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Mayoral system in city ‘outdated’

January 5, 2014

The disclosure last month that the city owes a contractor $35,000 for work approved by the mayor and Department of Public Works, but not the council, is the latest in a series of management screw ups....

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Jan-07-14 5:37 PM

Actually rumble not adhering to the city charter is a crime. Look at all the work that goes out without any bidding process as required by Article 2. I am sure the council has no idea what the charter says because they do nothing when Dolce or his appointees want to forego the bidding process and give the work to their buddies. You promote your friends and don't consult the council. Does the council do anything? No. This has been going on for decades and even the city attorney won't advise the mayor of his actions. So who takes it in the shorts? We do. Wait until the city will start having to pay insurance premiums for the volunteers. All of them. NRG is not final but the spending goes on.

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Jan-06-14 1:00 PM

could this city be in any "WORST" shape, if they BLEW UP THE CHARTER" and started from scratch, "NOT HARDLY" but of course odds of that happening is a bout as good as winning "POWER BALL" Lottery

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Jan-06-14 8:31 AM

FAct is that Dunkirk is run by the Democratic party. It is the party that in part makes the decision on who is hired and the mayor along with the party decides the salary. The democrats had a break during the Frey administration, who by the way caused as much damage financially as the entire Democratic party. In this city we will never get away from party politics. It shouldbe clear to all the voters that mayor does what he wants. Doesn't consult the council and violates the city charter on a regular basis. And who cares? Nobody. Read the charter on line you can google it. And see just how bad the situation is. But when your leader violated the constitution on a regular basis guess it sets the precedent for others to follow.

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Jan-05-14 5:27 PM

I believe Mayor Maggie had a degree in city planning. Did her formal education bring prosperity to the city? Like I said, a degree doesn't guarantee squat. We still own that costly land purchase on Main St (bought during her tenure), and I'm sure Mr Civillete remains eternally least someone prospered.

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Jan-05-14 3:52 PM

A city manager can be hired from outside the city ya know...

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Jan-05-14 2:28 PM

Put Dolce in the position of city manager.....would that make him any smarter or a better manager of the city? That would be a big fat NO!! The problem isn't the position it the quality of people that occupy it.

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Jan-05-14 10:42 AM

A city manager would go a long way towards addressing the mismanagement in Dunkirk, both intentional and accidental. Reducing the mayor to a “ribbon-cutter” and having an experienced city manager answerable to council would probably reduce unnecessary spending and might lead to the negotiation of union contracts that are sensible rather than the insane ones we currently have. Unfortunately, because there are too many life-long Dunkirk residents in the government today who want the salary and power of the mayor’s office, the only way to get a city manager would be for the public to demand a change in the city charter.

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Jan-05-14 10:22 AM

in retro speck, how this city is run and managed reminds of an old tv sitcom, does anybody remember "F TROOP"

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Jan-05-14 10:14 AM

Mr. Mirth is right on point, when taxpayers are more irate over strainer hats, then $20K raises after (1)year of service, how can this city government not be nothing more than a "black hole" we have been criticized and mocked about our views of city hall, we only see this city's future at best a continued down hill slide, but don't worry folks the mayor and this newspaper will continue to try and "improve city's image to those not living here

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Jan-05-14 9:29 AM

Mr. Mirth makes some good points. Maybe it's reasonable to ask what good did it do to increase the mayor's position from a two year term to a four year term with a $60.000 salary and full benefits? We are simply stuck with poor leadership for four years instead of two. Our current mayor seems to think that expanding the payroll will solve the city's problems. How can he possibly justify plucking one of his buddies from the DLDC to be the new recreation director with a $50,000 salary, plus benefits, plus union protection, especially since that employee may have been involved with inappropriate activity as described by the state comptroller. Does adding to the payroll make any sense in a city drowning in taxes and fees? A good city manager might be the answer but how do we promote change when the animals are running the farm?

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Jan-05-14 9:27 AM

The problems facing the city will not be resolved by replacing the mayor with an experienced city manager, but it would probably cost twice as much. Considering the costly decision to drill the gas well at the CCH (w/o approval from the CCLeg), wouldn't this same suggestion apply to the Co Exec's office, too?

We have "professionalS" in charge of the CCH, the CCIDA, school Supts & teachers, hospital CEOs, etc, and their job performances are far from stellar. In other words, having a degree doesn't guarantee squat.

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Jan-05-14 8:54 AM

If an audit of the city is conducted we would be amazed at the mis management, unauthorized spending and Lord knows what else. The spending of monies without going out to bid and the spending of monies without council knowledge or approval is against the city charter and those violating such charter should be prosecuted. It is well known that work is given to "friends" at a higher cost than going out to bid. Where does the extra money go? It would be interesting to find out. Of course the city will not call in an outside audit agency so perhaps the people need to rally for openness in government. Until that happens taxes will continue to climb and contracts will given to certain companies/individuals.

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Jan-05-14 8:23 AM

Dunkirk has been mismanaged for years. If a neutral party really investigated all the shenanigans that have gone on they would be very very surprised at what was found. Every time you turn around you are reading where things were done without the proper approval.

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Jan-05-14 7:21 AM

somehow in dunkirk's case be it a politician or a manager the result will likly be the same. does it mean eliminating mayor for manager or adding another big salary.

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