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Human Services Committee discusses welfare benefits

December 13, 2013

MAYVILLE — Certain Chautauqua County legislators want New York state to establish more stringent residency requirements for the receiving of welfare benefit....

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Dec-14-13 2:16 PM

And also are afraid of what would be found out.

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Dec-14-13 2:14 PM

I know one thing. IF the Disturber would have a true journalist and reporter walk in and offer to work for free they would not let them because of thier strings being pulled by someone!!!!

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Dec-14-13 8:35 AM

Commentor and Dark Star you have no clue. You really think the workers help these people work the system. They follow the regulations that are set by the state and federal government. You can have 2 people living in the same house and both receive SNAP or cash because they are not married and no children in common. Do you think its right? If you sleep together you most likely eat together don't you agree? Well the regulations say, if they mark the application that they eat separately, they can both get benefits. This is not DSS workers choices it is the regs they are following. Walk into any DSS office and see how the receptionists are treated. Yeah, they want to get yell at, cursed at and told they are worthless. The workers thrive on having to deal with 1200 to 1800 cases each. You truly have no clue. Don't blame the worker for what the government has in place. Call your legislator and senator and even the governor if you want change but don't blame the worker for doing there job.

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Dec-14-13 8:28 AM

Why do people come to CC to get benefits, because there are no jobs so that can't be forced to work. There is no residency requirement. There is no resource requirement for SNAP or medicaid. You can own 4 houses, a plane and have 100,000 dollars in the bank and the only thing these 2 programs count is the interest. You want to catch fraud, then the county should hire more investigators. How can you service 1000's of applications with a handful of workers and catch fraud. NYS needs to keep with the federal limits of 5 years for families and 2 years for single individuals. Your done at that point, move to another state.

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Dec-14-13 7:54 AM

There is no question that drug using Welfare recipients are the single largest reason for all of our economic issues! All you have to do is read the pages of the Observer, especially the on-line remarks, and that becomes readily apparent! No phone calls or research are necessary! Facts aren't important either!

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Dec-14-13 6:39 AM

joe; since you've cited the meanings of journalistic terms before, can you tell us what investigative reporting means.

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Dec-14-13 6:26 AM

I'll admit I have a certain degree of compassion in me, but in no way do I support freeloaders. Don't know what I've ever written to make you believe this, but if that's your opinion, so be it. All I can say is you're dead wrong.

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Dec-13-13 8:18 PM

Captain and Judblindeye(female) two bleeding hearts on the take getting some kind of govt money. Judblindeye for her grandchildren and Captain probably for himself. That's why they are always on the side of freeloaders.

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Dec-13-13 7:27 PM

There could have been 10 pages to this article and some numbskull would have a question and then blame the author or the media outlet for not explaining it.

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Dec-13-13 5:44 PM

I think every able bodied welfare recipient should get their butt outside and start shoveling our streets. Should be all cleaned up in an hour.

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Dec-13-13 5:17 PM

Do we have to "lead this newspaper by the hand" and tell it how to acquire relevant facts to support a story it prints?

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Dec-13-13 5:13 PM

Didn't mean to confuse you. Just ask JD (the friend "clue" that apparently went over your head) to direct his employee (Ms Atkins) to do a complete story and include this same data in her assignment by doing what you're telling us to do. JD or Ms Atkins don't need any magic, just a little effort, right? Is that too much to expect from a newspaper?

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Dec-13-13 5:06 PM

As usual you missed the point,not surprising.

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Dec-13-13 4:54 PM

We've all read here how you publicly support & praise JD (nothing wrong w/that). You've even admitted to having personal conversations w/him, so was I wrong with assuming that you consider him a friend? Is this clear enough?

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Dec-13-13 3:58 PM

Captain your incoherent rambling about some sort of friend and needing someone to hold your hand on every issue is amusing.

