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41 days ago.
by rumblefish

Back in spotlight, Sharpton seizes the moment

Sharpton was there to help Twanna Brawley 25 years ago and is still at it. Google Twanna Brawley and see where these people are today. All the players should have gone to jail including Sharpton.


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Sharpton, is for Sharpton, don't be fooled by his headline grabbing tactics

Posted 41 days ago.


I think Al Sharpton would make a good president . He is for the people and their rights I Watch him on MSNBC and you can hear the true passion in his voice . Being a non politician he could serve the people and not big corporations yes I do hope he runs someday as he would get many votes mmine included. april fools. hey Im not that far left.

Posted 48 days ago.

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