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HIGHS AND LOWS: Some of best, worst of week

February 22, 2014

Here are some of the best — and worst — of the week: BEST ¯ EAGLES HAVE LANDED — Dunkirk’s cold winter has led to some large gatherings of bald eagles near the city harbor....

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Feb-24-14 8:47 AM

hey bob , what is your problem ? People have grown use to verbose speeches in modern times. If memory is correct there were 2 speeches at gettysburg , Lincolns and another one. Lincolns was the shorter one, lofty in his concepts.the other one was much longer, but forgoten for the most part in history. Lincoln knew, as did the citizens of his day, say it short and sweet. Its ony the higher education types that make verbose things. such simple bible passages have great meaning to them. the bible scholars know this, even if the modern people dont.

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Feb-23-14 10:06 AM

so bob, you never noticed the utterly lifeless mineral world ? the difference between that and the living organic world ? then you are dumber than the bob, by telling me to take my meds, you are telling the ancient people,who made great civilizations to take theirs. bob, you dissed thousands of years of philosophy and science. Got a big ego Bob or a small mind ? let us know. hows that high tax rate doing for employment eh bob ? bob, you missed the biggest divide in all of science. hint, thats why stone is used for monuments, it is already dead. thats why mummies were embalmed, to keep the flesh from rotting away. bob, try and learn science ok ? thast why hair lasts so long,even in is already dead. this from PBS digging up ancient dead warriors. hair was on the scalp. no flesh.

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Feb-23-14 9:58 AM

bob, you are one clueless individual. you tell me to take my meds and not one comment about judeyes rants about love, hate etc. bob, the ancient people i wrote about would put you to shame. You dont catch the great difference between inorganic asnd organic chemistry. bread is the staff of life. In Syria, due to war, some people have not had bread in many months. any one, except the libs like you bob would grasp the significance of what i just said. so would any philosopher or bible scholar.even a chemist would, but not you bob. the war on carbon judeye desires is a war on life itself.bob, why do you and the libs persist in showing how literally stupid you are ? ignorant of lifes basic driving forces ? how did ya get to be so dumb ?

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Feb-22-14 11:44 AM

I find it ludicrous that the Transportation Director now states the problem when everyone in our area knows Route 60 but we close a school and BUS the students on Route 60 likes its safe SURPRISE it is not safe never has been safe and now this is stated. This is like stating it's winter now. I don't even know what to say further it is all so very ludicrous. Perhaps for safety reasons alone we could have left open Cassadaga Elementary.

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Feb-22-14 11:37 AM

Steiner would you PLEASEEEE take your meds!

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Feb-22-14 11:00 AM

so you judeye, would be the devil with your fanatical anti organic stance. your anti fracking, anti hydrocarbon stance. Without hydrocarbons, we are kaput judeye. of course you clothe it in human rights issues. the road to hades is paved with good intentions and you are the best one here. this passage is loaded with the key things humans have not done. throwing oneself of a tower is another. so judeye, you are helping evil, like all libs are, but sugar coating it.any good philopsher etc could see it, bible scholars heve. you have missed it. even after posting numerous things,you miss it. amazing judye amazing.the libs are evil people. look at their legacy.

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Feb-22-14 10:54 AM

judeye, surround hate with love til it surrenders. here is an example of where that did not work. see Matthew 4:3 -12. Christ and the devil. the devil is the half wit brother of Christ, believe it or not. both wre created by the father, the one christ prayed to. In this passage, the ancients knew more chemistry than you do judeye. The stones into bread are the two great divisions of chemistry, inorganic, stones and organic chemistry, the bread. Christ surrendered to the devil, aka as ahriman in the ancient writings. the strategy failed as christ was killed. the work is unfinished to this day as noone, but noone has combined the inorganic with the organic in the manner christ and ahriman were talking. it was the very survival of the hunan,the need for organic substance. we cannot live on the inorganic.

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Feb-22-14 9:45 AM

tickled pink ? that means we dont think ! going pink will not make for any science invention. if the nobel winners could be raised to see what the libs have done for education, they would be shocked. Pure indoctrination centers for liberal stupidity.

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Feb-22-14 9:41 AM

Was in today's paper Judeye with photo!

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Feb-22-14 9:41 AM

judeye, what does this have to do with the editorial ? you are against hate.golly, could you be any more stupid ? thats how dicators work too ! putin is against hate speech. he arrests anyone who disagrees with him. judey, there are people smarter than you, like myself. i do not need a woman to tell me what hate is or that it should be controlled. you are for free speech you say, but you are actually aginst it. does hate contribute to global warming? judey,how did ya get to be so stupid ?surround hate with love till it surrenders / you are NUTS judeye, that has never worked. the hate filled perosn wil just attack and kill the love peacenik fool such as yourself. even the holocaust victims, some who went peacefully say never again. judey, you are a prize of stupidity.

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Feb-22-14 7:36 AM

Just wondering why there was no article on the protest at the Post Journal yesterday against the hate mail that they have recently published?

About 40 people showed up with posters, signs, banners, flags, calling on the PJ to edit some of the hate letters they receive instead of publishing the hate in the paper with NO comment.

Yes I am for Free Speech. However, when that speech calls out individuals by name, and uses hate and insults, I think it is the responsibility of the paper to edit the wording..or at least make a comment..a STRONG comment that they do NOT agree with the hate.

I was there holding the banner Standing on the Side of LOVE. Surround hate with love until it surrenders....

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