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Local plans: No fix here to area woes

December 5, 2013

Area municipalities can take previous plans off the shelf. You can even revisit the....

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Dec-06-13 2:01 PM

Christopher, taking your point a bit further, let the county run the towns AND villages. make them all more or less one entity, drawing from the same barrel. If they can get the towns to function or half the money, then I'm hoping they can do the same for the villages. I don't think the cities can be part of this as well, but if so, make it happen. I'm sick enough of all of the waste and unaccountability, and much like school systems full of too many Supers, there are too many local muni's with no conscience...and too many "buddies".

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Dec-05-13 9:10 PM

"Freedom isn't Free" -Don't be a free loader TROLL, Jesus said pay your tax.

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Dec-05-13 11:27 AM

Town officials, or ex-officials, should never make an issue of useless or poor government, especially those who aren't even NYS residents anymore. What's the Town of Pomfret budget these days? Around $7.5 million? For what? I assure you the County could take over every Town service for half that amount. It's easy to pick at the village when you don't have to provide a 10th of the services, no fire department, sewer or water, sidewalk plowing, parking lots...the list goes on and on.

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Dec-05-13 9:29 AM

The only cure is JOBS. Unless and until many , many new jobs are created the slow downfall will continue. If NRG goes it will only move faster.

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Dec-05-13 9:24 AM

and if this paper really wanted to know what taxpayers think, how about a weekly approval poll on city/county government, but that won't happen, results would be too eye opening and painful for the bogus elected , if they really cared about what public thinks, judging by their actions, the answer is simple they don't

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Dec-05-13 9:15 AM

Like I said if Judeye thinks it's a good idea it's a bad idea. Looks like busy work to me.

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Dec-05-13 9:10 AM

we don't see any realistic plan, but others do, all we see is a clueless city hall going in circles and still blaming the past for present problems, "city government needs to "lead, follow, or get out of the way" we see present administration not able to accomplish any of these, there is no future in blaming the past,

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Dec-05-13 8:57 AM

The cynicism expressed by the OBSERVER is well earned by local governments, particularly Fredonia, that little fiefdom that conducts most of it's REAL meetings under the cover of executive session. But the fact is, comprehensive plans should be revisited, reviewed and if necessary, revised periodically. The unbelievable surplus of rental housing (mostly aimed at students) in Fredonia is the result of high density zoning that followed an obsolete 15 yr old comp plan that projected a significant growth in population that never happened (yes the pop. did grow in Fred but at a far lesser rate than the comp plan projected). Not to mention, the unforeseen decline in college enrollment. The devil fools with the best laid plans and he REALLY fools with poorly laid plans...

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Dec-05-13 7:52 AM

On the other hand, the City of Dunkirk has never completed a Comprehensive Plan. How has that worked out?

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Dec-05-13 7:31 AM

Judeye, don't you know that Johnny D is a supporter of tyrannical dictatorship? He still supports Frye.

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Dec-05-13 7:25 AM

The OBSERVER asks...Why... "Maybe to give the appearance of trustees actually doing something. Or maybe to give the appearance of wanting to fix some current wrongs."

No it is because a group of citizens have asked for it to be reviewed. Your reporter who attended the Complete Streets meeting should have shared that with you. At that meeting this plan was brought up, with questions if it included streets and bike paths, etc. We ASKED to review this plan. We did not want to redo something that might have already been discussed and in the plan.

Fredonia reviewing the comprehensive plan is a direct result of citizens' requests. Wow a village government actually listening to the citizens..and this paper has issue with that?

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Dec-05-13 7:16 AM

John is a tinman, this is like saying, "we need to eat less and lose weight (lower taxes), so we shouldn't drink water either (comprehensive planning)."

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Dec-05-13 7:07 AM

This article is fairly humerous considering that the paper has supported multiple 'plans' that would actually raise taxes. They must realize the comprehensive planning process doesn't allow for that.

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Dec-05-13 6:47 AM

The number one reason for high taxes in NYS is excessive social programs. NY is literally attracting people not wanting to work and contribute. Get that turned around and the taxes will go down.

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Dec-05-13 6:41 AM

Comprehensive plans and taxes, two things that couldn't have less to do with one another.

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Dec-05-13 6:06 AM

Plan?, Plan, what#@$$%###@ plan, all we see here is "insanity", and we all know what that defines

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Dec-05-13 5:36 AM

You may want to apply now for a Cabellas Credit Card new store OPENS soon in Buffalo. - Also it's time to PASS legislation to allow liquor and wine to be sold in supermarkets like they do in Fla..Note:Shop WALMART SAVE MONEY !

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