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Southtowns divided on drilling

May 11, 2014

By RONALD FRASER Natural gas drillers are chomping at the bit to bring the heavy industrial, high volume hydraulic fracturing technology to New York’s Marcellus and Utica shale formations — and......

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May-12-14 7:02 AM

where is learned judeye and the end of the worlders ?! I gave you a neat synopsis of whats what in the world and even a little know how of its inner workings. I left out all the exotic dancing clubs the guys go to. I would not want to offend our liberal, but unlearned gals. . I tell you gals, there is hardly a trip planned that does not include a trip to an exotic dance club. we support those gals working their way thru an expensive liberal run education system. thanks again liberals ! see how valuable you gals have been to the chemical world ?

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May-11-14 7:35 PM

so how is that for a solution ? We cn learn from love canal which was legal. putting waste in the ground. now it is watched from origin to incinerator. illegal dumping is very rare and you will get caught. i have watched my waste load on the truck, the trucker and loader sign off. then it is checked again at the point of disposal. if there is a problem, then the back tracking begins. thousands of wells have been fracked. we need the hydrocarbons. enuf hysteria.we should all be dying like flies from fracking and we aint. we should all be dead from petrochem and we aint. the population increased greatly during my life. thanks to the wonders of petrochem. thanks to guys like steiner and more. I LOVE CHEMICALS !you ate some of mine. you are still alive right ? thank steiner and his organic chemist buddies.

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May-11-14 7:27 PM

so liberals, i have seen many deals cut, often in impossible circumstances. where noone thought a deal would be possible. first, get rid of the LWV input. get rid of the liberal anti carbon stance. gather up the sewer people and the govt people. say to the govt we will give you many millions of dollars for an upgrade. if they do it for useless football and other sports, they should do it for this. there is mega money in oil. i have seen the money. multi millions sold by my chemicals alone. with natural gas, it is in the billions. get the major chemical producers,the ones that use natural gas as feed stock. get the electric power industry. its all a collusion at some time even though it may be illegal. get these players to cough up money in exhange for access to all the fracking waste dumping they want. watch the money and good times roll. these players are sitting om huge piles of money. my friends in sewage, love sewage, yep they do ! They make oodles of $ so you can flush !

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May-11-14 7:17 PM

now Mr fraser, if NYC hauls there sewer wste, the stuff that aint burnt to landfills out west, by the RR car, it would be profitable to do what i have said here. worried about hazardous stuff on the highways ? you must be living in a cloud cuckoo land of liberal utopia. here is a fraction of what is on the highways. chlorinated and brominated solvents, they can sufficate you if breathed in, unconsciousness for sure. UNSCENTED liquified natural gas , used as a propellant. you wont smell it or notice until you burn up or pass out. gun cotton, TNT and other explosives. ammonium nitrate. hydrogen, of course gasoline and diesel, sulfuric acid. all of this is either on the RRs or by 18 wheeler. you gotta get past the hysteria , fraser. life as we know it is impossible without these and more. all made and handled safely, safer than a unionized public school.

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May-11-14 7:09 PM

hey mr fraser, i have friends in sewage. they incinerate your waste or other peoples waste. they have seen animal parts and even some human remains travel thru their plant. they say nothing cuz they cant stop to fish the remains out. to the grinders and incinerator they go. they also get oil and other hydrocarbons which they remove and then burn. they would know how to they call the oil waste , inner city oil changes, but there is a better slang term which would offend many. giant hair and grease balls many feet in diameter. all burnt. cut a deal with the gas drillers. say to them ,give us some money to upgrade the sewer plant to handle fracking waste and dump all your waste would be a bonanza of money like waste handling is, especially chemical waste. i know i have worked in chemicals for 40 years. waste costs money to get rid of. there are every few illegal dumpings now. do this and people will rest easy. let the money roll in like evita .

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May-11-14 10:49 AM

so mr fraser, you must provide some sort of an answer, you and the libs and especially the LWV what we will replace the following btus with. 18 million barrels of oil a day, 72 billion cubic feet a day of natural gas, a bullion tons of coal a year.all consumed by US only. I dont have nuke heat output. if you say windmills or solar ,think again. i love hydrocarbons and chemicals. they gave us what we take for granted in life. it is a trillion dollar enterprise all started with govt funding and women , for diversity, a depression make work project i think. ha , that was a joke libs.petrochem pays taxes and employs many people. it is more worthwhile to us than all the govt employees, all the LWV in the whole country. you were saying Mr fraser ? going greeen ?

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May-11-14 10:41 AM

hey tj, we just saw the mind of a liberal in action in umberto. i guess he never buys anything either in a store. hey Mr fraser, fracking has made the US the number one natural gas producer in the world. even OPEC is afraid of it. why do you wish to help OPEC ? or Putin ? think green energy can offset or replace hydrocarbons ? it cant. so mr fraser, you want diversity as long as it is all the same. the southtowns are divided. well libs, thats diversity. you liberals are making us al poorer under misguided end of the world scenarios. hey mr fraser, just when is the end of the world due to fracking ? let us know. you missed all those toxic RR shipments of bakken crude going thru NY.gals, it could even threaten an abortion now and then ! life cannot be made toxic free. everyone should know this. so libs, get a grip on reality.

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May-11-14 10:35 AM

hey fraser, we are not all stupid like you are. the towns need help in voting NO, as they also are too stupid. toxic fluids you say ? the industry is well equiped to handle them. they have made toxic fluids for years. you forgot to say cancer ! i love seeing that word or hearing it, it means dumb liberals are at it again. the natural gas industry started in WNY. You are advocating a slow death for us all as we need hydrocarbons for their heat and petrochem. Natural gas is prime feedstock for unless you live totally off the grid, a recluse, we need fracking. if not you are supporting OPEC and their likes. I guess you dont buy stuff in the store ? No siding, paint , acrylics, urethanes etc ? You must be a hermit Mr fraser.

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May-11-14 10:02 AM

There's an excellent and well researched article in the Buffalo News today about Fracking and its economic impact in Pennsylvania. I'd suggest grabbing a copy or borrowing one from someone and reading all of it. It would appear to be fairly objective, not really pro or con, just informative.

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May-11-14 9:05 AM

Obama good and Bush bad.

Umberto and the dems

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May-11-14 7:52 AM

Drilling is good, clean water is bad. Thank you.

~The GOP/Tea Party

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