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Yochim to run against Goodell for Assembly

February 28, 2014

MAYVILLE — A Chautauqua County native has plans to run for state Assembl....

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Feb-28-14 8:43 PM

It does not happen to often, but Christopher is right on. He has to pander to his base, and if Goodell had said that he would have been accused of being a racist. There is different standards depending on which side of the political spectrum you are on.

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Feb-28-14 8:18 PM

this just in, fresh from Dog Patch USA, and a true patriot, and a kin to Little Abner I give you......

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Feb-28-14 11:17 AM

Bravo PhilJulian! You are right on this one. Barrie is a great guy but not for this job. Martha is one scary dude ( or should I say dudette )?

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Feb-28-14 11:04 AM

If this is all Yochim is concerned about, he doesn't deserve the office.

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Feb-28-14 10:52 AM

I can't think of one good reason to replace Andy Goodell and the thought of sending another big spending Democrat and supporter of Sheldon Silver to Albany gives me the chills. Goodell and Young are doing a great job for our district.

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Feb-28-14 10:34 AM

"According to Fredonia Mayor Stephen Keefe, Robertson is a "true Democrat" with strong ethics and values." Keefe obviously doesn't know Robertson. This is the same Robertson who voted for the SAFE Act before she voted against it doe show. The same who took pay as Chairperson of the Tompkins Legislature before she was elected to the post. The same who had the shoulders of her own road outside her house painted green to try to slow traffic there. Who spend over 100K on a desk. Who made wild unproved accusations that her web site was hacked by Republicans. If Robertson is a "true Democrat" as Keefe believes, what does that say about the Party?

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Feb-28-14 9:59 AM

What experience, background or knowledge does Yochim bring to the table to help with the issues facing our community? His platform is "I can hire a Latino women", Yea! Stay at Meals on Wheels Barrie, where you know the job, are not in over your head and can make these types of "lofty" decisions.

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Feb-28-14 9:43 AM

I see Martha the Chameleon is back in town! Now she's saying she opposes the Safe Act. Tompkins county, where is chairman of the legislature, is the only upstate county that did NOT pass a resolution condemning the Safe Act. She made deal with her fellow legislators that allowed her to vote in favor but making sure it wouldn't pass.

Tompkins county's legislature is actually fighting AGAINST the re-powering of their own power plant and she has the nerve to come here for photo ops for NRG's re-powering? What color is your skin today Martha???

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Feb-28-14 8:08 AM

Here's hoping he can't beat Goodell. Just what we need him and Robertson. What a disaster. What we don't need is two Democrats. Do you like what Democrats have given us. Let's start with Obama Care. How's that working for you. Notice any changes in your health care...lost it, price increase, refusal to pay for procedures and tests. The's that going. Happy with it. Let's make a big deal of hiring a Latino. Are we going for minority vote. Did anything happen to Medicaid or the freebie programs. No it's happening to Medicare....what you paid for when you worked and still pay for. Think long and hard people before you elect Democrats!!!!

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Feb-28-14 7:27 AM

"Yochim has plans to employ a Latino female....."???

Goodell eats Young's dust and is pretty much useless, but the above statement is obvious pandering.

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Feb-28-14 7:04 AM

So, we're running for state office and start by making it clear that necessary appointments will be based on ethnicity, race and gender? Of course, performance is thrown in there at the end, but clearly it wasn't the main reason. Would he have said he was going to appoint an anti-gay, racist, white male? What's the difference?

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