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Runkle targeting taxes

December 26, 2013

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part of a series of articles highlighting major issues facing area Chautauqua County legislative districts and the legislators who will preside over them....

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Dec-27-13 12:36 PM

Chat Co pays its Dept of Planning and Economic Development Director $87,506. Is this Bill Daly's job title & salary? It wouldn't upset me so much if the county benefitted from paying for an IDA Dir that steadily attracted new jobs here. The new Co Exec & CCLeg can either keep ignoring how clearly ineffective Daly really is, or they can start doing something that's long overdo.

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Dec-27-13 4:41 AM

Bronski the answer is move to where the jobs are. That's what people in our family have done. We have much work and many jobs that need to be filled in this county that able bodied people on assistance should be required to take. I do agree that economic development has been a disaster in this county and needs to improve. It's not government's role to make jobs. Lower taxes and jobs will follow.

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Dec-27-13 12:57 AM

Wouldn't that 80 cents of every dollar include Medicaid? If it does, I assure you that probably 70 cents of that 80 cents is for Medicaid. I have tyo laugh at my being a Parrot for the Libs, as many of "the Libs" have posted very strongly against many of my posts and printed articles. I guess on the Right all it takes is to be on the "wrong side" of any subject even once, and lo and behold, you become one of the dreaded LIBS! I don't think most of you even know what that word means.

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Dec-26-13 7:38 PM

OOPS should have read all about everyone picking on the poor!

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Dec-26-13 7:33 PM

Christopher why don't you run for county exec. next time it comes up you seem to have all the answers? I have read your posts and articles over the years and in the past many where very well though out. But as time passes you have become a parrot of the libs all every one about picking on the poor! Next time you are in the grocery store watch people in line paying with your money talking on the cell phone you have provided follow them out to the parking lot and see the car they drive you may be surprised at how well these poor people are living. We may not see taxes drop but controlling welfare will definitely cut down tax increases! I realize this is a wasted post as you like most libs refuse to see the obvious and just blame everything on the rich!

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Dec-26-13 7:19 PM

If Mr.Runkle wants to make a statement he should push for the state law to be changed so that the 5 year limit is all they can receive. Until that is changed you will have generational welfare forever. How can welfare to work be successful if there are no jobs to place anyone in? Commentor, not everyone is lazy. Many people that receive help lost there jobs and had no choice. That is why it is called "temporary assistance". What suggestion do you have for the man who worked hard and lost his job due to downsizing do to provide for his family? When you find that answer please share it. It will save this government millions I am sure!

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Dec-26-13 5:47 PM

Christoper, 80% of the county budget= 50+ million dollars. This is what property owners pay- 80 cents out of every county tax dollar! The Social Services Dept has stated publicly that they had saved over 3 million dollars this year because they had "fine tuned the system because of better detection. I would not call that "smoke and mirrors".

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Dec-26-13 3:59 PM

No Carlaw, not saying that at all. I'm saying that a plan that depends on ending or reducing welfare locally isn't going to amount to anything, tax reduction-wise, and anyone involved with county budgets knows that, so this is just smoke and mirrors, and very, very typical politics. You are NOT going to see lowered taxes from "crud" like this.

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Dec-26-13 3:34 PM

Welfare to work is a joke. They are lazy, they don't show, they say I can make more on welfare why should I work.

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Dec-26-13 3:04 PM

Christopher: You forgot about the other victims here- the people who work hard every day and who, along with their families, are barely getting by because of high taxes.

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Dec-26-13 1:49 PM

Surely there should be no problem with wanting "welfare to work"to be pushed.If you take money in the form of food,housing,heat,cellphones,free medical plan and a debit card it would seem fitting you would want to "earn" that by making yourself available to shovel walks,pick up trash,etc.Meeting at the employment office for a "Work party" five days a week to help the Public Works Department with whatever needs to be done to make your town,village or city a better place seems fair.Disabled?You can help sort recyclables from a chair.

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Dec-26-13 12:45 PM

I'd like numbers, numbers of people who move here for Welfare, and the amount of money they cost relative to County expenses. Words and rhetoric are cheap, and it's easy to blame the poor, most of which are poor due to lack of jobs or bad health. (Yes, nay-sayers, that IS the truth)Any economic plan that depends on cutting programs supposedly being abused by the poor is a joke. High property taxes, high rates for electricity and water, and the cost of travel (tolls) and fuel are the things causing the loss of jobs in this county and state. Since nothing can be done about that at this level, we'll just blame all our problems on the poor. That'll at least make it LOOK like we're doing something. And, a prediction: when the County Home is sold, your county taxes won't be reduced by a penny, but you're going to remove hundreds of thousands of dollars from the local economy and put MORE PEOPLE OUT OF WORK! Yep, that'll help a ton in the long run. Prove me wrong.

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Dec-26-13 10:50 AM

Here's another set of "2 thumbs up", John Runkle. Aiming to move us up from 24th to 1st on the list of counties implementing welfare to work would be great start. And I know you won't give up the push to privatize the county home, another essential on the to-do list for your next term. Good Luck!

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Dec-26-13 9:22 AM

Mr. Runkle has it right and so does COMMENTOR. If this county is ever again to grow and prosper it is essential that the size and cost of government be reduced. We can no longer afford to subsidize the county home to the tune of millions every year. He is also right on welfare. How does it make any sense to support people who come here from other states with no intention of working and pulling their own weight. We don't know if Mr. Runkle's views are shared by a majority of the legislature but it is encoraging to know that we have at least one leader with common sense. Maybe xomeday we can get really bold and talk about the consolidation of local governments.

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Dec-26-13 8:56 AM

Brave man. It's a start. Yes they come here with no intention of ever working. The job is to discourage them of coming and to make the deadbeats already here to want to leave. If the rules of welfare aren't changed nothing else will make a big enough impact to change anything. Welfare is too comfy for those with no pride or ambition to want to ever get off. Go back to food stamps. Stop the owning of a car,fancy cell phones, computers, Dish TV and all of the other luxuries. If you want luxuries GET A JOB!!!!

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Dec-26-13 8:48 AM

What is this? A free advertisement? Look, I like Runkle's ideas and wish him the best but the article makes it sound as if there will be major headway - there won't be, not without cooperation of his constituents. If anything in ChauCo has remained constant, it's egregious appropriation of welfare benefits. I fully expect that to continue.

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