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646 days ago.
by timetochange

Bear Sighting - Van Buren Area - 7/16/12

I had a very close encounter (5 ft.) with a mature black bear (300 - 350 lbs.), on Monday, July 16th, 2012 at approx. 5:00 PM, located on 3rd Street between Van Buren Road and Rt. 5, just West of the Fireside restaurant. He was running, and ran right past me, I don't think he knew I was there. He was 40 yds. past me before he stopped, then he walked into the woods. I'm not sure which direction he cam from, possibly from Rt. 5, but I didn't dee him until he was right beside me. It was awesome!... but a bit alarming at the same time! Let me know if anyone else has seen him in the area. Keep your garbage and food sources where he can't get to them!


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A bear sighting makes the news? Is the county that desperate for filer articles? Must be.

Posted 646 days ago.


Footprints and scat on my property seen last week in pomfert on van Buren road by the railroad tracks

Posted 1081 days ago.


There could be trouble bruin if we can't control the bear population.

Posted 1265 days ago.


[groan] That pun was almost unbearable.


Posted 1286 days ago.


I regret that I was not there to bear witness to this sighting.

Posted 1304 days ago.

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