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Do you plan to attend the Chautauqua County Fair this year?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jul-17-14 1:49 PM

PC we would have enjoyed your post more if it was the A.J. Dolce Memorial skyscraper instead of the Empire State Building, "If you build it they will come", and if you don't believe they will, just ask self proclaimed citizen advocate Walter Rutland,

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Jul-17-14 1:41 PM

why anyone would stand behind the south end of a cow is beyond us, than again, some of the comments on this topic are full of that south end discharge

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Jul-17-14 9:21 AM

Christopher -your trickle down answer was comical but the cow that poops on a visitor is definitely a Democrat. The sad truth is that neither political party does a good job of representing middle America and that's why I am an independent voter.

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Jul-16-14 9:30 PM

Wow, all this brilliance from an incident of a cow ********!! LOL! Reminds me of the Optimist falling from the Empire State Building, hollering with a smile on his face as he passed the 50th story, "Doing OK so far!!" He also had a picture of some wooden Indian looking thing in his hand.

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Jul-16-14 9:22 PM

The fair grounds would be an excellent location for a combined Dunkirk/Fredonia middle and high school. There would be plenty of room for a giant sports complex including a skating and hockey complex. The money would come from the state along with a 40 percent increase in operating aid. It's going to happen someday because the current structure is not affordable.

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Jul-16-14 8:01 PM

Relocate the fairgrounds,put a casino in it's place,widen the Dunkirk pier,high speed ferry from Port Dover to Dunkirk. Central between 5th St and Rt 5 vehicle free.

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Jul-16-14 6:55 PM

In my opinion you see one Chaut County Fair, you've seen them all. I'll wait like I always do for the Erie County Fair. Lots to do there!

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Jul-16-14 5:36 PM

Sorry Paul but it had to be part of the demon party. The cows name was Hillary.

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Jul-16-14 5:30 PM

Lucky for Phil and his ilk, all the "dung" they hate, like social security and road work, ends up benefitting them. It's Republican dung that we have to worry about. It benefits only the very wealthy. Always has.

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Jul-16-14 4:17 PM


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Jul-16-14 1:44 PM

What kind of economics are the Dumbocrats in charge practicing?? Turn America into a 3rd world country, socialism, give every thing to free loaders, send billions to Foreign Countries. I don't know what name that kind of economics has other than really really stupid.

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Jul-16-14 10:51 AM

No, no Phil, it was clearly a Republican Cow practicing Trickle Down Economics!

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Jul-16-14 8:53 AM

I will just bet the roads in the fair grounds are in better shape then the ones you will drive on to get there. While at the fair stop by the DPW's road supervisor kiosk and ask him when he is going to start filling pot holes.

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Jul-16-14 8:49 AM

The last time I went to the fair I went to the cow barn. As I stood in amazement at the size of the animal in front of me the darn thing let loose with a thoroughly digested mass of grain. It was like it came out of a cannon! Needless to say the cleanup was an unpleasant ordeal. How was I to know the cow was a Democrat?

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Jul-16-14 5:21 AM

the last time I went was nearly 10 years ago.

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Jul-16-14 12:41 AM

I will sit at the pier with a 40 oz.

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