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Rally planned to save Lake Shore Health Care Center

January 3, 2014

Area and New York state officials have scheduled a rally to save the Lake Shore Health Care Center on Saturday, Jan. 11 at Silver Creek Central School....

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Jan-03-14 11:16 PM

(continuation) insurance coverage that will pay for out of state hospital stays other than emergent care in our area??? Most that cover our area won't so what are people supposed to do? Silver Creek will not survive the loss of 700 jobs in a year's time(240 from Petri's in August) There will also be the trickle down to all the small businesses that were supported by those 460 jobs and people will move because there is not easily accessible medical care. The demise of Lakeshore seems to be a well executed plan aimed at forcing medical care out of state. People are not asking what happened to the FEMA money that was supposed to rebuild Tri County when this UPMC corporation decided it wasn't cost effective so they used it for an Urgent care center and Gowanda patients have to come to Lakeshore? What happened that they managed to get a 2 million dollar state grant to remodel the x-ray and ER dept at Lakeshore and not 2 months after it was finished they announcing the hospital closing???

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Jan-03-14 11:03 PM

It would be refreshing if the people who comment all the time about everything in the paper actually took the time to investigate what is going on. In the case with NRG and National Grid the hospital there have been concerted efforts to push control to out of state more costly choices to the local consumers with no care to the quality of product or the number of people put out of work in local communities!! UPMC's goal is to gain control of all medical practices( Medicor) and hospitals leaving only Brooks which is already affiliated with Hamot as the only local hospital. Brooks does not have enough beds to accommodate the 40 beds lost from Lakeshore. nor does it have a chemical dependency unit( transferred from Tri County after the flood)or a mental health unit so where are all these people supposed to go?? 80 miles one way to Erie in horrible winter weather? How many will die unnecessarily? It's only 30 miles one way to excellent Buffalo hospitals like Roswell. How many people have..

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Jan-03-14 10:05 PM

One should also say that John D and the paper be commended as well for allowing Paul C to post his comments correct?

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Jan-03-14 9:55 PM

No need for a rally The MAYOR of Silver Creek said to sell hospital, end of story. You know the guy that shut down the Police Dept. because he can't budget or help solve staffing problems. No need for a rally THE MAYOR OF SILVER CREEK has it all under control. Right?

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Jan-03-14 9:09 PM

and yes we miss-spelled poster name on purpose, before one of you H***r's did in your usual "3rd grade way"

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Jan-03-14 9:02 PM

and before Joe W goes off on us, we have two nouns for him and the rest of the anti-RUMLEFISHERS and they can be placed where the sun don't shine, simply because as stated before, W.D.G.A.R.A.W.A.O.Y.T.A.U.

tuus salve

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Jan-03-14 8:43 PM

a pubic showing of support for 460+ jobs, has a different tone, then last event, what we are talking about is support for a "true under dog", Paul C should be commended for his continued effort to keep this story alive, totally the opposite of what John D, his defenders, and this paper have done, as always there has to be "band wagon jumpers", John D and his minions fit that bill to a T

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Jan-03-14 3:49 PM


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Jan-03-14 3:17 PM

Myself and family will be there just as we did on Dec 15th for another important showing of community unity. We must of course disregard the "bird brained" comments by some who are nothing more than scatter brained.

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Jan-03-14 2:36 PM

Are they going to "pass the hat" at the rally? How about a bake sale? No wait! wash...yup, a car wash will rake in the bucks..

Really? -- a public rally? Somehow a public rally is going to impact/influence/magically transform a poorly-run multi-million-dollar losing private enterprise into long term viable profitability...?

Seriously -- just when did GOP/RW/TPer Sen Young start getting all populist, all power-to-the-people, all community organizer??? (wait-- community organizer?? Wasn't Obama one?) Sounds like Young is going a bit liberal-democrat-gangsta to me...

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Jan-03-14 1:21 PM

We need to send a message to the LERHSNY board of trustees that they must do the right thing for our community by agreeing to sell this hospital. It can remain open and serving the critical needs of our community as well as keeping those jobs in the Hanover. They must hear us loud and clear!

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Jan-03-14 12:01 PM

It couldn't hurt.

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Jan-03-14 11:38 AM

Keep up the fight!!!

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Jan-03-14 10:35 AM

Here we go again.

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