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County and city politics

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195 days ago.
by Carlaw
Forestville is dumping its problems on the county.

Posts: 2 - Wouldn't it be lovely if every city and town could have county taxpayers bail them out of the consequences of their actions? What is good for one is good for all.

206 days ago.
by Carlaw
Consolidation, good idea or bad?

Posts: 2 - Does everyone remember when Forestville wanted to dissolve itself like Lakewood in the south county? Silly idea in my opinion but do 't you think all the hoopla had consequences?? Forestville now...

216 days ago.
by Carlaw
Vote NO in MAY

Posts: 6 - when the new school budget is presented to the city voters, we say vote NO, unless there are "drastic" cuts and or a major reduction(millions) in spending, it's time to "stop the...

DLDC Apointments

Posts: 0 - WE have viewed the list of suggested appointment's or should we say reappointments, that will be voted on or should we say "rubber stamped" at the next council meeting, all we can say if...

223 days ago.
by SonnyB
Dividing the north county and south county even more

Posts: 18 - This is a test to se if non subscribers can still communicate on relevant topics through this forum

224 days ago.
by rumblefish
Kiyak, really

Posts: 2 - does any one realize that if Kiyak's husband loses his position at FSU, they will be gone with the wind, yet John D supports her being on the water board, we don't see his logic

224 days ago.
by Captain
New School Budget

Posts: 3 - it has been reported in Chautauqua Today, that the new school budget is in the area of 41 million plus, with out knowing the out come of NRG, or state aid, what fries us is not one word about...

1431 days ago.
by hadenough
Get involved

Posts: 0 - Now that we the people have caused such an uproar that Frey took out the peace pole, we should now start questioning his decisions that are subject to suspecion.