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Do you think highway superintendents should be elected or appointed?

  1. Elected
  2. Appointed
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Jul-13-14 8:00 AM

Really Carlaw? So, since "we the people" elected Congress, we're in charge? How's that working out for you? "We the people" have elected everyone in office at all levels, correct? How's that working out so far? An incoherent post is an incoherent post, and Bob's post rivaled much or many of Steiner's.

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Jul-13-14 2:09 AM

But is completely ......

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Jul-13-14 2:08 AM

Bob1957 is right, but a just completely frustrated with low information bloggers. Keep the faith Bob.

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Jul-12-14 4:56 PM

Bob, have you been hanging out with Steiner of late?

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Jul-12-14 8:59 AM

You can tell the state of education in our history. Who is the boss if elected? duhhh the people. One highway superintendent, duhhhh; government goes to the lowest form-your community-NOT YOUR COUNTY!-DUHHH-IT IS CALLED LOCAL CONTROL. oHH EDUCATION OF THE PAST HAS FAILED-ANY QUESTIONS READ THE COMMENTS from the well educated of the past.

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Jul-11-14 4:48 PM

Neither, they should be fired and replaced by a CEO from the private sector. I hate socialism.

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Jul-11-14 12:59 PM

I agree with 6 of one and half a dozen of another. If elected it's a buddy of the person electing. If it's voting politics comes into play. It doesn't really matter because we don't have a flood of qualified people applying for the job.

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Jul-11-14 9:21 AM

it's a six of one, half a dozen of the other, doesn't matter appointed or elected, who ever is in these positions answer to some other than the tax payer

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Jul-11-14 9:18 AM

There should be only one highway superintendent serving the entire county and he should be elected by the people who pay his salary.

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Jul-11-14 8:38 AM

Appointees are usually confidantes of elected officials, and often ones that have no experience, tact, and/or professionalism to perform capably. One needs only to look around at local municipalities to see PLENTY of evidence of that.

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Jul-11-14 8:37 AM

superintendents, PLURAL? how many we got? how many we NEED? do we NEED any?

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Jul-11-14 8:33 AM

if elected, who is their boss! if elected too much room for graft and corruption.

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Jul-11-14 8:04 AM

When a position like this requires much specific knowledge and expertise, I find it hard to support elections which we all know are too often based on politics rather than skill.

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