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Schools’ enrollment figure down 184 students

September 8, 2010
Student enrollment dropped by 184 this school year, equating to a 3.5 percent decrease. Theresa Gustafson of the district’s child accounting department said figures from the third day give a better idea of the true number of students in the district than the first day numbers. Teachers may not realize a student on the roster no longer lives in the area until later, she said. “Students constantly move in and out,” Gustafson said. “We have more fluxuation at the beginning than any other point in the school year.” District officials usually report figures from Oct. 1 to the state, Gustafson said. She said the state gives students who withdraw or drop out time to return before no longer counting them. According to figures provided by Gustafson, the district had a total of 4,959 students enrolled on the third day of classes this year, which fell on Sept. 2. On Oct. 1 last year, the district had an enrollment of 5,143. Across the district, 49 fewer juniors enrolled, the largest decrease of any class. Kindergartens in the district had 11 fewer students enrolled while the senior class has 27 fewer members. The district has 41 more fifth grade students than last year. The only other gains came in second grade with three more students, seventh grade with 23 additional students and ninth grade with an increase of six. Enrollment figures for all Warren County School District schools follows with the current enrollment number listed first followed by the enrollment figure for the 2009-2010 school year and the increase/decrease in enrollment. High Schools ¯ Warren Area High School: 796, 823, down 27 ¯ Youngsville High School: 336, 360, down 24 ¯ Sheffield Area Middle High School: 349, 379, down 30 ¯ Eisenhower Middle High School: 487, 510, down 23 Middle Schools ¯ Beaty-Warren Middle School: 547, 573, down 26 Elementary Schools ¯ South Street Early Learning Center: 248, 282, down 34 ¯ Warren Area Elementary Center: 753, 743, up 10 ¯ Youngsville Elementary Middle School: 598, 605, down 7 ¯ Allegheny Valley Elementary School: 167, 172, down 5 ¯ Sheffield Elementary School: 133, 131, up 2 ¯ Russell Elementary School: 270, 295, down 25 ¯ Sugar Grove Elementary School: 275, 269, up 6


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