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‘Give thanks’ this week, every day

November 27, 2013

As Christians, we give thanks in worship and prayer to God in order to honor Our Maker, “The Creator of the heavens and the earth ... who keeps truth forever....

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Nov-30-13 7:47 AM

What is thanksgiving day to the liberals ? Their real thanksgiving day ? Why its April 15th Tax day. the day the libs and the govt get to steal taxes from the citizens to give away in corruption. no wonders the libs hate any mention of the real thanksgiving. The time when settlers would survive in the new world. those libs, confused as usual.

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Nov-29-13 7:58 AM

hey cronig, the early settlers were not so blind as you. neither was Winston churchill , centuries later. Both thought they were the lost 10 tribes of israel. Both thought jesus visited britain before dying. early life was hard. If the bad water or disease did not kill you, the winter might. So cronig, get a grip on reality for you surely dont have one.i marvel at the lack of thought expressed by the liberals here. either they are like judeye, saying we are one, interconnected or they erupt like cronig or iconoclast. both show lack of mind power.

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Nov-29-13 7:52 AM

joew, excellent. we have to call cronig out. that poster is insane or institutionalized. There can be no other explanation.

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Nov-28-13 12:48 PM

Must be Dcroakernig is a experienced dumpster diver. I thought is was seagulls that do that not geese?

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Nov-28-13 7:22 AM

cronig its you who has the most personal pride. look at all the names you call people with no justification, no science, no facts, just cronig rhetoric. Golly , look in a mirror. you are the most vain person here ! why is that? Why do you think you are superior when you are so dumb ? Dumb on life, history, govt etc. evrey time you post its nonsense and blather !Facts , in 1621 Bradford after the first harvest made thanks with praise and prayer. A few years later , this day was changed to a day of thanks , when it rained during prayers.There had been a drought. washington later said a day of thanks would be good. And along cronig arrives and says he sees nothing. How stupid you are cronig !

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Nov-28-13 7:13 AM

cronig and commentor say nothing again and again.hey cronig for the umpteenth time, where is that list of govt programs for the life we have, the science, the inventions. you said tin foil, wow. cronig, can you detect radio waves with no radio, i doubt it. Every post from the libs here show how truly ignorant they are. Commentor, how about something of value also ? You posters mock and not much else. Commentor, i have to say what i do and did. the libs like you and cronig want to steal it from the private minds , many of them christian that gave it to us. hey cronig, where are your suckle comments ? i have saved 10,000 lives with my chemical work. Dont see god anywhere ? then you dont know physics and strong force. the stuff that hold things together. Cronig, in short, you are one ignorant on purpose person.

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Nov-27-13 3:23 PM

Steinerdzzzz...check any bumpster after tomorrow -- you'll find plenty of tin foil to fancy yourself a new set of caps to wear on your head against all those government radio waves which your steinertron can't detect...

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Nov-27-13 3:21 PM

Frankly, the vanity of the author to believe that only goodness, blessing and grace come from her belief in God and Christ is exactly "the inclination toward personal pride and arrogance" she lectures against.

I, and billions of others, see neither God nor Jesus Christ within forty miles with any occasion, large or small, to feel or express thanks or gratitude for any beneficence in life.

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Nov-27-13 2:02 PM

Very well written and so true Barbara,thank you!

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Nov-27-13 11:27 AM

Oh Lord Steinernut's needle is stuck again. Repeat, repeat. Give us a break we have heard it a thousand times. Steiner if you don't have anything new to say zip it!!!!!

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Nov-27-13 8:13 AM

barbara, the libs would not agree with you ! it was the govt that did everything. America was not founded on religious principles too. the govt and its public employee via their many programs gave us the world we take for granted. we taxed our way to posperity too. judeye, saying we are one is the biggest nonsense statement of modern times. We are most certainly not one. If we were , why do wish to tax the rich. if we were one we would all be rich. The only thing better is the saying honor the god within. where do you get this nonsense judeye ? of course, you miss all of christs miracles, peculiar to christianity and having great relevance to life. You just got to learn science .christianity is the superior religion on the planet. It alone offers hope of resurection and the fixing of the strong force body. the libs believe in darwin, which does not believe in a strong force body.the fool has said there is no strong force, or god, Ps 14:1 . physics says there is a strong force.

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Nov-27-13 7:16 AM

You do not need to be Christian to give Thanks.

Extend your help without seeking reward. Give to others and do not regret or begrudge your liberality. Those who are thus are good. Taoism

The poor, the orphan, the captive--feed them for the love of God alone, desiring no reward, nor even thanks. Islam

Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. Judaism

Bounteous is he who gives to the beggar who comes to him in want of food and feeble. Hinduism

We are ALL interconnected in the web of life. The universe gives what we need. We all need to give Thanks. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to matter what your faith or what you call God. We are ONE.

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