and harmful, it'd almost be funny.

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Nov-20-13 9:34 AM

"(HUD) has pretty much given us a heads up that there will be repayment expected. How much and what type of repayment plan is yet to be determined," Kiyak explained.

Maybe they can start paying that back with the self-awarded bonuses...

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Nov-20-13 9:10 AM

We all know that it takes money to run a city. With a budget of 22 million dollars and a population of 12,000 that comes out to $1833 for every man woman and child. And what do we get for this?

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Nov-20-13 8:27 AM

tax rate the same, spending is up, we can only surmise that the residential property assessments for tax purposes will rise drastically, otherwise where will the money come from to run this city, oh wait we know, it's either the secret money tree or the good fairy,

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