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Other side of extremism

January 24, 2014

Democrats are fond of condemning so-called extremist conservatives. New York Gov....

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Jan-28-14 10:22 AM

Notice how Steiner has not commented on this in 3 different posts!!!!!!!!!!! But he still likes to insult anyone who disagrees with him.

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Jan-27-14 11:18 AM

No responce from the Steiner ????? every other post he did, not this one. WOnder why ???

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Jan-27-14 9:05 AM

Posting "Journey full of treasures to remember"................. .Steiner Jan-26-14 9:45 AM

"great article Ivory. every kid should spent time in the woods. I spent my entire childhood in the woods and in/on creeks.Climbing trees too ! I never heard of a geo box, but, i am much older than you."................. Wow Steiner you like this story on how a women is a great MOTHER to here kids. Can not belive your not going to bash her for not going to college and becoming a super scientist. She did something better in my opinion, she raised a family the correct way. This world needs more of her not less!

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Jan-26-14 10:40 PM

Well Steiner now you have your answer and you posted IT, to why there are not 10s of 1000s of women being a hero like you. All the women bashing you do and then you post that, it just another you and your twisted mind !

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Jan-26-14 9:41 AM


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Jan-25-14 9:01 PM

And to top it off New York State lost seats in the U.S. Congress which does not help in any "Leadership" positions.

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Jan-25-14 3:27 PM

NRA Convention April 25-27 at the Indiana Convention center. Exhibit hall admission free to NRA members,military,and law enforcement personnel. See you all there!!!

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Jan-25-14 1:09 PM

Prince Andy's "extremists" AKA the "Chautauqua County Legislature" UNAMAMOUSLY passed a resolution to FORBID New York State from using the Chautauqua County Seal,the Office of or Names of(Sheriff,County Clerk,etc)on the Pistol Permit Renewal paperwork being sent out by the NY State Police.Great Job!!Thanks to John Runkle for sponsoring the Resolution.

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Jan-25-14 11:54 AM

"Christuufuu, what you're ignoring is that Cuomo has given billions to upstate-only in locally-determined competitive economic development, not to mention worked his 12-15-13 gift to Dunkirk."

You mean Billion, as in singular, and the vast majority of that went to a single county just north of NYC. And there was no gift to Dunkirk, only a promise IF the plant is kept open.

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Jan-24-14 9:50 PM

Judeye, you adopted two unwanted children and I admire you for that. As someone who as done this, I'm hoping you might be able to answer this for me. With so many unwanted children in the US, why are people going to foreign countries to adopt children? The only thing I can figure it is was made the rage by certain celebrities and people like to emulate celebrities.

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Jan-24-14 9:45 PM

Governor Cuomo is doing a good job of chasing Conservatives, especially those with money, out of the state. And, when they're gone along with their tax money, how is NY going to replace it? . Investors Business Daily reports that between 1993 and 2010, NY lost about 80 billion in adjusted gross income by people leaving NY. You can bet it's just not Conservatives leaving as Limousine Liberals didn't get wealthy by giving away their money in taxes. Who is going to pick up the slack as Cuomo has now told millions more New Yorkers to pack up and leave? Those of you who stay behind and work for a living, that's who.

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Jan-24-14 8:50 PM

Steiner completely lost it, in the post "Helping with hair" about his wonderful insult on a young gril with cancer.

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Jan-24-14 8:21 PM

You think judeye was there Cade? Maybe a little to much wacky tobacky by all of them.

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Jan-24-14 6:44 PM

I think Coumo had a little party with Rob Ford just before he lost control and made that statment.

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Jan-24-14 6:24 PM

I pity democrats, so nimble and dumb.

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Jan-24-14 5:48 PM

American..tell that to my Republican legislator who I have supported and voted for....

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Jan-24-14 5:47 PM

I just do not understand why so called "pro life" people are not fighting for increased easy access to free contraception. Is it not better to prevent a pregnancy than to have to come up with a plan for the "unwanted"? (which could be abort, put up for adoption or keep the child)

I do not understand anyone who says they are "pro life" who is not working to increase funding for WIC, Head Start, and all other programs that help the babies and young children once breathing and living on their own.

Why do not more "pro life" people out there adopting the 'unwanted" children..there are plenty of them out there by the way.

I am strongly Pro Choice..but I have adopted two "unwanted" children. Even if you have been unable to adopt a child, what have you done to help make it easier for the parent with a child that was unplanned?

How many "pro life" conservatives out there really want the government in the room with a

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Jan-24-14 5:37 PM

And if you are a far left liberal you are NOT an Independent by any means.

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Jan-24-14 5:36 PM

" Why is it so hard for so many to do this?" Because the far left think the loser we have in office now is God's gift to America. And most of what he believes divides this country. Obama is THE GREAT DIVIDER as are those that follow him. The same goes for that traitor in Albany. You know the one who wants no one in NYS that doesn't think his way.

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Jan-24-14 5:32 PM

American I am NO party line Democrat. Until I moved to NY I was able to register as an Independent and still vote in primaries.NY does not permit that, so I had to declare a party. I had someone running for president who was not a Democrat stay at my house while she campaigned in this area. Knowing I did not support her or would vote for her.

I am far left liberal and I make no excuses for it. However, I respect, love and care for many family and friends who are far right conservatives (anyone know my brother for instance).

Is it not time we stop all the polarization and try to come up with common ground on issues, and then work to compromise on the issues where we cannot find common ground easily.

We are ALL Americans who love our Country. We are NOT enemies, or at least should not be. Debates and disagreements, with focus on resolutions with compromise should be our goal.

Country should come first over politics. Why is it so hard for so many to do this?


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Jan-24-14 3:42 PM

So you have to "test" to see where you stand. That seems strange. I know where I stand. A democrat with definite conservative views. No party line BS that way. Unlike most democrats I learned to think for myself. judeye and Marcia are prime examples of partyline democrats.

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Jan-24-14 3:23 PM

C'mon Christopher, you are not middle of the road. You are predictably to the left of center; the only thing unsettled is just how far to the left you dwell. Those of you who fancy themselves as "middle of the roaders" see themselves as being above the fray, unencumbered by dogma. What a pile of of hooey. Truth is, your DOGMA IS your commitment to resist a fixed principle. Middle of the roadism is a bucket of lukewarm bilge masquerading as openmindedness.

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Jan-24-14 2:32 PM

On any "test" I've ever taken to determine political affiliation, I'm always hovering around the middle. Yet on these pages, I'm a dreaded Liberal! Why? because in modern political society, you're either all in, or you're all out, so to speak. There are far too many like that, added to 1 issue voters, and that's why we're in the mess we're in, that and WAY too much money.

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Jan-24-14 12:11 PM

Agree with PR24601. The majority of Americans are somewhere in the middle, but if you’re a moderate Republican, you’re called a RINO and shunned by the radical right; if you’re a conservative liberal, you’re termed a sell-out..

The problem is twofold: (1) Super-PACs (doesn’t matter what side) who “manage the message” incumbents need to hold to in order to get funding for reelection; (2) Gerrymandering (again, both sides), where now only 91 of 435 of House seats are contested – so the biggest threat to reelection is not the other side, rather your OWN party putting up someone against you in a primary if you don’t toe the party line.

The extremes of both parties claim the moral high ground, but instead they drag everyone down with them into the gutter.

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Jan-24-14 12:08 PM

What color is the sky in Dcronlg's world?...

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