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Another exit from high taxes

March 20, 2014

Alarm clocks have been ringing for decades, but elected leaders and many residents refuse to acknowledge the bells. Thus, another wake-up call....

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Mar-21-14 8:30 PM

Conagra acquired the local facilities as part of the buyout of Ralcorp, the bean counters took one look at the P & L statements of the local facilities coupled with the overhead and arrived at a decision. No different than what individuals have been doing for sometime now thus the decline in population. It's not rocket science but rather economics 101 whether a corporation or a individual.

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Mar-21-14 5:02 PM

ConAgra knew what the cost's were to do business in NY. Their only plan was to buy and close to cut competition and increase profits by doing so. It's 2 + 2=4.

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Mar-21-14 11:45 AM

Is it OK for a company to be greedy because they're managing your retirement portfolio, but not when they're merely a factory making a good?

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Mar-21-14 10:24 AM

Dkexpat hit the nail on the head. He's absolutely correct that companies take into consideration the various tax rates their executives and employees are subject to in an area. That's why, although he doesn't have the highest salary of an NFL quarterback, Tony Romo is the highest paid NFL quarterback. Texas not have any personal or corporate income taxes makes it so. Also, when looking at bringing in executives to manage a plant, these executives usually have spouses that are career professionals and look at what the area has to offer them in the way of employment.

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Mar-21-14 7:33 AM

And of course, the usual suspects will blame the wrong people, and give a free pass to the greedy b a s t a r d s who are at the root of the problem.

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Mar-21-14 3:48 AM

Until people understand and ACCEPT the fact that the duplication of services are no longer sustainable areas will disintegrate to nothing but boarded up. Silver Creek has 2 court systems, 2 treasurers, 2 clerks, 2 zoning and building inspectors,3 judges all located within the village of one square mile and 2500 people if we are lucky with all the job losses we have had and yes we pay for the services of the town mentioned! Perrysburg dissolved several years ago and yes they are still on the map!!

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Mar-20-14 11:33 PM

All those who complain about greedy corporations may want to check and see where their pensions are invested they may find they are part of the problem and don't even know it! I wonder if the NYS pension system is invested in conaga?

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Mar-20-14 5:38 PM

I have noticed as most of you have that the Mayor of Dunkirk is qiet on this. Dolce has yet to make a statement. Why? Most likely his party bosses have directed him to say nothing until they get the script right. But I will bet that tomorrow (Friday) there will be a line forming at the local banks to deposit their paychecks. Please do not say that Dolce and his appointees are worth the money. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Mar-20-14 3:24 PM

Interesting to see how many posters still blame the greedy CEO's and greedy corporations for our economic decline. In a healthy economy we would be replacing companies that leave the area. Our problem is a hostile business environment fueled by union mentality and excessive government. So, get used to stagnation and deterioration because until we find leaders with guts there is no future in our city and county.

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Mar-20-14 12:49 PM

Funny how the clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER board with all its renown sagacious economic and crystal ball wisdom, is able to clearly divine the NYS-Chautauqua County fiscal situation was behind the economic and financial decision making rationale of a global corporation like ConAgra -- with over 90 (ninety) US manufacturing plants, spread across a couple dozen or so states, including those "high tax & high regulations & union" states (not to mention locations overseas, in very high tax socialist countries like France...) -- to close the local facilities.

If only it were oh-so-simple-and-crystal-clear, then Conagra would close all those high-tax-states facilities and they wouldn't need a multi-million dollar compensated CFO to run its finances...they could chose one of the clueless gaggle or one of their minions and POOF! save themselves a ton of money.

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Mar-20-14 12:46 PM

DK, at this moment, it's solely a matter of personal attachment. In the last 2 or 3 decades, parents have been telling their kids to GTFO, and many have (and are sooo glad they did). It's a nice area to raise kids, but not an area for your kids to make a career. Plenty of room, ok schools (not as good as they used to be), and plenty of nature if you like it. Otherwise, nothing to do, everything interesting is an hour in any direction. I like this aree and what the change of seasons brings, but it's not everything.

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Mar-20-14 12:03 PM

Something companies will never admit is that execs’ personal arrairs – income, property taxes, etc. – have a large impact on where companies locate.

Say you’re looking to move to NYS at roughly the same pay versus a state with low personal property and/or income tax rates. If it’s gonna cost you, personally, say, $10k to select NYS over somewhere else, why would you?

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Mar-20-14 8:22 AM

No doubt, a stake through the heart.

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