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Jacqueline Elizabeth Teigeler

November 9, 2007
Observer Today
Jacqueline Elizabeth

Teigeler, passed away Tues-

day, Nov. 6, 2007, at 10:15

am. Jacqueline was 7 years

old. Jacqueline was born Jan.

20, 2000, in Melbourne

Beach, Fla.

She has been a Savannah,

Ga. resident since she was six

months old. Jacque attended

May Howard Elementary

School, where she was an

honor student enrolled in the

schools gifted program. She

was a Byrd’s Korean Marshal

Arts student for two years,

reaching purple belt status in

the arts of Hapkido and

Taekwondo. She also received

her honorary junior blackbelt.

Jacque also was a piano stu-

dent, taught by Janet Burnett.

Jacqueline loved to laugh, she

loved to see everyone happy.

She never failed in using her

manners. Jacqueline read

many books and enjoyed time

with her parents reading with

her. She had fun playing with

her little dog Savannah. Sa-

vannah tucked her in each and

every night, and stayed by her

side, on her bed, until she left

this earth. She was always in

the kitchen cooking with her

mom or dad, or watching

Scooby-Doo. Jacqueline loved

going to cookouts and in-

teracting with other children

and adults. There was some-

thing so different about

Jacque that was unique and

special. She was a loving soul

and will be terribly missed by

everyone who knew her.

Jacqueline was named after

her great aunt, Jacqueline

Hendriks-Teigeler resident of

Veldhoven in the Netherlands.

Aunt Jacqueline’s loving

demeanor was passed on to her

namesake. We have never

known two more loving and

gentle souls.

She was survived by her

mother and father, Julie

O’Steen Teigeler, Charles

Arend Teigeler of Savannah,

GA; sister, Rebbecca Lynn

O’Steen, and nephew, Kaden

David Rogowski of Marion,

Ill.; grandparents, Fran G. Mer-

ritt and Norman Aubrey Mer-

ritt, III of Wilmington, N.C.,

opa, Johannes Jacob Teigeler

of Lakewood, N.Y.; aunts, un-

cles and cousins.

Dawn and Robert Teigeler,

cousins, Andrew and Laura

Teigeler of Painesville, Ohio.,

Gloria Teigeler-Zuck of Sa-

vannah, Ga., Brian Zuck and Pamela DeLoach-Zuck,

cousins, Jesstine and Jacob

Zuck of Brunswick Ga., Taylor

and Lindsey Miller and

cousins, Tyler-Kody, Delaney,

Cyprian and Brigit of

Phoenix, Ariz., Stephen Miller

of Long Beach, Calif., Tina

Merritt Kearney and Timothy

Kearney, cousins, Jeremy,

Josh, Jeffery and Joseph Kear-

ney of Leland, N.C., Norman

Aubrey Merritt IV and Cara

Glick Merritt, cousins,

Caitlyn, and Jade Merritt of

Hampstead, N.C.

Jacqueline’s great oma’s,

opa’s, aunts, uncles and

cousins in Holland: Jacque-

line Hendriks-Teigeler of

Veldhoven, Netherland,

Ivonne, Peter, Dave

Joppen-Hendriks of Veldho-

ven, Netherland, Peter, Henjo,

Jeffrey Hendriks of Eindho-

ven, Netherland, Theo,

Lianne, Rachelle, Marc Hen-

driks of Veldhoven, Nether-

land, Willy, Wim, Teun, Floor

van der Aalst of Eersel, Neth-

erland, Bart and Mies Schoen-

makers of Rotterdam, Nether-

land, Victor, Inekee van der

Vaart, Leesa, Roos Schoen-

makers of Rotterdam, Nether-

land, Robert Jan, Marjon,

Anne Schoenmakers, of Rot-

terdam, Netherland

Jacqueline was preceded in

death by her twin sister, Shel-

by Teigeler; grammie,

Blanche Piper Teigeler of

Lakewood, N.Y.;

great-grandmother, Lady

Katheryn Miller;

great-grandfather, Gaston

Miller also known as ‘‘The

Sargent’’ in his professional

boxing days, and grandfather,

Robert C. Miller of Honolulu,


Jacqueline’s twin sister,

Shelby was lost at birth. We

are sure they are together now,

finally being able to run,

laugh and play together in a

place that Jacqueline herself

described as a meadow, with a

pond, large animals and giant

flowers. She described this

place as nighttime with a full

moon and bright twinkling

stars. Jacqueline always called

her sister Rebbecca and her

sister Shelby ‘‘Sis-Star, instead

of sister.

Our beloved bassett hound,

Abigail ‘‘Abbey Dog’’ who

left us last year. Jacqueline,

and little dog Savannah,

missed her greatly.

Memorial Service: 12:00

p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10, 2007,

at St. Peter the Apostle Cathol-

ic Church, with the Rev. Pa-

trick O’Brien, officiating fol-

lowed by a reception at 2 p.m.

at 1840 Wilmington Island


Remembrances: ‘‘The

Jacqueline Teigeler Medical

Trust Fund’’, 21 Clarendon

Dr., Savannah, GA, 31410. Its

funds will be used from this

date forward in efforts to edu-

cate the world about child-

hood cancer, giving people a

place to go where they can get

information on treatment op-

tions in a timely fashion in

their fight for their child’s life.

Additional info on Jacqueline

can be found at www.

Please sign our on-line

guestbook at www.

Fox & Weeks Funeral

Directors, Islands Chapel.


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