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Kiyak questions waterline project cost

December 18, 2013

Remaining questions about the relining of Dunkirk’s 12-inch water line that heads west from the city’s water treatment plant may have finally been answered....

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Dec-19-13 12:45 PM

two "constants" come from city hall "nonsensical B.S." or "Back pedaling from "questionable financial decisions"

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Dec-19-13 9:24 AM

Maybe it's just good to know that someone is watching. I wish Stephanie was there when taxpayers were being ripped off on the Memorial Park project.

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Dec-18-13 7:27 PM

Whoreallycares there were no similar or equal cuts to civil service personnel nor the people who passed this abomination. The spending again increased and will add even more to the national debt. Every one of them that voted for this broke a sacred trust that our men and women in uniform thought they could count on. What a bunch of rotten turncoats!

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Dec-18-13 6:22 PM

Let us ask a real question Mr. Webmaster, in tomorrows Observer. What are your feelings with the "new" federal budget deal? You all know, the one that gives tax breaks for illegal residents but takes 20% away from pensions of our military...

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Dec-18-13 5:16 PM

we've lost count the number of times it's been stated or reported that when it comes to projects or repairs, "unless it's an emergency" no action to be taken WITHOUT council approval, this policy was put in place after (Memorial Park Controversy) with all this selective memory by Dolce & Gugiano we wonder why city has or needs a Common Council

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Dec-18-13 3:19 PM

Ms Kiyak can wring her hands about policies & procedures (the hiding place of bureaucrats) while you get smacked in the mug with the real world needs of Dunkirk residents. "Win-win" indeed- Nice call, Tony.

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Dec-18-13 12:14 PM

"earn the money to get the money" YEA RIGHT, contractor' begging to get city projects, that will be the day that monkey's fly out of our butt

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Dec-18-13 12:06 PM

as for CC part, they either can't or won't read contracts and ask questions before they "rubber stamp" projects, again we referring to the SOP: MO and PPP, that has been a continued plague on city tax payers

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Dec-18-13 11:54 AM

if Teflon Tony(Gugino)and(haven't a clue)Dolce are related, "wouldn't" this be viewed as another in the long lines of "family decisions", or as Sly Stone used to sing "a family affair"

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Dec-18-13 11:43 AM

What do you mean "are" they always have and always will, tis the standard PPP and continued MO for running of this city, decision making history does not lie, as for elected or appointed, that's a given

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Dec-18-13 10:16 AM

Kiyak is right on! The problem isn't whether or not the repairs were's the fact these sweetheart contingency contracts exist. Adding clauses like these is like giving the contractors (and whoever is deciding to go ahead with the EXTRA repairs) an early Christmas bonus. Why go out to bid again? You might get a cheaper estimate. After all these years, why WOULD'NT the contractors take advantage of the taxpayers? It's built into the contract!

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Dec-18-13 9:12 AM

The inmates are running the asylum.

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Dec-18-13 8:52 AM

So Gugino is now making decisions that the council should make. What is going on I city hall? How can Gugino make the statement that the city will only pay x amount of dollars? Answer is he can't. Cost overruns happen and must be paid or go to court and spend more money to pay what your obligated for. Kiayk is right on the issue and Gugino needs to wake up and start following the rules unless he has the protection of Dolce in which case he can continue to bypass council. A lesson he learned I am sure from his previous boss.

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Dec-18-13 8:39 AM

How are the water treatment plant trainees doing on their 3 year training plan? It seems like we have been hearing about them for 5 years! One would think somewhere in the USa qualified person could take the job immediately. Tak?

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Dec-18-13 8:29 AM

Nice job Tony you made the right decision!

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Dec-18-13 7:40 AM

"earn the money to get the money" yep and a pig's butt is pork, you don't think in your wildest dream contractor lost any here.

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