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More mergers?

Fredonia to FOIL all county school district programs, numbers

February 26, 2014

Cutting programs and increasing school taxes for the past decade or so has been across the board for districts in Chautauqua County, and that is something the Fredonia Board of Education wishes to......

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Feb-26-14 1:45 PM

Christopher has it exactly right. need to educate yourself about Catholic School today. Talk to the parents that have their kids there. You will get an eye opener.

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Feb-26-14 11:28 AM

Remember one hugely important factor when you start praising Catholic schools, and that is that generally they get the cream of the crop on both sides of the equation, smarter students over all, as well as more highly motivated, and ESPECIALLY, HIGHLY motivated parents. Public schools are forced to attempt education for students who don't want to be there with parents who couldn't care less mixed into the student body, eating up extraordinary amounts of time and especially money.

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Feb-26-14 10:59 AM

If it helps bring it to a continued public debate it is an excellent idea, because all the recent mergers have gone down because of sports or giving up a sense of control, or "saving the community identity" when reality it is fear of the unknown.

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Feb-26-14 10:03 AM

Commentor - Catholic Schools. Those are the parents that really care about the quality of education their kids get.

Quality education from a Catholic school? LOL! Would that be mythology 101, advanced dogma and creationism?

Welcome to Iran!

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Feb-26-14 9:47 AM

Kudos to Fredonia BOE for showing leadership. In a presentation given by Gov Cuomo on Monday he spoke about the need to consolidate government entities in NY. It's time has come. Perhaps the state legislature needs to mandate some off this to get the ball rolling.

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Feb-26-14 9:43 AM

Paul, I agree with entrenched interests, parochial thinking and fiefdoms. And too many school boards are too stubborn to reach out on a grand scale to talk one another about consolidating administrative functions like payroll, purchasing, etc.

The days of keeping ledgers with black, red and green pens are over – one system and oen IT department could handle the needs of all 18 districts.

I’d much rather spend tax dollars coursework so kids have robust ciricula and are better prepared for work or college after high school . . . rather than worry about the size of my FB/BB team. And I’d beef up vocational training for those who stay local, look at apprenticeships or work-study programs, etc.

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Feb-26-14 9:00 AM

There so*****bent on keeping their mascots how come those that can afford it are sending their kids to the Catholic Schools. Those are the parents that really care about the quality of education their kids get. I'll bet Northern Chautauqua Catholic school isn't hurting for students. I hear more and more everyday where parents are taking their elementary kids out of Fredonia and sending them there.

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Feb-26-14 8:49 AM

Christopher.. wow. Very good posts.

It's high time someone from within Fredonia said what we all knew and some are too blind to see. Even in the vaunted FCS district, the quality of education is going down, due to dwindling numbers and increased expenses.

I absolutely love the use of the word "fiefdom" because that's what it is - out of touch hangers-on clinging to a past that sadly no longer exists, but they believe does in their minds.

For all you stalwart small-town mascot mongers, wake up and smell the coffee - soon you won't have a FB team to worry about, or a BB team, or any team, because the numbers are not there to continue to support the programs. And they are watered-down under-competitive teams because the entire support structure (mod/JV) has all but disappeared.

Pick 3 or 4, close everything else.

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Feb-26-14 8:31 AM

No, DK, it's not startling at all that Fredonia needs to use FOIL to get the information. My remarks about losing mascots wasn't in jest, it's an overriding factor in each and every merger discussion. Those schools aren't worried about services or curriculum, they're worried about WHO is going to deliver them, in other words JOBS, and the ever present mascot/sports issue. It's all about Fiefdoms, power and money, from schools to local government. You're using logic, and that doesn't come into play here. I'd also like to point out that CLEARLY Fredonia has lost students and is continuing to do so, contrary to one particular idiot who posts here regularly who insists Fredonia's student body is GROWING! No, it's NOT! There may be temporary blips of up and down, but the trend is DOWN! Oh, and don't think for 2 seconds that Fredonia's move is altruistic, it isn't. It's about maintaining positions.

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Feb-26-14 8:22 AM

Someone (finally) is starting to smell the roses. It’s a bit startling they need FOIL to get information that could be provided in 5 minutes from other districts, but perhaps that speaks to entrenched merger opposition by many districts’ administrations.

They could combine so, so much at minimal cost, while saving a small fortune in administrative costs. For example, do Chau Cty schools really need really need 18 payroll systems, 18 purchasing departments, 18 guidance departments, 18 IT departments, etc.? And, really, 18 superintendents?

Who gets a better price on bulk fuel – the guy buying for 30 school buses or the one buying for 300?

My county-wide district – with 70,000 students – has 1 payroll system, 1 purchasing department, etc., and, yes, 1 superintendent of schools.

Chau County could save millions every year just by merging administrative costs, probably enough to keep every taxes flat and school open.

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Feb-26-14 6:32 AM

"I think you have to look at the current state of school districts in our county, and you have to wonder, is every student in this county receiving an equitable program when they go to school? When you look at the tinier schools, you can see they're being forced to combine sports programs just to keep them intact." Well gee, gosh, golly! Now there's a HUGE DUH moment! No, every school is NOT equal, nor have they EVER been. But when SOME schools were doing ok, was there concern for those who had less? No, of course not. Does Amherst care about Buffalo? H e l l no! I don't think Fredonia is worried about anything or anybody BUT Fredonia. Oh well, maybe in spite of the obvious BS, some good will come of it. I doubt it though, somebody might lose a mascot!

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Feb-26-14 6:24 AM

Impressive leadership!

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