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Dec-13-13 3:21 PM

The majority of welfare should be eliminated entirely and a workfare system implemented. As a taxpayer, if we're going to support these people, we should expect something for it in return. Right now, there are plenty of sidewalks to shovel and streets to clear. No reason that any able bodied person can't work a little. The heart of the problem is that our entitlement programs provide too much to too many and there is no longer any motivation for people to actually try to find work.

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Dec-13-13 3:00 PM

Joe; maybe you can call your friend and TELL HIM how easy Ms Atkins could've included the same info that the public has repeatedly requested after reading previous related stories, or did your friend NOT instruct Ms Atkins to do the research or ask such questions during her interview w/the DSS?

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Dec-13-13 2:12 PM

The fact that we are extending welfare to residents from other states is symbolic of the insanity of New York State government. What ever happened to common sense and why do we allow this to happen? I believe there should be a one year residency requirement and those who are physically able should be requirede to spend eight hours per day on public service operations. Everyone knows the current system is nonsense but no one does anything about it. Where is the leadership???????????

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Dec-13-13 1:26 PM

Carlaw I'm sorry that I have to disagree with you but the information that Judeye wants IS IS IS available from both the internet(searches)AND by contacting(phone)the two women(or departments) I mentioned! None of this data is secret,none of this data is classified but it does require some effort to access it. For example about 2700 seniors currently receive SNAP benefits,(Chautauqua County)however based on income data right at 8000 are eligible. Got that data after doing some searching,no magic needed!

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Dec-13-13 12:59 PM

I agree w/Carlaw; judeye raises valid questions that no one will answer. The OBSERVER assigns a reporter to cover this story and he/she won't or can't get the answers, therefore, it clearly contradicts joey's statement that Spanos and/or Schuyler are happy (or willing) to discuss or provide actual proof.

Would providing proof to satisfy such inquiries violate a recipient's civil rights or breach of confidentiality? If so, then that's insane too and should be changed.

DarkStar's point of DSS case workers helping applicants scam the system to help keep their own jobs secure is another problem. You can't fix an abused system until strict measures are imposed, including disciplinary action against case workers who are corrupt or fail to follow protocol.

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Dec-13-13 11:29 AM


Workers are leaving CC for Florida but many people move to CC for welfare.

When I worked in the ER locally we used to get people right off the plane from Puerto Rico who had never set foot in the state until a few hours before that already had NYS Medicaid cards which they applied for through the mail because they planned on moving here.


You are correct, a big part of the problem is social services workers themselves teach people how to play the system, after all it's to their benefit to keep as many people leeching off the taxpayer as possible since that is job security for them.

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Dec-13-13 11:20 AM

We are NOT handling the problem, we are encouraging the problem. It is a huge voter base.

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Dec-13-13 10:53 AM

The assumption seems to be that people are coming to CC to get on welfare? Not to other places? People are leaving CC for Florida and TX, not the opposite. In many social democracies around the world, after a certain time the jobless are retrained for work that is available and needed. An excess of hairdressers, for example, gets retrained as workers in the health fields. Pay attention to how other countries handles this problem.

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Dec-13-13 10:49 AM

Drug Testing, to begin with, do as Pa. does, 1 year and attend back to work inservices. Watch out for the goodie two shoes who work with illegal aliens, these people get them full benefits, and they work full time, cannot speak english, thats the ticket.

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Dec-13-13 9:44 AM

There is so much cheating going on. They don't care to find it. Pretend to be separated and collect. Work get paid under the table and collect. Keep pumping out those illegitimate kids and collect. 30 day residency....WOW that's easy enough. Change the rules and cut the benefits period end. Welfare should NOT be a career!!! Should NOT be a lifestyle!!! Welfare for 2 years and then done for life!! After one illegitimate kid no welfare for the rest!! Go back to food stamps so plastic cannot be used in ATM's for gambling money!!! Does welfare pay for the insurance on the cars they drive??? If so END IT!!!! Stop the mollycoddling!!!!!

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