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Security: Collection is an ‘abuse’

November 26, 2013

Sit down for this one....

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Nov-29-13 8:27 AM

For all the lifes saved by this Security Collection,THANK YOU. For all the terrorists who died when caught by this Security Collection, great news. For all I care I have nothing to hide from anyone, tap my phone, read my mail, email,credit reports, bank statements I do not care. Save innocent lifes and protect our freedom to live the life style we love. Thank you America !!!!

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Nov-26-13 7:51 PM

so in summation mankind though it's faults has created the vehicle and by those same inabilities has given government the keys/permission to drive

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Nov-26-13 7:30 PM

American: kudos on ID of quote, but it is us; simply because of the self centered ego driven nature which is the DNA of mankind, who has from creation to demise been controlled in one way or another by the (7) deadly sins

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Nov-26-13 1:24 PM

Memo from the NSA to posters: We seeeeeee you . . . !

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Nov-26-13 12:02 PM

"How many of you objected when we rushed to pass the Patriot Act" Many of us did. The same as many of us did when it was renewed with even more control by a democrat. The ACA and the Patriot ACT are 2 of the most dangerous pieces of legislation to be passed. Need to add the un-SAFE ACT into the mix also.

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Nov-26-13 11:57 AM

No rumble that should now be changed to we have met the enemy and he is our government today. Both Parties of it.

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Nov-26-13 10:52 AM

How many of you objected when we rushed to pass the Patriot Act? I know I did. But it was a republican wanting to spy so you all said if you have nothing to hide, don't worry about it. Now you are afraid of the democrat spying. I am against all of them doing it. I have to admit, personally, I think all of our electronic devices are doing way more spying on most if us than the government.

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Nov-26-13 9:56 AM

Bob -- the SCOTUS differs with you entirely, as had the overall population of this country, throughout our history. Start with the Aliens and Sedition Act, continue on through the internment of US citizens during WWII, straight to the PATRIOT act.

We all let it happen, all the time -- just as long as its someone else...

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Nov-26-13 8:29 AM

bob the words of Walt Kelly from 1972 are a fitting reminder to us all of what reality really is

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Nov-26-13 7:59 AM

Orwell's fiction from years ago is becoming the chilling reality of today and will continue to grow in all our tomorrows, boogie man stories from our childhood, are now the true reality

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Nov-26-13 7:43 AM

Balancing our democracy is not always easy especially the years after we have been attacked. The phrase HOMELAND smacks of something less than a democracy. In The United States of America to keep our nation safe and free from our enemies (we have enemies) the rule of thumb must first be our citizen are FREE. The very next measure must be using all constitutional means to defeat our enemy. Never using "extra" Constitutional measures never intended, never approved nor given to the Federal Government those rights to enumerated are reserved for the states or the people. This is how we measure ourselves and our dedication to FREEDOM. That which our military so ardently defends, it is our responsibility to maintain our freedoms as our military defends us.

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