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A day when time stopped

November 25, 2013

Fifty years have passed. It was a clear, brisk day in November 1963. The eastern horizon was lit with silvery rays of sunlight on this bright Friday morning....

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Nov-29-13 7:45 AM

jo and cronig. where are you ? my list cronig ? Start with church lady gaggle.

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Nov-27-13 8:15 AM

cronig where are you ?

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Nov-26-13 1:00 PM

hey jo, the right was against the health care law proposed by the clintons. was that racist too jo ?have you been reading socialist literature like oswald was? it dulls the mind. are you blaming the koch bros for the assassination of JFK ?we must not see the same things on tv as there cannot be 2 such different opinions. By the way , where is cronig and his suckling comments ? I have given back billions cronig. lets hear it jo ! racism !

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Nov-26-13 12:52 PM

hey jo, you do know it was the democrats that fought the civil war to enslave africans. it was the democrats who started the klan and jim crow. it was the democrats who fought desegregation. they had to be forced to the table by the repubs. it was george wallace who said, segregagtion yesterday tomorrow and forever. george was a democrat. LBJ did not like MLK. Facts jo, no amount of twisting can change this.

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Nov-26-13 12:48 PM

jo, you are wrong. oswald was a socialist stooge. How can you say he was not ? he went to the ussr for asylum. was refused. he went to the cuban embassy im,mexico to talk to the cubans. Any way you look at it, oswald was a liberal, a socialist, one who believed in govt programs for everything. It is the libs rewriting history to say he was not that is the problem. this has been on PBS, in books, etc. How can you say i am wrong ? You are. oswald subscribed to numerous socialist literature of the day. All of this well known. What books are you reading ? the liberal ones ? you cant refurte this. saying hate is not refutation, not facts,,it is just the liberal way of arguing. say hatred, misogynt , greed, etc. the mark of poor thinkers. thats a liberal, a poor thinker.

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Nov-26-13 11:56 AM

Steiner, you are very wrong. The animosity against Kennedy was fuelded by the right wing, who opposed his civil rights stand. There were posters saying he was wanted for treason (just like the ones printed against President Obama. This was done by the John Burch Society, the predecessor to the Tea Party. Both organizations are supoorted by the Koch family.

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Nov-26-13 11:54 AM

A beautiful remembance Professor, thank you. I clearly remember this day as I was in 7th grade, and we all sat in our classroom and cried. It was a sad day for our country, and I often wonder what would have happened tpo our country if the President had not been assassinated.

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Nov-26-13 10:30 AM

hey cronig, my life saving inventions in the chemicaal field have saved close to 10,000 lives. Think of the lifetime earning . this has to be billions of dollars earned plus a life itself. so cronig, you are ignorant of industry, chemistry and all things. all you do is say i am suckling. I have given back to the planet, much more than any person in modern times. Facts cronig, facts.

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Nov-26-13 7:55 AM

cronig, you are stupid. I am NOT collecting anything from the govt. I am NOT suckling at the teat of govt. Why do you insist that i am ? Over and over i have said this. You have said nothing again ! Oswald was a lefty. fact cronig. He went to USSR. Dont ya know that ? why do you post nonsense? whats wrong with you cronig, you are like judeye and christopher. cronig, give us a list of what the govt and women have contributed to society. Dont say the internet, cuz that is false. i have asked for this list many times, but you have ignored that all the while saying I am suckling at the govt. cronig, your mind is gone.

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Nov-25-13 3:41 PM

Steinerdzzz has suckled, and continues to suckle, from the govt teat to such an extent that any and all of his antiliberal rants are hilarious as they are ridiculously hypocritical -- as if ranting cleanses him from his suckling -- and he hates himself for it, but of course, conveniently blames others: women, govt employees, democrats, etc, etc.

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Nov-25-13 2:35 PM

The snoozer certainly knows all about hatred given his repeated rants against those who dare to disagree with his illustrious opinion.

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Nov-25-13 7:36 AM

Who can forget that day when a hate filled lefty, a liberal shot JFK ? he had gone to USSR to defect, but was turned down.Even they could spot a loser or trouble maker, but not our own govt, like the boston bomber duo later . Our own govt lost tabs on him, even in the basement of their own building ! How else vould another shooter get so close ? The hatred fom the left continues to this day. Noone learned anything from the presidents killing it all.In sales in the chemical field, I do not know of such a lapse in intelligence gathering, what your competition is doing as the oswald goof up.But corporations are bad and the govt employee is great ! wow, only libs can think like this !

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