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Hurt continues for middle-class

August 10, 2014

I’m running for Congress because our economy has staggered through years of poor growth. We need leadership to turn it around....

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Aug-22-14 9:43 AM

Robertson is a disappointment

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Aug-13-14 4:47 PM

We don't need the middle class. All we need are the job creators and enough people hungry enough to work for sub-poverty wages. It's what our forefathers intended.

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Aug-12-14 7:07 AM

hey phil. that was excellent. Obama a descendant of Tom Jefferson.but i heard obamas relatives or one of them still lives in a hut in africa, going green, saving the planet .

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Aug-11-14 2:50 PM

It's easy to spout rhetoric about a struggling middle class, but I find it hard to believe that you'll accomplish anything with lofty speech and playing the blame game.

Martha has been quoted, saying that environmental issues as her most important platform. I don't know where that leaves the battle against unemployment. She's also raised her own salary at taxpayer expense and frivolously spent Tompkins tax dollars on unnecessary amenitie as part of the County legislature's renovation.

Martha is a lot of talk, but that can only get you so far once you have to make real decisions.

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Aug-11-14 2:29 PM

Martha RObertson hasn't presented any new ideas - she has barely communicated her stance on the issues. Robertson's extreme liberal Ithaca views don't represent the rest of the district.

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Aug-11-14 9:20 AM

Tjefson has it right - we simply have too much government. Has anyone considered that Barack Obama could be a descendent of Thomas Jefferson?

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Aug-11-14 6:42 AM

hey american, you belive pelosi is mentally ill ? Well, you seem to be another one who thinks like i do. see medical muses book by hustvedt, p 306. Pelsoi is saying that obamacare will change the fact that being a woman is considered a preexisting condition ! Yes !the allegedly smarter liberals just cant get pst issues of sex, racism, etc ! Thats how women think folks. even ellie roosevelt said why do gals need such laws or so many laws to succeed in the market place ? women do NOT think like a guy does. that is evidenet by their lack of science progress. virtually everything we have is been invented by guys. even rich gals like ann morgan and the great grandaughter of Tom Jefferson, a gal named Sears, did NOT use their standing, we have oodles of money to get into the boys club of science.and they want to legislate and tell us gys what to do ! i think not gals.

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Aug-10-14 9:08 PM

Ms. Robertson would be better served to answer the charges in her opponents campaign ads. If she is guilty of being a big spending liberal Democrat then I would rather cast a write in vote for Don Vito Corleone. I cannot forgive Reed for accepting an all expense paid trip to the middle east paid for by special,interests. Our government is corrupt and it's not likely to change any time soon.

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Aug-10-14 8:19 PM

My lord, sounds like a different version of the same crap judeye spews about Robertson. She is another one of those democraps that was against it(or for it) before she changed her mind a 1/2 dozen times.

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Aug-10-14 8:01 PM

Opinions and few facts (if any). Tompkins County has the lowest unemployment rate in NYS. She has been on the legislature for 12 years. She is NOT from Ithaca, she is from the Town of Dryden--much more moderate than Evil Ithaca. Even though Reed's fake websites tells that the Taxes have double in Tompkins County in the 12 years Robertson has been on the board, the tax rate only went up 19% in 12 years--from $5.69/thousand to $6.79/thousand. He tells of the outlandish increase of "Big Government" Tompkins County increase of spending of 58% in those 12 years, the State Mandates in creased 60% in those 12 years. She fought the governors (Yes Democrats) knowing that the costs of the Mandates deprive services to her constituents. (*******innovationtrail****/post/martha-robertson-more-needed-property-taxes).

I know the people who regularly trash anything not Reed, but the facts show that she is not big government. She has a lot of government experience.

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Aug-10-14 5:05 PM

Robertson is a big government politician. Public unions have become the real economic drag in this area. There is just no shared sacrifice within this group so consolidation is the only solution to the growing problem. We need fewer school districts, fewer law enforcement agencies and fewer paid firemen. This is where real progress can be made to address the ever increasing budget for government spending. Taxes may not go down, but if nothing is done, they will surely go up. The democrat philosophy has drove this area right into the ground. The only ones who don't see it happen to be on the receiving end of tax dollars.

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Aug-10-14 3:17 PM

You have to look at Robertson's economic development claims in her own back yard. She represents the Town of Dryden in the Tompkins County legislature yet steers jobs and new tax rateable properties to the City of Ithaca. The job she likes to create are low paid ones in tourism, not the high paid ones in fracking, which she utterly rejects. She claims credit constantly for Tompkins County's economic stability which is due to Cornell, not Robertson. Her overall policies are anti-growth, anti-development, keep us all bucolically rural,poor, and dependent on government. Robertson is just too much of a left wing Ithaca/Pelosi radical for the 23rd district.

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Aug-10-14 3:07 PM

Her reported credentials are interesting, but really, will she be able to help get the 23rd Congressional District into Pennsylvania where it belongs?

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Aug-10-14 11:11 AM

She is a typical democrap much like Pelosi. Pelosi is a big backer of her and Pelosi is, I believe, mentally ill. What we will have with this woman is another Obama (or anything democrap party line) rubber stamper. Commentors remarks have said it well except he left out that she firmly believes the un SAFE ACT didn't go far enough. Please vote for anyone but her.

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Aug-10-14 10:47 AM

Martha is a give away everything to the freeloaders. She is in favor of "affordable" housing....translation....low income, welfare. She is a typical Dumbocrat!!! However, the low class, freeloaders in this area will vote for her. Thankfully the North is the minority. The South will elect Reed. I don't think he is the best either but I guess he is the best of the worst. Pretty typical choice.

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Aug-10-14 10:38 AM

The hurt continues for the middle class for several reasons, but one in particular stands out - Obamacare. Millions actually lost their health insurance (you can keep it if you like it - yeah, right). Millions had their work hours shortened. Insurance premiums continue to escalate at double-digit rates (affordable - NOT!) And the list goes on and on, thanks to the present administration.

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Aug-10-14 8:09 AM

fracking has added 30 billion to the colorado economy, the libs had to remove an anti fracking measure from the ballot. the public supported it. here in NY we cant frack but we can have all the hysteria you want from the anti frackers.natural gas started in WNY, we should all be dead by now and we aint and still the hysteria continues . NY will be called the hysteria state. not the empire state as it is now. get the public sector off private enterprise and we will grow. the public sector did NOTHING at all to make america great. thats an historical fact, but you would never know it listening to the public employee stooges.

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Aug-10-14 8:03 AM

look at the mind of christopher, republigiggle. Not one mention of the strangle hold on the economy by his public sector unions. Marth is incapable of holding any office except the kicthen. she is against fracking and our LWV also is, the hysteria of women is contagious when in groups, see medical muses by hustvedt p305. Invest in infrastructure and things ? Hmm, martha the US was made great not by the govt but by private enterprise. women and govt had nothing to do with it.the car was 1st before the road. the obit on the US will read, bought down by women after they got the vote.martha has no business sense, science sense or historical sense. and she wants to hold office ! We have to be insane to vote for her.the us corporate tax rate is the highest in the world ! Who would not go overseas ? its the reverse of what made america great. thanks libs !

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Aug-10-14 7:04 AM

I agree that Tom Reed is a lockstep Republigiggle and will always vote the party line. The party line is obviously not working. So, exactly what do YOU plan to do SPECIFICALLY that will change this? Exactly what plans, specifics now, do you have that will repair the economic disaster that is Chautauqua County? How do you plan to implement any of this if you win but everything else stays the same?

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